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Pure Hatred

Pure Hatred is that feeling you get when you’ve just been fucked over. It’s that physical and mental burn you feel when you realize facts you were taught as a child, are nothing more than fiction. It’s the wrenching disgust in your gut when you realize that the mechanisms and processes in place to guide our everyday lives are corrupt, unjust, and heavily favor those with monetary wealth.

Pure Hatred is a smart, persistent and industrious heavy metal band from Seattle Washington. Formed in 2003 by Guitar player Brian Bugenhagen who is also known as “Captain Kickass”. The band quickly recorded a 2004 demo CD using a portable 8 track recorder, and titled it “Kings of Beer”. After performing everywhere they could, they sold out of the 300 original CD’s they self burned and labeled on a home PC. Working through a few lineup changes, they settled into their current lineup: Jeff Gerstbrein on vocals, Charles Tillman on drums, and Russell King on bass. Using money they made from their live appearances and CD sales, they literally purchased building materials and used their own hands and minds to construct every bands desire: their own rehearsal and recording space. In 2007 Pure Hatred proceeded to write, record, produce, and release – entirely on their own - a 17 song full-length effort titled “Choking on the Sweet Air of Freedom”. They continued to play live until 2009 when they promptly secluded themselves into their rehearsal studio to write the next album.

They concluded that they wanted the next release to be faster, more socially and politically volatile, and ultimately, heavier. Their desires are not only reflected in powerful songs such as Manifesto, Gulag, and Crawl – but also in the cover art and title itself. Not many bands have the balls to name their effort “Burn Fucking Burn Die Fucking Die” and have their music live up to it.

Their latest effort, a 2013 five song EP titled "When Truth Becomes Treason", is their best effort to date. With the best production value of any recording thus far it is more than a pleasure to listen to. Continuing on the path of the socially extreme and the political criticism that other bands fear writing about. Pure Hatred has never been an outfit to shy away from what the common man considers controversial.