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Panayotis Terzakis

Panayotis Terzakis counts already ten years of singing, performing, producing and participating in projects all over Greece, Europe, the US and China.

A versatile vocalist and performer, is known for his ability to perform different styles of music with the appropriate approach and style-he has established a genuine sound in various genres as an interpreter who respects the roots of each song and who transubstantiates his life experience into music. Besides the classical and post-modern repertoire he mainly sings international tunes such as jazz standards, chansons, folk & world music ,gospel and spirituals and of course greek music repertoire.

He has performed in Greek, English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Czech, Hebrew and Japanese in Europe, US and China with much success in theatrical and musical productions with an emphasis in his solo alternative projects.

His first album "Far Away Land- songs from Greece" (PT9969- September 01, 2009 includes Greek Folk songs in a modern, new age approach and got critical acclaim both in the US and Europe.

His 2012 digital EP "Free" is an avant-Americana fusion album that combines folk, progressive rock, rhythm and blues and country elements proudly presented by Panayotis and a small group of select musicians. It includes hiw very first published composition "Free" along with three covers of songs by S. Cooke,J.Denver,T.Reznor.

His appearances in Greece with American repertoire have been a big success and have brought a strong taste of the US culture in Panayotis' homeland.

Panayotis is currently based in Athens. He works as a voice coach and advisor; he composes music for the theater, and is also preparing his new album-project.