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Paint and Copter

paint and copter

Paint and Copter have been performing dark, spacey music since 2003 out of their home base of Portland, Oregon. The group starts their compositions in the studio with extended improvisation and jams of drums, keyboards and two guitars. These are edited down to song-like structures that are then relearned and enhanced with vocals and other instrumentation for their live performances. These performances are often accompanied by sophisticated, hallucinogenic imagery prepared by Jason Frank.

Andy Brown (keyboard, drums, vocals) has been performing in various musical groups and projects for over 15 years. First known for his keyboard and production work with 90's space-rock band Jessamine (Kranky records), he has also been a key member of electronic funk band Fontanelle (Kranky), ambient duo Southerning (Histrionic, Drunken Fish) and experimental improvisers Project Perfect (Community Library, Red 76). In addition to performing live, he has lent his production expertise to many Northwest U.S. groups such as Magnog (Kranky), Swoon 23 (Tim/Kerr), Bering Sea (Red 76), Growing (Kranky), Nudge (Audra Glint, Kranky), Jackie-o Motherfucker (ATP), Moodring and Rollerball. Andy holds down the live Paint and Copter set by simultaneously playing drums, keyboards and singing.

David Tollefson (guitar, effects) is a veteran of Northwest pop, psychedelic and ambient music. He has been playing guitar, bass, keyboards and effects in groups for over 20 years. He has created two solo, ambient guitar works on Hypnos records and two more collaborations with Hynos founder Mike Griffin under the Viridian Sun name. In Bering Sea (Red 76), Dave worked with drummer Michael Henrickson of Evolutionary Street Jass Band (Community Library) to create expansive, improvisation-based guitar and drum compositions.

Jason Frank (guitar, effects) has been creating experimental video compositions since the turn of the century. Several of his short films have screened at international film festivals in Nagoya, New York, Pamplona and Tel Aviv. He has also co-developed month-long multi-media installations at Portland galleries and art spaces as well as collaborated for performances at two Time Based Art festivals in Portland. Years of live video manipulation with musical accompaniment for various artists and more focused work in Valet with Honey Owens (Nudge, World, Jackie-o Motherfucker) have allowed Jason to hone his talents and experience in this area.
Jason and Andy have also curated a monthly experimental audio/video viewing party at the Someday Lounge in Portland, Oregaon called Hexasion from 2007 to 2009. In addition, they have collaborated on several video installations at clubs and galleries in Portland.

Paint and Copter are often joined on record by Mae Starr and Monte Trent Allen of the bands Rollerball and Moodring. They have recently been joined by bassist Josh Blanchard (Plants, Point Line Plane, Coronation).

"A groove-laden melting pot of guitars, pattering drums, synths and various acoustic instruments, with vocals dropping in and out as the tracks evolve."
(Terrascope - December 2008)

"The music of Paint and Copter has a decidedly amorphous quality, a slippery, formless sound akin to watching a splash of half and half warp into long white ribbons in a cup of black coffee...P and C finds itself altering the songs as a reaction to both the space in which it is playing and the films that Frank creates for the band to play against (which can be anything from heavily distorted Vietnam War footage to homemade secret-agent movies)...Onstage, the door of influence swings between the audio and visual inspirations. P&C finds as much inspiration in current events as it does in its musical interests." (Willamette Week - Aug 21st, 2008)

"Few bands in town are as adept at fusing music and visuals ideas as Paint and Copter. (They) are more akin to scientists or conceptual artists than your stereotypically drunk-and-shaggy band dudes. Paint and Copter's performances always weave a web of interactive surprises: Drum pads may trigger flashes of light, or the movement of an audience member might trip a series of hazy, digitized images."
(Portland Mercury - Oct 13th, 2005. Vol. 6 No. 20)
"Paint and Copter produce droning noise that draws listeners in and never bores them. They are ably aided by visual artist Jason Frank, whose bizarre and brilliant movies flicker behind the band and help define the overall sensory experience." (Portland Tribune - Mar.4 2005)

"Non Event Horizon" - 3" CD/EP - Nillacat Records - 2009
"Lunar Galleon" - CD - Hexasion - 2009
"Damnation Memoriae" - CD - Savage Jaw Records - 2008
"Semper en Obscurus" - CD/EP - Nillacat Records - 2008
"Suspiria" - track on Mind Expansion Compilation 2 - 2008
"Suspiria" - track on Savage Jaw Records International Compilation 1 - 2008
"The Passage" - self-released CD/DVD - Hexasion - 2007
"The Wizard" - track on Submit compilation - Nillacat Records - 2006
"Manziers" - track on PDX Pop Now! compilation - 2006
"The Human Field Experiment" - track on Keep Portland Wierd - Sincere Brutality records - 2005