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PHESTUR came into existance in the spring of 1999. Founder and frontman Adam Hines forged the very idea from learning and earning his trade from being in other cover bands and while writing and preparing the songs that were to become "early PHESTUR".
Via the internet and paper ads, the line up formed and the band began defining and refining their sound. As 1999 became 2000 there were line up changes until the spring of 2000 the line up that carried the band for the next six years was complete. In that time, the band put out E.P.'s and 'teaser E.P.'s to keep fans in the loop while work on their first full length was in progress.
Late spring of 2000 the band released "Fujita's Pad" their first full length endeavor and immediately following that, began work on the follow up album "Here it Comez" which was released in 2001. The band all the while recording was also gigging heavily at over 100 shows a year for the '01-'02 season. The band also took part in many festivals and showcases including -Mayfest '00,'01, '02, '03, CMF '03, '04, '05, '06, UNDERCURRENTS '00, '01, NYCFAME '01 and the international musicians expo '01, the list goes on.
Recording for their third album aptly named
"PHESTUR 3" began in the spring of 2003 and released in late 2003. The band then signed a one disc deal with Sonic Wave International in 2004 re-releasing "PHESTUR 3" and renaming the album "PHESTUR- Downtown and Underground". This gave the band international exposure and in early 2005 the band was informed that the album earned them 2 Grammy considerations for nomination for the 2005 Grammys. That was a huge accomplishment for the band, to even be considered for nomination by the Academy.
By late 2005 the winds of change were blowing for the band and an immanent change in the line up was coming. To keep friendships intact that change came in Jan. 2006 which was the biggest rift the band had faced to date. But by the spring of 2006, the band was back onstage and recording.
The band's fourth album "Fine' Pompeii" was released in the summer of 2008, and by November 2008 the band was again a 3-piece. PHESTUR began as a 3-piece a decade ago, and fate seems to want it that way.
What will 2009 and beyond bring??? Time will tell, and does it really matter? We're having the time of our lives anyhow!

Adam Hines - guitar/lead vocals
Weedge - bass
Art Koch - drums/backing vocals