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2 iTunes Music Store Napster US A Love Bug C.G. Hollow GEOLOGIST: Children Have No Rights Ltd. Ed. - on iTunes Cry Baby Cry Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him GEOLOGIST: For Desiree....Wherever You Are Ltd. Ed. - on iTunes For No One Give Me Some Reason Little Sister Memphis Tennessee Mistress of Magic More My Name My Home N.J.W. Pink Cadillac Rare Antiquity: Digging Down To The Past (CD Baby version on iTunes), September 23, 2009. Randy Williams, Geologist: Rare Antiquity: Digging Down To The Past - on iTunes Revolution I Smile Sweet Little Sixteen Well Alright White Mud Creek Working Class Hero Randy Williams, Geologist: Rare Antiquity: Digging Down To The Past on iTunes: GEOLOGIST: For Desiree....Wherever You Are Ltd. Ed. on iTunes: GEOLOGIST: Children Have No Rights Ltd. Ed. on iTunes: Rhapsody Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon Ger Amazon Fr iTunes Biography: Geologist Biography: Randy Williams, Geologist Rare Antiquity: Digging Down To The Past Children Have No Rights For Desiree .... Wherever You Are CD Universe eMusic Napster Napster Japan & Tawareko (Tower Records) - Rare Antiquity: Digging Down To The Past Album and Songs Ringtones-PC Planet Reverb Nation

Randy Williams, Geologist

When asked for a biography, an artist must balance public and private information. Geologist is a single individual who has used the creation of music as a means of escaping poverty, if not physically, then spiritually. Musicians are athletes and though poverty denied Geologist an opportunity to afford to participate in organized sports such as soccer and hockey, he utilized that athletic skill as a musician. “If I can open the door and exercise by running throughout Edmonton without paying money to participate in a race, then I can run for free to maintain my health. So just because I could not afford piano or guitar lessons, that did not stop me from playing musical instruments.”

The music industry has traditionally sought young artists, the younger the better; however, Geologist has taken a lengthy time to develop his musical skills. Geologist points out that the 19, 18 and 21 songs on the recent digital CD album releases, “Rare Antiquity: Digging Down To The Past”, “Children Have No Rights Limited Edition - with 7 bonus tracks”, and “For Desiree....Wherever You Are Limited Edition - with 10 bonus tracks” are all songs written and performed before his skills really developed. As a perfectionist, he is hoping to record a new album using the musical skills he has developed since the songs on those CD releases were recorded.

If one wishes to take advantage of opportunity, money is always an issue. The choice is to put out songs from the past or earn money at other occupations to afford the cost of releasing new songs. Government has always been willing to provide student loans for traditional education but when that education does not produce a job, one must either work at a job that cannot finance music, or gather more education that might produce a job. It is a bait and trap endeavor, trapping students in mounting debt for an education without end that produces a job unable to repay the student debt.

Add the tragedies of life, a family that lost its income, possessions and home after fighting its way from poverty once before, and being a composing musician developing musical skills at home where nobody can hear the new songs is much like a runner who cannot afford the cost of a competitive race. Geologist chose to walk a fine line when faced with a choice of releasing old songs he would prefer to re-record using his developed musical skills or not releasing anything at all until it is recorded perfectly and expensively.

Geologist has a unique, diverse background.

He could compose, perform, produce and publish music for any medium or paint original oil, chalk pastel or charcoal pictures for walls in your home or office. Having sung with the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus, he has university training on 5 brass instruments, training in musical theory, as well as art and drawing classes. He is an artist/publisher member of SOCAN.

Or he could tell you all about human rights or global warming. He graduated from law school at the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, in Edmonton and completed a concurrent Master of Education in International and Global Education. His thesis co-supervisors were Dr. Virginia Cawagas and 2000 UNESCO Peace Education recipient, Dr. Swee-Hin Toh, both of whom encouraged and supported his musical endeavors. Artists tend to offer voices for those who, for whatever reason, cannot speak for themselves.

He has worked as a teacher in Edmonton for more than a decade and taught a Spring Session course at the University of Alberta on ethics and law in teaching. A life long runner, he completed a Bachelor of Physical Education in Athletic Training and Conditioning and Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Political Science, while he was training with the University of Alberta cross country and track teams.

“Musicians and athletes are also opposites. An athlete’s skills deteriorate with age but a musician’s skills improve with age. Ideally, one wants to be a young athlete and an old musician.” Randy Williams, Geologist has thus released 3 works from the young musician.