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Italian cult thrash/death metal band active since 1994.
Node is a professional act ready to release the 6th full lenght studio album with new powerful line-up.
Node shared stage with international acts like Slayer, Halford, Kreator, Behemoth; toured Europe with Lacuna Coil, Hatesphere and played as direct support for Anthrax, Death, Fear Factory & more.

The band was formed in 1994 by guitarist Steve Minelli. In March of the same year they released a demo “Grind Revolution in Mass Evolution”, which got excellent reviews into the music magazines. The style they played at that time was a mix between death-metal and grind-core enriched by very good technical and song writing arrangiaments. In September 1995 the Node line up was completely turned over, with the new vocalist/guitarist Gary D’Eramo, new bass player Klaus Mariani, new drummer John Manti and Steve Minelli of course, Node released in December 1995 the second demo “Ask”. Being of an easier listening impact than the first demo, “Ask” put Node into a music area much closer to bands such as Metallica, Slayer and Pantera. At the same time, this demo was published by italian label Lucretia Records.

The month after have been spent throughout Italy playing live on stage (also supporting Death in the italian gig of the Symbolic Tour!). Meanwhile the band was already working on new stuff but still facing same line up troubles; the drummer John Manti left the band in April 1996 for Oinos, (Thy Nature/Sadist); Gary D’Eramo did the same in March 1997 due to different musical opinions; Daniel Botti, vocals, took his place. The brand new line up re-signs with Lucretia Records and in January 1998 releases the debut album “Technical Crime”. Their new style is violent, strong, technical and aggressive. After this CD Oinos left the band and in June 1999 also Steve Minelli did the same. Despite the loss of one of their founder, Node kept on playing and wrote material for the second full lenght.

In August 2001 the new line-up entered Underground Studios in Västerås (Sweden). Daniel Botti (vc/gtrs), Gary D’Eramo (gtrs/vc), Klaus Mariani (bs) and Mario Giannini (dr) gave birth to“Sweatshops”, which came out in February 2002 through Scarlet Records. The style evolved into a mix between the wide classic/heavy atmospheres and an aggressive interpretation of the north-european death metal.

Marco Di Salvia took the place of Mario on the drums in September 2002 and in march 2003 the band played at Alcatraz (MIlan) supporting Anthrax.

2004 is the year of "Das Kapital", the 3rd album with a great production by Pelle Saether and Lars Linden @ the swedish Underground Studio. This album was a big surprise for all (fans & critics), more melodic, aggressive and technical at the same time; it also showed the incredible talent of Marco Di Salvia on the drums. They did also a promotional italian tour together with Lacuna Coil (March / April 2004). In this period Node supported Fear Factory in Turin in front of a thousand italian metal kids and they did a lot of gigs in Italy as headliner and supporting bands like HateSphere, Withering Surface and Agathodaimon.

In august 2005 the band entered again Underground Studio to record “As God Kills”, the 4th full length album, recorded and mixed by Pelle Saether and mastered by Goran Finnberg (The Mastering Room), published by the german label Massacre Records on 20 May 2006. This release marked a shifting in their style, with way more direct and violent songs which were perfect to be performed live. Between september and october 2006 they toured Europe supporting their co-citizens mates Lacuna Coil and the finnish Poisoblack.

In November 2008 Daniele Botti departs from Node after 12 long years and 4 albums together: it is, of course, a bad blow, but, as the saying goes, the show must go on. His gap is filled by both Beppe "Rex" Caruso on vocals and Andrea "Attila" Caniato on guitar, Node thus becoming a 5-piece band for the first time in their history.
In July 2009 the band records its 5th full lenght at the Syncropain Studios in Pisa under the supervision of producer Marco Ribecai. Once again, they are unaware of the bad storm looming on the horizon. Klaus Mariani, after 15 years in the band, left for personal reasons leaving the bass parts in charge to Marco Rebecai, while immediately searching for the new member who ends up being Gabriel Pignata (Destrage). The band is ready for its come-back in 2010 with “In The End Everything is a Gag”, published by Scarlet Records.

The Years between 2010 and 2013 see some live activity but also many line-up changes, with guitarist Gary holding Node's flag. The current line up, enstablished during 2013, is: Cn Sid – Vocals Gary D’Eramo -guitars and vocals – Davide “Dero” De Robertis – Bass Guitar – Rudy Gonella Diaza – Guitars and Pietro Battanta – Drums. During March/September 2015 Node record the 6th full Length with producer Larsen Premoli (Destrage) at Reclab Studios in Milan. The effort, called "Cowards Empire" will be released in may 2016 through Punishment 18 Records.