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Raymond Coats

"You’ve Got It All Over?" is an original "American Up-Beat" urban contemporary adult song by Raymond Coats, music by #TonySaunders (#RomancingTheBass). A true performance recorded "Hot" on Seacliff Drive in Rodeo, California, USA. This song features smooth American vocals by Raymond Coats, bass by Tony Saunders, electric guitar by Bill Hampton, piano and synths by Tony background vocals by Lady Jaz. This “comment on friendship" song provides insight into the reality of the true nature of what a successful relationship costs!
"The most common thought in the World, is "#JustFriends" Raymond Coats
This original song with friend comment lyrics about those who, living in a hectic world full of failed relationships, remain ignorant of the price that must be paid by people that desire reality in their relationships. In "#YouveGotItAllOver” Raymond Coats sings of the #injustices of selfishness when one goes after things that fuel the #fulfillment of selfish desires!
“Every word, every word in this song all depends on you and me
The future is up to us the laughter flows I’m not alone you see
Love is growing everywhere hoping that we will rise to the occasion
You’ve got it all over you and now it’s all over me.
And I know that I like it I like it for you and me we’re made for each other.
These are our moments together oh how time flies we’ve got this thin
Breathe of air between us you and I. When I look at your face, it’s beautiful
And oh so fragile I’ve got to take action to make all the changes we need.
You make me believe that what you say is true. You and me, we can see it through!
Hearts loved a long time, got a long time yet to get to never
Nothing beats a fine personality and girl you’ve got it all over.
All over, you’ve got it all over, make me know, make me know you love me
We can go for eternity…let’s get, let’s get together as long as the stars in the sky
It will be you and I you and me together someone that has it all over, now that you’ve got it all over you’ve got it all over, you got it all over…”