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Rabbi Mordechai Dubin

Rabbi Mordechai Dubin is a beloved rebbe of children in Los Angeles. When in 2004 he became the recipient of the prestigious Milken Foundation Outstanding Jewish Teacher’s award, he applied his prize money to the production of his first CD, “I Made This World For You” on Sefer Beresheis. His meaningful, memorable melodies were produced by noted performer/producer Sam Glaser and the CD became an instant hit in the Jewish world for kids and parents alike. Rabbi Dubin was then approached by Rabbi Zalman Ury Zt”l to create a song for children explaining Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith. Rabbi Ury felt very strongly that such a song would help children understand core Jewish beliefs and develop a stronger feeling of connection to Hashem. In his memory, the song “I Believe” was written and thousands of copies are now playing in homes and schools throughout the world. Rabbi Dubin’s next CD was on Sefer Shemos called “Let My People Go,” followed by “Al Shelosh Devarim,” based on Pirkei Avos.

The latest release, “Hashem is Always with Me,” is a collection of songs dealing with faith in G-d (emunah.) Rabbi Dubin again collaborated with Sam Glaser and a top team of Los Angeles musicians to create a musical masterpiece that is sure to be a standard in Jewish homes worldwide. Rabbi Dubin lives in Los Angeles and is the father of nine children and three grandchildren.