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I started getting into producing/composing Techno and House music in 2004. I AM AN INSTRUMENTALIST, i make instrumentals, i make beats. I am NOT a singer or songwriter. I am a producer/composer. If there is anything that i have made that you like, I hope my fans go out and support me, please pick up a few tracks and albums. Whether you want a CD or a mp3 Download, please pick something up. Your support of me is greatly appreciated and i thank you.
As far as my influences go musically, I would say i was influenced by Kernkraft 400 (Zombie Nation), Ian van Dahl (Castles In The Sky), Sinead O'Connor (Tears From the Moon), NightCrawler (Push The Feeling) to name a few. I also was influenced by what i heard in my early 20's when i use to listen to the radio at nights and the early am here in new york state, and from a few clubs that I had went to but are non existent today. I make my music for the people that like it and especially for the house d.j.'s that may looking for some new tracks to mix or listen to. I hope anyone who comes across this album will feel it and will like it. My intent is to make house music that will be enjoyed.
Another thing, if we ever meet in person. Please don't talk no shit to me, that's my word, i don't like that, i don't like people that talk schit. I take that personally. I didn't say that to you, don't say it to me. Another thing, i keep it real with people. I'm not a fake person, i see alot of fake people out here. As a matter of fact TOO MANY fake people out here, i don't play sides. From my observation it seems like a lot of you guys/girls are scared of each other or something. When i sit back and think about it, i can't and don't understand it. You like to talk shit to each other, that's not good.
Anyways i'd like to thank the few that supported me and enjoyed the music and seen where i was coming from (not the location where i reside). Talk to you soon and enjoy your life. My profile is for Real.