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So you want my historical narrative? Or my Autobiography per-say?

Well I wish we could do this across a table, maybe over a Natural Bohemian or a Shirley Temple. I’m not averse to either. But instead, we’re doing it across the interweb with a lengthy stream of words, when all the songwriting I’ve ever practiced is about being concise.

So what do you want to know? Favorite ice cream? I don’t like ice cream; I have sensitive teeth. I know, right? Yeah, I use Sensodyne like your grandma. Tell her I say hello.

So let’s get down to it. First, I love music, as long as it has soul. I respect musicians that “hone into their niche,” but that’s not me. I put out music I like. And if you put my iPod on shuffle, you would think it was schizophrenic. In the past year, I worked with a Billboard chart-topping dance artist, a white rapper, an Iranian folk violinist, and an ex-preacher indie rocker. And in between playing with this circus car of characters, I released my own EP.

Allow me to explain myself.

With Josh Wright, an ex-preacher who uses his sermon/lyrical skills for the good of mankind, I was able to tour the Southern California indie rock circuit. With his band ‘Eight Minutes to Twilight,’ I played keys and drums and met more authentic and talented musicians than I thought could exist in southern California. You can hear “Collision” by ‘Eight Minutes to Twilight’ at under videos.

Through burned CDs and acquaintances, my music got into the hands of Patricio Pickslay of Rhythm Coalition Productions. Within weeks, the California-based production company signed me on as a producer. They set me up with indie hip-hop artist, Jayton tha Mac, and told us to make the perfect soundtrack to a Saturday night pregame. We spent a few weeks being irresponsible at the clubs and then recorded what we wished the DJs had spun. It’s so poppy your girlfriend will put it in her workout mix - but you know you’ll play it when she’s not there too. (Download Just Another Night here at CD baby)

For our first single, we recruited two-time Billboard chart-topping dance artist, Miz Mandy (Courtesy of Babylove Records), and recorded 'Just Another Night.' I take credit for putting it onto MySpace - but I honestly can’t take credit for the way it spread. How so many San Diegans found the song seemingly overnight, I don’t know, but I’m just stoked they did. Between the DJ spins and the support of local fans, we were nominated for ‘Best of San Diego.” With Jay and Mandy I was able to experience the fruits of pop music: big shows, big crowds, big nominations, and even hearing myself in clubs and on the radio.

But what was most important to me was recording my first collection of songs, the 'Give Me Hope' EP. Josh and I often spoke about the need for unconditional hope and I wrote these pieces as a continuation of our conversation. The stories behind them vary, but I won’t ruin the secret for you. Just listen to it. (Download the 'Give Me Hope' EP here at CD Baby) This project was made possible in part by the support of caffeine, Chips Ahoy, and tolerant neighbors.

Finally, I played percussion for an Iranian folk violinist. On the side, I snuck into the studio and remastered some of the live recordings from my time in Boston. You can get the EP, 'Live at Distler Hall' here (free at

It was a whirlwind of a year. I think I might even venture so far as to use the word "epic," but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm already working on the next round of music but for now, I'll let you take some time to digest the three EP's I just put out. They are all over the place. They are schizophrenic. But I promise, they are all me. Enjoy.