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Nostalgia 5

The roots of the group" NOSTALGIA 5" harkens back to the year 1979 and The street corners of South Philly. Founded by Pete Siciliano (The remaining Original member of "NOSTALGIA 5") and four other members, all of whom brought both previous group experience and a desire to create their own unique sound. The group enjoyed great popularity from 1982 to 1993. There first album was a vinyl release on the" Old Gold label owned by none other than Jerry Blavat who was also their manager from 1988 to 1990. The group also recorded and release two CD's between 1990 an 1992. The original group then disbanded in 1994.

In 2011," NOSTALGIA 5" has emerged again, as good as ever, and in many ways even better. Pete Siciliano, (Bass, Baritone, lead), who began his singing career in 1954 with a group called "The Illusions" who released recordings in 1957 an in 1962. The 62' release resulted in their hit " HEY BOY". Pete has remained and avid aficionado of acappella and made the decision to search for and recruit new members with similar interests resurrecting the group and the love for street corner harmony they all share. Those additions are:

Michael Impriano (1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Baritone, lead and vocal arranger) Mike enjoyed a career as a professional band member for 10 years beginning in 1966, playing Sax, Piano and Bass Guitar. He spent many years singing and recording with an acappella group called "49th Street." His love of vocal group harmony is evident in his excellent arranging skills, and strong vocal abilities.

Ted Ziffer (First tenor and False, lead ) started his career on the streets of New York and is a founding member of one of the pioneer groups of street corner acappella ("The Chessmen" ). "The Chessmen'' release four 45s in 1964 and album in `1966. The group disbanded in 1966 when Ted and another member were drafted by the US Army. Ted has sung an recorded with many other groups over the years including "The Allures", "45 R.P.M" , "Now and Forever" and "Kruz Control".

John Squillaciotti (Second, First ,Tenor, lead) started his singing career in 1963. He went on to sing and record with a group called Street Corner 5 from 1980 till 1996.

Roy Bostic ( Baritone, lead) Roy began singing in the 60's with a dance band called "The Meloaires", releasing several albums with this group. In 1986 he joined the acappella group "Flashback" performing and recording with them. He sang with other groups in the 90's most notably with a acappella & music group called "Classic Harmony".

Collectively this group lends the finishing touches to a sound that transcends from street corner to more complex melodies and expanded chords, with a touch of modern harmony for good measure. "NOSTALGIA 5" has been reborn with a passion to bring back the music and memories from the Sound Tracks of our Lives. We proubly present the sounds "NOSTALGIA 5": NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE.
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