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Philly Black

"I Be to Be who I am..not trying to be what they are...So I be want I want to be....and not trying to be...what they want me to be...Who I Be"

So who is Philly Black?

Born Marcus Alexander in Annapolis MD but raised in the city of Philadelphia. Pa when his mother sought refuge from the physical and emotional abuse cause by his estranged father. "I never knew my father but my mother would tell me that the first 6 years of their marriage was great he was a loving man, her knight in shining armor he loved her and she him. He made sure that she didn't want for anything then one day he came home in a rage because he had lost all his money shooting pool. He felt it was all her fault because she didn't stop him from going to the pool hall that night. That was the first time he hit her and it wasn't the last. My mother went through years of abuse to the point where we were eating ice from the fridge and having mayo sandwiches and then no electricity or heat eventually she gather enough strength to take my brother, sister and I and hitch hike from Maryland to Philadelphia that takes courage and strength and I love her for that. We didn't have the most stable of childhoods because we were always moving from place to place all over the city of Philadelphia it was really hard to adapt and make friends because of the constant movement."

Philly Back could go on about his struggles throughout his childhood growing up in the city of Philadelphia and eventually landing in Bristol PA during his high school years but he elects not to "Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in their lives but its the choices that you make that will define who you are and that's the hardest part making the right choices in each situation."

Philly Black is a true Hip Hop connoisseur understanding and appreciating the art that helped him through the ups and downs of a teenage adolescence, from a young man serving in the United States Army in South Korea where he discovered his talent for writing rhymes. Philly Black considers himself to be a positive motivational force in the industry creating music that speaks to his audience about the realities of life and the struggles to maintain balance in it.

Ark Angel OutaNational Records states “yow brother your stylz sell off…madd knowledge in your tune…you’re a gifted brother…feelin the vibz it…SICK 4real [Boston.MA]”

Philly Black is set to release his third album titled Who I Be which he feels will make people aware of who he is if they don't know already. “I want to give people more of an intimate experience, more of a glimpse into my world I share a lot of personal experiences that I tend to not share with people. I hope that my fans and potential fans really appreciate the time and effort that I have put into his album."

Philly Black knows the grind of a aspiring musician being signed early in his career to Black Rose Records in South Korea as part of a Hip Hop group called Urban Theory releasing a single called Thought Awareness which was featured on the 1999 Black Rose Records compilation album called “Ghetto Rising” Philly Black was also featured on the r&b track called Ambitious which was also released on the same album.

After the unsuccessful venture with Black Rose Records and his tour ending Philly Black knew a decision had to be made as Philly Black put it “It was the hardest decision I had to make…to walk away for awhile… because the passion was still burning within me but I knew I had to regain focus and try other things out.”

In 2009 Philly Black found his way back to Hip Hop understandably rusty Philly Black released Mind over Matter in 2009 and Therapeutic Intervention 2010, as he admits “The last two albums I admit I was rusty but I’m still proud of what I accomplished but now I feel that I’m back and better than ever just wait and see.”

As we patiently wait let me leave you with a quote from one fan that sums Philly Black up perfectly

Bizzop “ mc wit somin 2 say!!!!!welcome 2 da T.R.U.T.H.H MOVEMENT! FAITH” [reverbnation comment]

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