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Project Autumn

Incorporating a sonic blend of haunting rock, soulful blues, playful jazz, and infectious metal, Project Autumn forms an eclectic sound, unheard anywhere else in contemporary rock music. Unafraid to experiment, this Northern New Jersey group is founded in a curious desire to try new sounds and combine these with styles of times past. Rooted in the notable musical backgrounds of vocalist/lyricist, Erin Bruno and lead guitarist/songwriter, Joseph Schwab (aka Chavez Rivera) along with a wide-variety of accomplished studio musicians (most notably, jazz-trumpet virtuoso James Gibbs III), Project Autumn’s fiery blend of fine-tuned technique and musical passion creates evocative songs that will permanently resonate in every listener.

Project Autumn is the brainchild of musical duo, vocalist Erin Bruno and guitarist, Joseph Schwab. After jamming with an alternative rock band in the New York Metro scene, they soon found themselves branching off alone to write during acoustic jams. These jams produced the songs that would become Project Autumn’s first album. The duo’s very different music backgrounds — Joe a heavy metal/rock guitarist in several local Northern New Jersey bands and Erin from the coffeehouse/indie folk scene— blend to create an unforgettable fusion of rock, blues, and metal.

The Album

Along with a wide-variety of accomplished studio musicians (most notably, jazz-trumpet virtuoso James Gibbs III), Project Autumn’s debut album as a tapestry of different styles, delving into several genres, including heavy metal, classic rock, blues rock, pop rock, pop punk, light jazz, jazz fusion, among many others. Delving into multiple genres on one album was quite a risk that this indie rock band took with pride.

“We like all kinds of music from rock to jazz, light to heavy, same as any average music fan so we really didn’t think about it fully when we were recording. Then, as we started to end the project, we realized the potential problem with marketing an album that has a light pop love ballad a few songs away from an angry metal rock song. But we ran with it. Instead of pigeonholing ourselves to the modern trend of recording an album with one genre in mind, we didn’t hold back. Authentic music is not found in just one genre, it reveals itself within different styles and genres,” commented band guitarist. Joseph Schwab.

Recorded to tape from 2008 to 2010, Project Autumn’s debut album vibes like an old classic rock record while remaining fresh, contemporary, and hard-hitting. “Going against the digital machine that is modern music, we didn’t go for perfection that is achieved time and time again with digital recording; instead, we were looking for a vibe. Like a Led Zeppelin album or Joan Baez song,” said vocalist Erin Bruno.

The Members

Joseph Schwab aka Chavez Rivera (Guitar)

Guitarist Joseph Schwab, better known as Chavez Rivera in the local Northern New Jersey rock scene, has played metal and classical guitar for the past fifteen years. Unforgettable and unique, Chavez Rivera's performance style is a blend of bluesy/jazzy rock chord structures, melodic classical solos, and incendiary metal shreds. Heavily influenced by a range of guitarists, including Randy Rhoads, Andres Segovia, J.S. Bach, Jason Becker, and James Hetfield, Chavez Rivera has developed his unique style through self-instruction and studies with several famous guitarists, including “Metal Mike” Chlasciak (guitarist in Judas Priest’s Rob Halford’s Halford) and Tony Rhambo, a notable Los Angeles studio musician. Chavez has set on the stage on fire with his extraordinary lead guitar performances with several bands over the past decade, including Painful Euphoria, Silent Rage, and R Factor. Project Autumn brings his true songwriting genius to the surface, highlighting his rare ability to write and perform in a wide range of styles while still remaining close to his classical and metal roots.

Erin Bruno (Vocals)

Classically trained as a mezzo soprano, vocalist Erin Bruno has been singing professionally for over a decade. Erin first stepped up to the rock ‘n’ roll mic in 2003 singing lead vocals for the Northern New Jersey rock/alternative bands, Skultch and No Room for Casualty. Performing with a unique sound that blends classical highs and bluesy rock lows, Erin captivates audiences with a voice reminiscent of female gems like Joan Baez, Jewel, Heart, Grace Slick, and Amy Lee. Erin recorded her first independent folk rock solo demo, "Risk" in early 2007 and played the indie/coffeehouse scene in the Philadelphia and New York Metros with just an acoustic guitar in hand and edgy lyrics sung by a naturally breathtaking voice. Featured on several local radio stations, Erin also went on to contribute lead vocals to Philadelphia-based Aldorna's "Hail Fire" and the pagan/rock project, Runic Records' "Meadow." Project Autumn is Erin’s first full-length vocal rock debut, although audiences are sure to think otherwise. The album highlights Erin’s rare ability to vary tone and style from country rock to heavy metal to punk to sultry jazz as well as to sing all of the harmonies on the album. Project Autumn’s self-titled album brings Erin’s rare vocal abilities to the main stage creating an unforgettable collection of performances.

Project Autumn’s self-titled debut album brings the musical abilities of this duo to the forefront of the indie rock scene while featuring some of the most renowned up-and-coming rock and jazz musicians from the New York Metro music scene. Perhaps the most notable is jazz-trumpet virtuoso, James Gibbs III, who has played with some of the greatest jazz legends of the 21st century. Other notable musicians on the album include Ross Alston, an accomplished bass player at only 20 years-old, who gives the album its depth and groove. Drummer Scott Miller, pianist Dave Eggleston, and slide guitarist Larry Cosden (all regulars for two decades in the New York Metro rock and jazz scenes) round off the album with solid performances.