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Phire’s musical journey began 1993. "Phire" was awoken by the sound of rattling bass. Curious of the origin of the sounds, he traced them to his older brother's room (DJ Kraze1). The overpowering sounds muffled the request to enter. Phire's parents were proponents of Christian values, where profanity was not allowed. As a concerned brother Kraze1 was startled and a bit angered as his little brother walked into the room. After a small despute, he was ensured the secret of sharing the outlawed music would be kept. It was there in that room where Phire was introduced to the sound he would later learn to love. Soon after Phire ran to his room opened his bible and started writing his first lyrics. One day Phire went up to his brother and presented what he had been arduously working on. Impressed by the talent exhibited by his 9 year old brother’s verses, he retrieved instrumentals, and began recording the young boy. Phire and his brother continued recording for about two years.
On partnering with his friend from church ( Tru-Mind), the two began to collaborate and form a gospel crew named Supreme Soul-diers. Because of the age of Phire and Tru, they created a fan base. One night after performing at "Off the Hook", a youth event, a man approached the pair and offered them a chance to record an album with Promise Land Records. Supreme Soul-diers recorded 2 songs for a compilation disc, but later parted ways.
Years later Supreme Soul-diers partnered with long time childhood friend Josiah "Sirayne" Centeno. Sirayne interned at Asaph Records. Because of their familiar history, and the need for experience, Sirayne began to record the "Soul-diers". After a few years the group decided to make Sirayne an addition to their act. In search for a bigger fan base the group chose to shift into the mainstream industry. The change naturally called for a new name, Nasty Boyz. Jose" Joey Caraz" Carisquillo was considered and soon joined the Nasty Boyz.
The hardships of the industry began to surface. Recording time and production seemed impossible. The crew tried to weather the storm, constructing their own record label (Time Now entertainment). Despite their efforts relationships began to drift. Creative differences led Tru Minds to part ways; Joey Caraz soon after stepped down, leaving Phire and Sirayne as the Nasty Boyz. Through the years, Phire and Sirayne's relationship as friends and as partners matured, making the two feel unstoppable. They turned to Kraze1 as a manager. As a result, the crew received their first big break. Joe Rocket Clothing asked Nasty Boyz to shoot a commercial, promoting motorcycle jackets. The video was produced by Time Now entertainment with music by Liquid Beatz. All though the video seemed to be a success, and with no explantion the ad never aired and the excitement dwindled. A couple months later another opportunity arose when an A&R from Sony records invited the label to New York City to listen to their demo cd. The meeting was a success! However, Phire's decision shocked everyone and ultimately changed the course of his life. After years of partying, smoking, and drinking, Phire concluded: enough was enough.
A few days prior to the Meeting with Sony, Phire came face to face with reality. While on a family vacation, a young woman from the resort asked if he knew of Jesus Christ. The young woman invited him to her church in Millville, about 60 miles away from Philadelphia. Feeling a great deal of conviction and desiring change in his life, Phire decided to visit. When he returned to Philly he informed his label that he would not be returning to the Nasty Boyz. Saddened, the group respected the decision and parted ways. From that point on he never looked back.
Finally in 2011 Phire had the opportunity to work with lifelong friend and producer Victor “LiquidBeatz” Oquendo formally of TobyMacs record label Gotee. Together they recorded “One Day” Phire’s first professionally recorded album, which also features artists Brian Bandis, Lauren Adele, Stefan “The Scientist” Moss, and Philly’s own Ithmar Rodriguez. After listening to Phire’s debut album DJ Maj of Diverse City called the album “hope music”.

Album to be released early 2013.