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A record containing prophetic warnings left to Mother Earth about the end days, along with the experiencing of pre- and post-apocalyptic conditions (involving love, war, and learning how we might live). GZ & Pantomine have managed to present these as a scrambled yet cohesive rock opera, the likes of which hasn’t even been attempted in decades! It’s called “BOUND,” and to all true rock fans, will become instantly classic, because virtually every aspect of the genre has been included and accounted for: Hard, Soft, Pop, Electric, Grunge, Punk, Psychedelic, and Political Protest…even ‘60’s Go-Go. But, this band’s music is so far from contrived, it’s astounding! The influences of The Doors, The Beatles, The Who, even Elton John, will become eventually evident; because, in spite of those influences, the mutation that is this band is more like the newest successful result of natural selection—in terms of pop and rock DNA re-evolution. (Anthony Malloy)​​

BOUND, best described as a post apocalyptic musical monument to human kind as it writes its fate along future history pages..

performed and recorded by Pantomine, a four piece group formed in Tel-Aviv around 2005. "we started as a small clubs band constantly performing and crafting our music through countless live shows until it felt ready to let go and officially make a release" says lead vocalist and writer Guy Zagron (GZ), "The album was actually recorded twice before we were completely happy with the result. it was constructed in my mind during the years we spent performing in Tel-Aviv and once I arrived in New-York the final image appeared".

Pantomine’s members include:
Oded Melchner - guitars and synths
Itamar Fintzi - Bass
Guy Gonen - Drums
Guy Zagron - vocals, guitars and programing.

"My work with Pantomine is only one side of my music among other musical endeavors, but is certainly the one that defines me best and contains all my musical influences, it is now my goal to get the music to as many ears, the "kinner" the better".