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Project Novocaine

Project Novocaine is an American rock band established in February of 2005 based out of San Antonio, Texas. Phillip, known as "Phok", and John, known as "J5 Silver", are the only two members of Project Novocaine. With artistic musical vibes feeding off of each other, the duo creates what is known as artistic musical art, with electrifying guitars and poetic personal lyrics. However, the story of Phok and J5 Silver did not begin with Project Novocaine.

In the late winter of 1996, J5 Silver just finished his tour with the military and heard of a small local band that was just starting out. J5 Silver's brother knew the members of the band known as Black Chrome and told J5 Silver the band was in need of a singer. J5 Silver responded to the request and tired out for Black Chrome, only to become the front man for the young band. Phok, a high school student at the time, was the lead guitarist for Black Chrome, influenced by his father and other cover bands. Black Chrome began as a cover band and played numerous gigs throughout San Antonio, Texas. In late 1997 Black Chrome broke up, only to be the beginning for Phok and J5 Silver to explore music even further.

Together, along with Phok's father, they created a band known as Z-Axis the following year. Z-Axis was the starting point where Phok and J5 Silver began discovering and experimenting with different sounds and lyrics of personal events; two artists were born. Performing live in numerous gigs throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas Phok and J5 Silver had discovered the building blocks for their sound. Z-Axis had participated in an event known as "Walk for Life" in Fredericksburg, Texas volunteering their time as a band providing music for the volunteers who were walking for the event, which was a success. Unfortunately due to personal issues and events in late 1998, Z-Axis broke up and J5 Silver faded out of the music scene.

Phok and his father continued on with their musical journey and created a band that was known as The Flying Circus in late 1999. The Flying Circus focused mainly on instrumental progressive rock. Phok's artistic journey flourished during his involvement with The Flying Circus. In mid 2000 this wonderfully creative and experimental rock band came to an end after performing its only gig at Taco Land in San Antonio, Texas.

Finally, in 2005 Phok and J5 Silver reunited and agreed to get back into the music scene by creating an acoustic rock duo known as Project Novocaine in order to keep out of the hustle and bustle of creating a full band. This tactic allowed Phok and J5 Silver to fully concentrate in creating music on another level. After a few years of writing over a dozen acoustic songs Phok decided it was time to get back to their roots and begin writing heavy rock and J5 Silver agreed. After writing and producing their first full album, with the help of computer programs and tools available to musicians in this new age of music, "Residual" was unleashed upon the masses. Phok concentrates on writing, producing and performing all musical instruments as well as some backing vocals for Project Novocaine while J5 Silver writes and performs the main vocals poetic personal lyrics and helps with the musical arrangement.

Today, fully operational, Phok and J5 Silver look forward to creating more music and releasing more albums for years to come.