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Post Mortem

Post Mortem is an American death metal band, formed in 1982 in suburban Boston. They formed when the members in the band were still in high school and there was no American death metal scene. The band rehearsed every day, often rushing home to write music after classes. John McCarthy penned the personal songs while drummer Rick McIver wrote the gore lyrics. John Alexander helped write most of the songs. “Our whole concept was that we honestly didn’t give a fuck. That’s why we’re lumped in with punk rock as well as metal,” McCarthy said, adding: “It’s much better to piss off people who think they’re pissed off than to piss off your grandma or your mother or your father.”

Post Mortem’s debut album, Coroner's Office, was released in 1986, and arrived before standards like Death’s Scream Bloody Gore in 1987 and Autopsy’s Severed Survival in 1989. Coroner's Office continues to find new listeners and is now as remembered for its unusual styling and flirtation with jazz and punk as it is as an overlooked death metal cornerstone. Nearly two decades after its release, it’s not just seen as a pivotal genre release but a preview to musical experimentation common in metal among bands like Cephalic Carnage and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

The band consists of John McCarthy (vocals), John Alexander (guitar), Mark Kelley (bass), and Rick "Ricky Magic" McIver (drums). Contrary to popular belief, Post Mortem were not named after the Slayer song. Post Mortem helped pioneer the underground subgenre of death metal.

Many metal bands have acknowledged the influence of Post Mortem, like Cianide, Grief (who covered the entire Coroner's Office album), Disharmonic Orchestra, who covered "(It's Just) A Thought, and AxCx (who covered Post Mortem’s "1066").

1982 "Run Amok" Cassette
1983 "Punk After Death" Cassette (Recorded in 1982)
1985 "The Dead Shall Rise" Cassette
1985 "Death to the Masses" Cassette
1986 "Turkey on Your Nose..." Cassette
1986 "Speed Metal Hell II" Various Artists
1986 "Thrash Metal Attack!" Various Artists
1986 "Coroner's Office" Debut album
1987 "The Missing Link" EP
1988 "Beatings are in Order" Full-Length Album
1989 "Festival of Fun" Full-Length Album
1990 "Ring Around the Rectum" Single
1990 "Seasoned NoSalt Makes My Beef Stew Taste Like My Beef Stew" Single
1991 "Killed by the Machinery of Sorrow" Compilation CD
1993 "Destined for Failure" Full-Length Album
1994 "Court Metrage" Various Artists
1995 "Convolutions" Full-Length Album
2007 "Deterioration of the Flesh" Live and some previously unreleased material
2009 "Message from the Dead" Full-Length Album

John McCarthy - Vocals (deceased 2009)
John Alexander - Guitar
Mark Kelley - Bass
Rick "Ricky Magic" McIver - Drums

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