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No Mataras

No Matarás is a punk rock band from Argentina. Nowadays, the band is settled in Berlin, Germany. No Matarás was formed in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, in 1990. After a few gigs, the band gained recognition in the city punk circuit and soon began to share stage with some of the most renowned local and international punk rock bands.

Its music is influenced by the first punk rock sounds (The Clash, Buzzcocks, The Ramones, The Jam), the Britpop (Blur) and American alternative rock and New Wave (The Pixies, Talking Heads). Some people have compared them to the Toy Dolls, because of its electric frenzied style and the live cover both bands play of The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”.


The band started rehearsing in 1990, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back then, No Matarás was formed by: Pedro Visintin (lead vocals and guitar), Vanina Fiorentino (bass) and Daniel Zaltzman (drums). The trio composed its first songs of punk rock sound and spirit and rushed into the Argentinian stages. They were an instant success.

When it came to choose a name for the band, they didn’t hesitate: as their live sound, the name should have attitude and the capacity to make their audience think. “No Matarás” (You shall not kill) is an ironic reference to the sixth commandment of the Judeo-Christian Bible. It calls to the reflection on weather these commandments -and the other mandates which guide religions- are actually its basis or mere declarations of will.

From the beginning, No Matarás developed and attractive energetic live style which got the attention of local referential bands such as Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Lead voice and guitar Pedro Visintin was invited by an ex member of The Cadillacs to play live in the largest stadium of Argentina (River Plate Stadium), in the opening of a Madonna show in Buenos Aires.

After a while, drummer Daniel Saltzman leaves the band to join reggae band Satélite Kingston. He is replaced by Cristian Ruíz, former drummer of Todos Tus Muertos. Meanwhile, No Matarás continues its performances in different stages of Buenos Aires City, the Province of Buenos Aires and major cities as Mar del Plata and Rosario.

Among the greatest memories of those years there’s a duet of Pedro and Pil Trafa (from Los Violadores, ground-breaking band of South American punk) in The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”. The audience also remembers collaboration with Trixy (an Argentinian punk diva) singing The Beatles “Oh Darling”.

During the nineties, No Matarás started to open the shows of the local and international referents of punk rock. Some of the most outstanding gigs were along Attaque 77 and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, from Argentina, and the ones with the mythical drummer of The Ramones, Marky Ramone, and the British Stiff Little Fingers.

No Matarás evolved into a more mature sound and the punk rock inspired live energy was complemented with elements and influence from Britpop and the American alternative rock and new wave scene. The lyrics still reinforce the principles which give substance to the band: they struggle for a better healthier world, a world without religions or with religions which have no capacity to kill in the name of God.

Nowadays, No Matarás is settled in Berlin. Its founder and only original member, Pedro Visintin, remains the leader, now accompanied by Argentinian musicians who live in Berlin. This renewed trio keeps the raw essence of Argentinian punk. The band plays regularly is German stages while planning their first European tour (Moscow is one of the confirmed dates) and its South American come back. Gigs are being planned for next year with German punk referents as Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärtze and the Kamikaze Queens (there’s also a cover song programmed with them). The band is also recording their first vinyl which will offer many of the great songs they recorded in the last 20 years.


The founder and only original member of No Matarás is Pedro Visintin. Born in 1968, in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Pedro started playing the guitar when he was young. Back then, his only equipment was an Epiphone guitar and an old Winco phonograph which he used as an amplifier. Before forming No Matarás, he played in different bands of the first Argentinian punk rock scene as: División Autista (guitar), Morgue Judicial (bass), Mal Momento (bass) and playing the guitar along Luciano Jr. (founding member of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs).

First Formation:

Pedro Visintin (lead vocals and guitar)
Vanina Fiorentino (bass)
Daniel Zaltzman (drums)

Other musicians who played in the band:

Cristian Ruiz (drums)
Javier Da Rocha (drums)
Esteban Quintana (bass)
Vladimir Bellini (bass)

Current Formation:

Pedro Visintin (lead vocals and guitar)
Raúl Marcos (bass and backing vocals)
Marino Colina (drums)


No Matarás is characterized by the energy of its live performances. Although with punk rock roots, the band incorporates different elements from other styles which give texture to a more complex sound. Some define No Matarás style as “intellectual punk rock”, but they keep avoiding any kind of label.

The lyrics cover a wide range of topics. They go from social, political and philosophical issues such as human behavior, power and injustice, to everyday matters such as love, passion or scape.


Ríe o muere
Él dejó de hablar
En el mar
Dame en que creer
Súper chica
Morir, ¿Por qué?
Perdido y encontrado
Joe 90
Mr. TV
Sin retorno
Quiero vivir la historia
Y desperté
Mi obsesión es más

Cover songs

Caminando (Rubén Blades)
Yellow submarine (The Beatles)
Hard day’s night (The Beatles)
Oh Darling (The Beatles), con Trixi y los Replicantes
Our House (Madness)
Let’s lynch the landlord (Dead Kennedys)
Represión (Los Violadores), en un disco tributo



No Matarás First demo was recorded in Buenos Aires, in the “Abasto al pasto” studio, and was produced by Alejandro Varela (former member of Don Cornelio y La Zona y Los Visitantes).

First Single

The band is preparing the edition of its First vinyl single. It will include “Inconsciente”, one of the first songs of No Matarás. It’s planned for release on 2013.