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Percy Cardona

Not so many years ago, Percy Cardona was just a young musician looking to get his “foot in the door”. Today he works among the elite performers in the tejano industry. Percy, raised in the tiny town of Big Wells, Texas, has always had his sights on living out his childhood dream. After many successful years as a producer, sound engineer, and a hired gun musician, Percy Cardona is ready to dive into the waters as a solo artist.

Percy Cardona’s debut album has been paraphrased by his peers as a refreshing balancing act between the traditional conjunto sound and a progressive tejano taste. Recorded at Reel Tracks Studio in San Antonio, Texas, this self-titled effort displays his versatility as a musician, songwriter, and arranger. Percy recorded over 90% of the instrumentation including: the accordion, bajo sexto, bass, drums, and all the vocal tracks. The first single, 'Escuchame', is a cumbia which was co-written by the artist aswell. In all, this CD, co-produced by Ernie Gonzales, contains a mixture of rancheras and cumbias sure to please all audiences of tejano music.

Percy's ear for music was discovered at an early age when he learned the 'Star-Spangled Banner' on his sister's toy keyboard on his own. His parents, astonished as they were, said to their son, "Wow! Not everyone can do that, you know?!" The Ro' Records artist then grew up on the home cooking of his family’s conjunto music. With his grandfathers, uncles, and parents all being musicians, you could make the case that Percy Cardona’s career started before he was even born. Under their tutelage, his musical journey began with the family's classic sound before he ventured into the progressive world.

While performing in the marching and jazz bands in high school, Percy simutaneouly played tejano gigs with small local acts. Soon after graduation, he rapidly made his way into the major tejano circut; first, as the accordionist for young female vocalist Ruth, who is best known for her hit 'Toquecito', then made the jump to keyboards for the more prestigous Patsy Torres. Although playing for schools nationwide was a great experience, it was not what Percy yearned for. Making his own music was the goal, and that's exactly what he set out to do. To gain needed experience, Percy became a freelance musician and performed with artists that introduce David Marez, Fama, Trisha, and Grupo Alamo. Meanwhile, Percy Cardona attended classes at the Audio Engineering Institute of San Antonio to fulfill his passion for audio knowledge. It was in these times that Percy gained a musical foundation and a better understanding of his talents.

For Percy, producing, and audio engineering was just another way for him to grow. Thanks to this extra element, he has worked with artists and musicians that he may never have had the chance to work with otherwise; David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Val Maltos, Sinuhe Aussenac, and Stefani Montiel top that list. Most people agree that studio work is absolutely different from performing on stage. Luckily for him, Percy has extensive knowledge of both due to his endeavors.

As the world turns, Percy continues to learn, adapt, and relish the opportunities while never forgetting his roots. "I'm only as good as the people I surround myself with", says Percy. "There is always more to learn, and there is always someone better. What's important is that I create music that is honest, and able to be shared with with anyone who is willing to listen". His modesty is only exceeded by his expectations. This young phenom is a dedicated student of music who promises to have much success for years to come.