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After seeing someone get off stage, leaving behind hundreds of people shouting and railing in support while giving God praise, the last thing that would come to most people's minds is "There goes a shy young man." Well, such is the case for D'Arthana "Ordinary/Mr.Amen" Burrell, one of the least likely persons to become a reggae artist since his strong christian surroundings prevented him from encountering dancehall music until attending a birthday in his early teens.
His musical career was birthed by both a frustration with the absence of talent in majority of the artists on the radio and the presence of talent in another artist who was also a teenager; Assassin. However, his secular career was short-lived as he re-dedicated his life to the Lord seven months after migrating to Florida in 2003. It was then, the content of his lyrics changed.
Based on the fact that he resides in the states, Mr.Amen's music stands out from his peers in the gospel reggae industry. His major musical influences come from rappers as well as dancehall artists! A few of these aritsts are Jay-Z, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Tedashi, Da Truth, Trip Lee, Lecrae, Assassin, St. Matthew, Dj Nicholas, D.A.Jay and Lypher of (S.O.P.) These artists have all had a positive impact on what his music is today. And the fact that his potent delivery of thought provoking lyrics are matched by the presence of the word of God, makes him one of the most distinguished, undiscovered talents in the business.
Matched by his talent, is his humility as he recognizes that what he has, was given to him by God and hence all the glory belongs to Him. Mr.Amen has shared stages with Papa San, Dj Nicholas, Monty G, Carlene Davis, Koen Duncan, Dunamis, Nehilet Blackman, Isaac Blackman, Kristine Alicia, Wingy Danejah, Stitchie, St Matthew, Wayne Stoddart, Debbi Verbz, Ryan Mark, Chevelle Franklin, Sherwin Gardner, Prodigal Son to name a few. Ordinary is also the recipient of MegaJam's Best Gospel Artist Residing Overseas Award for 2007.