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Randolph Green

Randolph green has no memory of when music was not a part of his life. he grew up listening to older guys in the neighborhood singing acappella on the streets corners (street corner harmony). He was fascinated with the sweet sounds of the acappella singing. He was amazed at how each member of the group sang a different note, but when all the notes were put together the beauitful harmoney it made. AS soon as he was old enough, Randolph, began singing in church in the choir.his pure natural voice and a sweet second tenor was a sound that church members looked forward to hearing each sunday. When he was in his ealry teens,he and some other young men in the neighborhood began imitating the acappella singing of the older singers.they formeed a group found their own spot in the neighborhood and begin singing there own style of street corner harmony. the group soon became one of the most popular in the neighborhood. the group put together a band and began to do live proformances. Randolph was not the only lead singer but was instrumental in either writting lyrics or stucturing backrounds in the orignal recordings for the group. as his experience in this area grew, Randolph developrd a keen understanding of the various styles of each group or singer and began writting music tailored to fit the group or indivdual. Growing up about an hour south of philadephia, Randolph was inspired by the "philly sounds". The Philly sound had a strong influence on Randolph's own unique sound and style. As Randolph grew older he continued to journey through the music industry. He has been in contact with some well- known disc jockeys and music producers in the Philadelphia area. He made many recordings with various groups. Randolph has over 30 years of experience in song writting singing and doing live performances. He continues to be active in the music industy today. Randolph has always has a srong dfesire to write music. Now, song writting is the focus of his music career. Randolph is ready to share his song writting talent with performers who are looking for a fresh new songs. Randolph feels he is the answer for them.