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Pablo Casarella aka PACAMO - Moïse is his middle name - was born on 11 August 1974 in Delémont, in the Swiss Canton of Jura.

During his childhood years at the academy of music, he claims his first encounters with a xylophone and with a few pairs of drumsticks. This, however, would prove insufficient to make him step into the music world for real. As he turns 11 under the guidance of Mauro Costato, he briefly flirts with the idea of learning drums. At the same time, the repetitive study of drum roll reminds him of some military punishment, which does not really correspond to his inner feelings about music.

The sound of bass guitar gets him later on. It is not until the age of 20 that he starts to show a real interest for this instrument. Shortly after purchasing his first bass, he is already playing his first concert. Humbly, he plays just one note each bar, but the experience of performing live is crucial to connect him to music for the very first time. He is shattered by the enchanting power that music has over the audience and himself.

Hard-won by this instrument, at the age of 22 he decides to continue his music career attending a 2-year bass guitar course at the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Lausanne (Ecole de Jazz et de Musique Actuelle – EJMA). Although the courses are certainly instructive, Pablo is not favorably impressed by the rigid and dogmatic learning methods. The only rules he ends up following are those conveying feelings and emotions, since he is interested in delivering authenticity to the public though his music.

In addition to his concert performances, working on electronic music composing allows him to combine three of his major passions: music, IT, and mathematics. Out of this effort, his first solo album is published in 2000: “Hôtel Aurora”.

Until 2006, he plays in different ensembles going from world music to funk, jazz, theatre music and even punk. As a matter of fact, one of the keys – beside the bass clef - behind PACAMO’s intriguing vibes is diversity, that is, his disposition to take an interest in different musical worlds in order to enrich and refine his music.

At present, he keeps playing music for the fun of it. As a side-project, he has been composing several sets of musique concrète pieces. His experimentations in a broad range of fields – acoustic, music technique, information technology, software programming and mathematics – have opened him up to new influences. PACAMO’s music is rich and diverse: a set of different worlds, often paradoxical, which get together on a soundtrack rocked by the rhythm of its own time-space.