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Paul Bibbins

Guitar player over here, guitar player over there….

It seems that almost every electric guitar hero out there today sounds like every other guitar hero out there. Mixolydian mode here…dorian mode there…sweep picking, arpeggios, two-handed tapping…you get the picture. Nobody aspires to be different...simply because they all play by the same rules.

Not so in the case of Paul Bibbins. He’s never met a scale that he truly likes, doesn't really like arpeggios, feels that sweep picking is the easy way out, and he has never two-hand tapped in his guitar playing life. His guitar playing is not bound by any guitar playing rules what-so-ever; and so his guitar playing sounds wild and free…as does his music…as free as the music of his primary influence Jimi Hendrix.

Paul isn’t even bound by the rules of time signature that most guitar players and musicians live by. It is mindboggling that he writes songs that flow freely in and out of all manner of odd time signatures; yet the songs all sound so rock ‘n roll cool.

Unlike most song writers, Paul has never written a song about personal experiences…which wouldn’t work for most song writers because the best songs are typically written from personal experience; but Paul pulls it off…and with fantastic results. His song lyrics don’t tell you very much at all about him as a person; but with songs as good as his, it doesn’t really matter.

“Joe Kool Jack: …a slight ode to Jimi Hendrix” is Paul’s latest album. The songs are visceral, and the guitar playing is alternately brutal, beautiful, and wicked. Don’t let the name of the album fool you though…this is ain’t no Jimi Hendrix knock-off music; but something truly original. As a plus, Paul does a killer version of Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" on the album that is unbelievably different from Jimi's original version, yet it still manages to be unbelievably in the spirit of Jimi himself...not an easy task to pull off. --Every song on this disc is top notch!

Paul Bibbins is an artist who is as truly different in this day and age as different can get….And his music is not to be missed!