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Pontificia Schola Ambrosiana

The Pontifical Ambrosian Institute of Sacred Music (PIAMS) is a research centre of academic nature with scientific, teaching and pastoral aims in the liturgical-musical area, which gives particular attention to the Ambrosian rite and chant.
The Institute, founded in 1931 by the blessed cardinal A.I. Schuster, archbishop of Milan, was raised according to the rules by the Holy See in 1940 and nowadays is - similarly to the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome, which is consociated with - an Institute "ad instar facultatis" and it is authorized to confer university qualifications with canonical validity.
Through the scientific improvement and the teaching of liturgical-musical subjects, the PIAMS intends to advance the knowledge, the development and the diffusion of the liturgy and of the sacred music, and the education of the ecclesiastical musicians and of future teachers and people in charge in the liturgical-musical area.