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Pirates For Sail

Pirates For Sail, under the leadership of Captain Molly the Crympe, has been navigating the waterways and watering holes of Maryland since 2005. We plunder, pillage, carouse and sing, and we do all this in between consuming enormous quantities of rum. We're bloody pirates, matey, and we're on the account until Jack Ketch catches up to us!

What do we do? Well, what do you expect pirates to do? We do battle with steel or black powder. We do dangerous things with fire. We can rouse your spirits with a bawdy drinking song, or we can soothe your soul with a beautiful old ballad. Or we could always just steal your gold, drink all your booze and be out of sight before the dawn. The choice is yours, really.

Want to see us in our natural habitat? Pay a visit to Piratz Tavern ( in beautiful downtown Silver Spring! Barring interference by the Royal Navy, you can meet us there every Friday evening and every other Saturday. You could also hire us for your own private engagement, as it's our belief that any occasion can be improved by the presence of pirates! Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, funerals...

Visit our website at to learn more, and to see photos of our ugly mugs. PUAGH!