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Pathway to Peace

Pathway to Peace Ministries is a Bible and Health ministry which follows the evangelism model Jesus Christ of teaching, preaching, and healing. Pathway to Peace Ministries started over 10 years ago with the strong desire to share God's word to all people from Genesis to Revelation. Pathway to Peace started out of tragedy when founders husband and wife team Cary and Elene Rodgers had a still birth in 2001. It was devastating to them. They had many questions, but God was able to comfort them in their time of pain. Cary who was a computer trainer and network administrator, began to think differently. The "stuff" that people normally work for was now worthless to him. He desired with all his heart a better country, a heavenly place with Jesus. No longer did he want to grope after the worthless things on this earth. A few months after the tragedy Cary felt a strong call from God to do full time evangelism. During their difficult time of coping with their lost. Elene, a real estate broker at the time, wrote many comforting words of inspiration and she thought it would be a great idea to get these inspirational words out to the public through radio. So she pitched the idea to Cary. He agreed. They both were making good money at the time, so they taught it would not be a problem to buy air time on the local radio station in Charlotte, NC. They went the radio station and signed a contract to just do ten one hour programs. They paid for four with the anticipation of paying for the others with no problem, but God did sometime very interesting to test their faithfulness. A couple days later after signing the contract Cary was laid off from his job! The company crushed and offered Cary only $500 for at least a month of work. "Take it or leave it, this is all we can pay you", they added. "$500 will barely pay for my car note, let alone my mortgage," Cary said. Cary begin to panic. No job, little money, big bills, "how are we going to make it", he thought. "Oh no we just signed a contract for the radio programs with an outstanding balance", he thought to the God. But in the midst of his panic God comforted him and told him not to cancel the radio program, but to go forward. They did. The name of the radio program was Pathway to Peace, with testimonies, words of inspiration and Bible study. The Lord blessed. God encouraged them to go past the 10 programs and do more. They did. God provided the money. After one year of not finding employment and Elene unable to sale a house, things looked very bleak financially. They were out of money. It looked like they had to stop broadcasting, but someone who does not even listen to the broadcast sent some money that encouraged them to go forward with the broadcast. It looked like they were going to lose their house and car, but God reassured them that that would not happen. A few years later that was put to the test, and it never happen as God said it would not. Cary began to panic again though, he start updating his resume, as he was doing that the Lord impressed him to stop. God revealed to him that Pathway to Peace was to be his full time ministry. He did not know want to say. He went to Elene and told her what God impressed him with. The amazing thing is that Elene was to take a class to keep her real estate broker license updated, the Lord told her not to do that, but to do Pathway to Peace Ministries full-time. This was conformation! They did not know what to do, but God directed them all the way. Since then God expanded their radio program to over 30 stations around the world. They also were mentored at a successful prison ministry for a year and a half. They took a leap of faith and started a TV broadcast that broadcasted a few years on a satellite TV station and local TV station in Ann Arbor, MI. But in the midst of this God impressed Cary to add the health component to Pathway to Peace because many people are dying from many lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, obesity, etc. He also impressed them to start a lifestyle health retreat and a missionary training school. At the time of the impression, it seem impossible since they had to pay for several stations with hardly no money left and Cary and Elene and their two young children was staying in a small bedroom at a relative's house. Things were very tight! But God had a vision. In Michigan at the time, God lead them to go to back to North Carolina to a place that were not familiar with. They sold and gave away what they could and started their journey with all they could fit in their car! With only a few hundred dollars they were hoping to find a place to rent, but that was not enough. But again God step in, they were able find an apartment to stay in temporarily in the small town of Wadesboro, NC. In only a few weeks of landing in Wadesboro, NC God used them to run a Bible and health summer camp for children in the community. They have now been doing that for the past six summers. In a short time after coming to Wadesboro, they were doing health programs in the local churches. God commissioned them to look for land for the lifestyle and missionary training school. By faith they knew it will happened. Through a series of miracles it happened. God opened some property with 40 acres of land with some houses and a cabin and a beautiful pond in the back. Time will not permit to tell the whole story. God is faithful. Pathway to Peace now operates a Lifestyle health retreat and a school for missionary Bible and health apprentices. They continue to minister to the local community with Bible and health. Since they have a love for the Bible they thought it would be great to put together a CD project that will make it easy for children, youth, and adults to learn entire chapters and long passages of scriptures from the KJV verbatim such as the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, Three Angels Message, Psalm 91, Isaiah 58, plus more. They saw the need and went for it. God gave Elene the melody for all the scriptures songs with the help of Cary and their children. What a fun project. They were able to have a profession composer put the music together and the children went into a professional studio to sing the songs. God truly blessed. Singing God's Word is a love and passion for Pathway to Peace Ministries. Matter of fact they taught the ten commandment song to many unchurched children at the summer camp. It was amazing they were able to learn the ten commandments verbatim in only four weeks, singing it once per day. They hope that you will also learn and memorize God's Word. It is a great blessing for all who hear. We all need to hide God's Word in our hearts! Check out Pathway to Peace Ministries online to learn more. Be blessed.