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Mini Bio:
Ryat is an ever evolving, genre bending, live looping and live sampling experiment combining avant indie influences, political underlining text, with pop-retro sarcasm. Created by the multi-instrumentalist/producer/singer Christina Ryat, the project has morphed into a duo, with the Nels Cline-esque guitarist and composer Tim Conley and live with drummer Chris Wood.

RYAT was established in 2004, by Christina. She started performing as a solo artist under the name. Christina has performed with Skerik; Mike Dillon; Billy Martin; DJ Logic; and Calvin Weston, opened for the Wailers, and recorded with King Britt; Taylor McFerrin; and the Disco Biscuits.

In 2006, Christina and Conley met forming the band Kilo with Tony Catastrophe, Jason Fraticelli and Dion Paci. Kilo later changed their name to As Human and released their debut album "Kilo" in 2008. In the band, Christina performed under the name RYAT. As Human performed with Mark Guiliana; Bernie Worrell; Taylor Mcferrin; and opened for Ursula Rucker, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and Marco Benevento.

Conley has performed under the name RYAT with Mike Watt; Grimace Federation; Jneiro Jarel; Phillybloco; and recorded with DJ Static(illvibe collective); Shutters; Grimace Federation and his own group Ocean Exposition.

November 23, 2009, Street Noise Okestra was released under the name RYAT by Christina. At this time, Conley was not an official member of the band, even though he is on the record as additional composer and performer.

Later in 2009, RYAT became a duo with both Christina and Conley. As a duo, they recorded with King Britt, performed with Grimace Federation while opening for the Flaming Lips and RJD2, and opened for Mew and Marco Benevento.

In 2010 RYAT toured heavily in Europe and North America. Countries include Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, US and Canada.

In the fall of 2010, RYAT is releasing their sophomore effort, but debut as a duo, Avant Gold.

Influences/ Sounds Like:
RYAT’s distinctive sound is from a variety influences like Radiohead, Animal Collective, Battles, and Ratatat.

Christina’s voice has been compared to Bjork, Tori Amos, and even Thom Yorke.417

Collaboration and Performance:
RYAT is known for their collaborations, a lot of times it is live and improvised. The name RYAT has stretched across for the duo. While they are technically a band together, Christina performs individually under the name RYAT with other artists. Christina and Conely have individually played under the name RYAT with other artists.

Christina has collaborated and performed under the name RYAT with DJ Logic,…
Christina is featured on the title track of King Britt’s album “The Intricate Beauty.”3

Conley has collaborated and performed under the name RYAT with
Mike Watt; Grimace Federation; Jneiro Jarel; Phillybloco; and recorded with DJ Static(illvibe collective); Shutters; Grimace Federation and his own group Ocean Exposition.

As a duo, RYAT has had the opportunity collaborate and perform with King Britt, Mark Guilliana, Marco Benevento5…

RYAT has had the opportunity to open for several artists including Ursula Rucker, MEW, The Wailers, and The Flaming Lips.4

Street Noise Orkestra:
Street Noise Orkestra was released November 23, 2009, by Christina still as a soloist. Conley was not officially a part of the band even though he is featured on several tracks on the album on various instruments and as additional composer.

Street Noise Orkestra was a year of production and it was self-produced by Christina in the Obvious Bandits Studio located in Philadelphia. Christina and Tom Spiker did the album’s post-production in his studio, Under Carriage Studios.

The other artists that can be found on the album include Tim Conley, Chuck Treece, Chris Wood, Jason Fraticelli, John Thompson, Larry Toft, and Bart Miltenberger.

Avant Gold:
Avant Gold is the latest effort from RYAT officially as a duo. The album was recorded in a cabin in the Catskill Mountains with producer Greg Augenblick and at his studio Antique Record Studios in the summer of 2010.

As of now, the record does not feature any collaborations. The first single, NAME, will be released July.

Avant Gold is a conceptual album joining the artistic experimental indie Avant influences of Ryat with pop and retro sarcasm of what society and the music industry believes is valid or Gold. The album has a fall release followed by a collaborative tour.

Avant Gold continues with RYAT’s theme as a collaborative effort by working numerous artists, and not just with their music, but establishing their image. RYAT got a chance to work with Philadelphia-based photographer Beth McGowen and Philadelphia-based designer and boutique owner Lynda Smyth.

Street Noise Orkestra – November 23, 2009
Avant Gold – September 2010