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Razorheads were founded by Flint (Gitz / Vox) in Hamburg / Germany.
The band roars out with a genrefusioning hybridsound.
From slomo stonerdoom over dirty punknroll up to raw hardcore & thrashmetal shredding.

- On their debut release they got a loud support from a bunch of friends like Wilson Gil (San Francisco), Ferris MC (Deichkind), Razzia, Prollhead / Punkles, My favourite Mixtape, Jerome de la Rüsch & Murphy Montana.

- It´s produced by Flint & Schrödey / Absurd Studios Hamburg.
He also produced Holy Moses, Gorilla Monsoon, Blitzkrieg ,Torfrock, Ohrenfeindt, Temple of the Absurd, Warpath, Reckless Tide and many more.

- The first videoclip "Black socks get you laid" is already published.
3 new videos are finished.
- A shortmovie western called "Sam Hall".
- A multimedia music / comicbook / filmprojekt called "Zombies auf der Reeperbahn".
- And a video for the song "You don´t deserve me", shot on ships in the Hamburg harbour
They will be published as bonus videos on the first edition of the CD.

- Razorheads music is also featured in the new film „The animals of art“.
It was done by the famous german director Peter Sempel and is , among other subjects & suspects, about the controversial artist Jonathan Meese.
Peter Sempel already cooperated with people like Nina Hagen, Lemmy, Nik Cave, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jonas Mekas and many more in the past.
- Razorheads will also be seen in the new Jim Jarmusch movie "Only lovers left alive"

Line up:
Flint: Gitz / Vox
Laurence: Bass / Vox
Pablo Cortes: Drums