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I've been trying to find my own sound for some time most people like my vocals but the music has to evolve in to one style or a music style of styles. I'm working on it. Everybody knows that gangster rap is an acquired taste and 80's music is coming back all these one hit wonders are making the come back. Come back too what? Around 1994 or 5 some body told me that the year 2000 was gonna be a mixture of every style and that it was gonna be great, so prince came out with 1999 thinking it was gonna be this great party. We all know that in some way or another 2010 is not as great as what we thought; the cars are getting bigger shoes are getting flatter and Sam Wall-mart told everybody that you can by a pair of camouflage pants for 14.95. Whats the world coming too. I guess life is what you make it. Yeah the economy is getting bad and people don't have enough money to buy what they want an SUV or an 1,600.00 dollar computer but there to cheap to buy a 10 dollar CD; they say oh i get all my music for free, i haven't bought a CD in ten years. I guess John Reznick and Chuck D would just give you the middle finger. Oh oh yeah somebody came up with this idea called an mp3 what a great idea so now all the balers on the black history channel can hog up all the earnings. There has got to be some other rappers besides little Wayne,Jay z or Missy Eliot or biggie or Tupac. Hogging up all that proverbial air play. I guess I'll just have to wait for them to gracefully bow out. Back to 80's music back to the smiths and flesh for lulu or the psychedelic furs or some of that club hit stuff like dead or alive. I thought you could just stream some of that reggae dub in there and just start rapping. Everybody's all about style, this is my style; all i do is R and B or rock or indie rock or hip hop or gangster rap. Punk-wrapper is all about playing around and experimenting with styles. I thought; bring everybody together and let them decide what they want for themselves.

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