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One Billion Rising Montreal

Rising Up is a tribute to V-Day One Billion Rising, Sabrina Steczko founder of Sexual Alchemy, the first organizer of Montreal's first V-Day One Billion Rising event in 2013, felt inspired and sparked this collective creation. Sabrina approached 14 women worldwide to partake in this song project. Seed lyrics: Areeya Marie (Las Vegas), Mel Shapcott (Arizona) and Sabrina Steczko (Montreal). Vocal collaborations: Caroline Harsha Crasto (India), Areeya Marie (Las Vegas), Mel Shapcott (Arizona), Abbi Spinner McBride (Las Vegas), Dale Allen (Connecticut), Marsia Shuron Harris (Massachusetts), Alisa Starkweather (Massachusetts), Oceana LeBlanc (Massachusetts), Angelia Crasto (Montreal), Sabrina Steczko (Montreal), Elaine Lemire (Montreal), Isabelle Renaud (Montreal) and Lea Longo (Montreal). Studio and Producer: Rad Crasto (Montreal) producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineering, and music and song writer has re-arranged the lyrics, and wrote and played all the music for Rising Up. This collective creation is a response back to Break-the-Chain, anthem song for One Billion Rising international dance flashmob. Collaborating studios for snipets of women's voices in the US: in Las Vegas Abbi Spinner McBride, in Massachusetts Brett & Lisa Brumby, in Connecticut Walt (? last name), in Las Vegas Eric Gallagan, in Arizona (name). and in India FireFly Studio.