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Positive Energy

Positive Energy (PE) is the lyrical team of Prophecy (Derrick Dolphin) and DUB Colossus (Errill Nelson). Both MCs deliver lyrical eloquence with varying styles that compliment one another. They form a formidable duo whose purpose is to enlighten, provoke thought, and fill a void within hip hop music that is intelligent and inspiring.

Nurtured in the cradle of Hip-Hop (New York City); these MCs are no strangers to the industry. Prior to the formation of PE, both stood as the front men for the live Hip-Hop band “Primordial Source” (PS). The band played live sets with full instrumentation throughout the NYC area during the mid to late 1990’s. Their four man collective met in college. It included Ivan Katz (Ive-09) on drums and Garreth Duncan-Scharfe (Avenue) on the keys. After college the quartet hit the stages of the NYC. They played the indy circuit at ripped up venues like Tramps, Wetlands, and the New Music Cafe. Primordial Source opened for a number of popular mainstream acts during a time when rocking Hip-Hop music with a live band was a rarity. Primordial was briefly signed to the Groovetown RCA record label. They released an EP that was distributed overseas; but, internal politics at the label deterred the US release leading to the termination of the contract. In 1996, the band took first place in the Diskmakers Battle of the Bands competition beating out 1500 entrants from the NYC area. They recorded an EPwith their winnings and released the CD on their own independent label Audiograph Records. In 1999, the group recorded an album titled “For The Record.” However, due to personal differences between the members, the group was disbanded and the album was never released. Upon entering the new millennium, Dolphin and Nelson embarked on the next iteration of their musical evolution and formed Positive Energy in 2003.

Together Dolphin and Nelson constructed their first PE project, “Positive Energy featuring Prophecy and DUB Colossus.” The album is a collection of songs that were composed by multiple producers, which included both duets and solo tracks. The CD was released in 2006 on Dolphinity LLC, during the time when MySpace and Youtube had just started to provide an alternative means for artists to disseminate their material and reach a cyber audience. The group’s freshmen effort included track titles such as “Seasoned Vet,” which is a validation of the teams experience and lyrical ability. “NY Urban” is a lyrical rendering of urban living, factors that can impact one’s quality of life, and the concentrated debauchery that occurs on a daily basis in the inner city. “Makin It” was inspired by a book with the same title, written by the national youth advocate/activist Ed DeJesus. The book and track serves as a guide for young people emphasizing the importance of staying alive and free.

In 2009, the tandem returned with the project “Thru Rebel Eyes,” (TRE) which was solely produced by their long term musical counterpart Avenue. The TRE project encompassed three movements: “Bang ‘Em,” “Love Suite,” and “Powertics.” The Bang ‘Em segment includes songs such as “Rap Profit,” “Pole Position,” and “Reverberate,” which embody the essence of street rap. The tracks in this movement discharge lyrics that contest fake rappers and wanna be gangstas. The Love Suite is a homage to the complexities of relationships between the sexes. “Correction” and “Trapped Door” are songs that speak to the experiences that come with relationships. The Powertics movement contains song titles such as “Millennium,” which describes the dawning of a new age and the controversial state of humankind. “S.O.T.U. (State of the Union)” is an abrasive commentary of the Georg W. Bush regime and it’s failed policies that led the U.S. into an unjustified war in the Middle East. “Pen Biz” is a vitriolic account of the prison industrial complex and the despair that befalls those that become trapped in it. The albums title track, “Thru Rebel Eyes,” features the United Kingdom’s Rain Jackson on vocals. The track encourages revolutionary thought and gives hope to the listener.

Positive Energy’s latest installment is titled “Intellectual Property” (IP). Developed for a mature audience with an expanded vocabulary, a pallet for musical brilliance, and a true appreciation for Hip Hop. Super producer Avenue has returned with a collage of rich sonic textures combined with the lyrical dynamism and conceptual excellence of Prophecy and DUB. The album is a tapestry of compositions which demonstrate the perfected art of rhyme sayin upon musical wizardry. Positive Energy takes the listener through a journey from the light into darkness and back again. The opening declaration exclaims that PE has returned to “...heed the “Call of Duty” to remain vigilant and rise...” against cereal box rap acts that perpetuate the degradation of an art form and culture. The album is an insightful contrast to the simplistic and saturated music that dominates mainstream media. It is a return to the classic type of hip-hop album that is carefully conceptualized and formulated with cohesive thought. Filling the void for an audience seeking substance, IP is rife with concepts that speak to the soul. The lead single, “Sound Off!” is an anthem that embodies the realness and authenticity of PE’s style. Tittles like “All Things Considered,” “Hearsay,” and “War With the Devil” explore the paradoxes and paradigms of everyday existence. In “Catch a Bad 1” the group speaks to the mortality of humanity and “Obamanation” illustrates the typography of the current geo-political and socioeconomic landscape in the US. Positive Energy advises the next generation of Hip-Hop heads to be cautious in “Hold on Youngin (remix).” They warn the next generation of the systems that have been designed to stunt the realization of their full potential.

The future of hip-hop music and culture hangs in the balance! As the scales sway back and fourth, PE is the embodiment of the quintessential hip-hop group that is of elevated demeanor and authenticity. These lyrical Shaman exist on the side of positivity using the hip-hop medium to nurture, inform, and inspire on a global scale!