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Paul Scott Rock

Paul Scott Rock is an artist who writes these songs, plays the guitars, the blues harps and the vocals. The drums were played by Albert Roman. The bass guitars are done by Scott Staner. and John Burkhardt. Scott played a fretless Rickenbacher bass . These songs were recorded between 1995 and 2000 at vista mix studio in Austintown Ohio. The music is retro indy alternative southern blues rock music. .I have been writing songs since I was about 7 years old. I had a note book full of lyrics at the age of 8.My first real song was called,' sweet charming oh thats her name' in 1966 and I played the drums then. Anyone can play this song , you just play the drums and keep singing the tittle over and over until your parents are very sorry they ever bought you a drumset.Its a great way to get them to buy you a guitar too. In the third grade, I won honorable mention in a statewide song writing contest and my dad had to drive me to canton to recieve the award. The song was called ' the circus is coming to town'.It was 1967 and Steppenwolf was about to change my life. I received my first electric guitar , it was one of those learner guitars they flooded the market with in the mid sixties. I think it had one white plastic pickup and it was tobacco sunburst. Kind of looked like a Fender Mustang. My neighbor gave me a harmony amp that I sure wish I still had. I was presented with a Mel Bay guitar learner book and armed with my preferred coiled guitar chord I did abuse that poor guitar along with my dads last nerve.Years went by, and I wrote many instrumental pieces that relied upon some very dedicated chord structures most of which I stole from the Beatles. My stepmother worked for a record company in 1970 and she brought home LPs all the time. I have Steppenwolf live, Gentle Giant,Boogie with Canned heat, The five man Electric band and some Lou Rawls. I actually went to the dump, to look for a record player since I did not have one, and I found one there and it worked ! Growing up in Patchogue Long Island NYwe were all musicians then. We also were baseball players, and crabbers and clam diggers and knock hockey players. Grand Funk was tearing up the charts, and the Temptations were on tv. Then Jimi died , and Janis, and Jim, and then Duane left us.....Rock got stale. Then Lynyrd skynyrd re invented rock by using country licks and we all got into that shit heavily. We jammed the southern rock songs and I wrote 'Whiskey rock' and I will record that song for real one day. Some of these songs came from those early days. I sometimes take years to develope a song, and sometimes a song will write itself in a few minutes. But working one song into another is very difficult for me. So I rarely do that. I will be posting about 20 songs from these sessions. I also will be posting about 10 more from a different session and even more from sessions I plan on doing soon.