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Pierre Dubé

Pierre Dubé
1563 Silver Glen ave
Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702)-580-2720

Born in St-Aimé du Lac-des-Iles in the National Park of La Verendrye, on July 10 1959.
Pierre was naturally inclined to music, as his father and mother classically trained as pianists, were constantly playing in the house.
Eventually all of the 6 childen took music lessons and started their own family band called; the "Dubé-Brothers".
The music career was then just a beginning.
After a Double-Major at Mc-Bill University, Pierre joined the reckown Canadian percussion ensemble "Répercussion"
"Répercussion" was then touring extensively the World with different programs, as a solo group or, also as an ensemble who performed with many different Orchestras, Symphonies or Choirs.
They were putting the Percussion instruments in front of the orchestra this time and became famous for their arrangements of Classical music re-arranged for mallet instruments.

After 8 years of touring from; Hong-Kong, Taïwan, Korea, Japan, China, Sp[ain, Greece, the USA many times, accross all of Canada 6 times for differents concert programs, Pierre's left the group to joined the ranks of Cirque du Soleil, who was offering him a Leader role as Drummer, Percussionist, and Japanese Taïko Master for the Mystère show of Las Vegas.
Pierre was sent to the island of Sado north of Japan to learn the art of Taïko to the Kodo village where he learned under the Senseï Katsuju Kondo.

After learning the styles of Miyake, Shime daïkos, Yataï-Bayashi and the art of soloing on the "O"daïko, Pierre came back to Montréal to teach the House Troup of Cirque du Soleil in the one year preparation of the opening of Mystere in Las Vegas.
Mystere was the first permanent based show in the showroom of the Treasure Island.
Pierre has been training hundreds of artists and composed the Finale Taïko act of Mystere.

Playing drums and percussion during the show, and then taking the stage for the Taïko number as leader and soloist, 2 times a night, 5 nights a week (478 shows/year) for a period of 10 years.
In 1999 a co-production of Sony 3D Imax movies with Cirque du Soleil featured Pierre's taïko drummers in a segment where Pierre represented the "High Priest of Creation".

In the meantime, Pierre was discovering the digital recording world and found that he could now compose and produce his own music fully orchestrated with any instruments, voices from around the world samples, and all kinds of sound effects.
He then, decided to change his stars, and become a composer full time.
For years, Pierre has worked for hundreds of different projects and was an independant contractor for IGT video games as music composer,and musician for RME, Classical Entertainment, Novelty and Asian Pacific entertainment to name just a few.
Pierre just finished a 2 1\2 years as marimba 1 player for the Disney Lion King Production at the Hotel Mandalay Bay of Las Vegas in an orchestra of 24 musicians.
Presently in the process of publishing some Classical music rearranged for percussion instruments and working of 3 compilations of CDs; "Between Winds", "Falling Through Shadows", and "Rhythm Roots.
Another very important project for Pierre is the "Take the Pain Out of the Brain" which is to bring the entertainment where it is the most needed... in the hospital rooms.
Creating Story Telling on audio tracks with music and special effects accompanying the narration and doing a video montage who would keep the eyes and minds busy during the time of medical procedures for Children who have cancer.

In between Vibraphone, Marimba, Drums, African Djembés, Japanese Taïkos, Piano, Editing and Composing, Pierre likes to create music videos for painters and photographers giving life to a still picture and composing music to suit the mood.
As they say in Lion King;..." There is more to do than can ever be done"