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Real Eyes was founded in 1992 by Bobby Blackmon of Visalia, CA. We released the first record in early 1993. "Contagious" was the first Real Eyes Album produced by Scott Greenall. in 1993 Painted Music Record Company only released 100 copies of the 11 songs, available only on a standard audio cassette tape. A year later joined by (former Kind band mates) Drummer: Jason Whisman and Lead Guitarist: Justin Sturm, Real Eyes recorded as a 3 Piece Power Trio, "For What It's Worth", 5 songs again only available on audio cassette. After years of grinding and growing a little wiser, its time to recognize and archive this awesome music collection from the past. "Contagious" 1992’ and " For What Its Worth" 1993’ are now available on CD & Digital Download.

After starting a family and a business, and working on other music projects (Guitar for Keydragon on 7 Records) a few years later, I began working on a number of songs, and ideas for tunes to put together for another record.
Finally, a new 11 song CD "Lopsided World" was released in November 2008. It was a great honor to have Jason Whisman & Justin Sturm play on this record. Jason Kicked Ass on the Drum Tracks and Justin came up to meet us in a hotel room in Visalia, CA, where we set up my portable studio and did the Killer Guitar Solos for La La Land and the title track Lopsided World. Lopsided World is a Collection of music and songs with different styles and unusual sounds & tones mixed together to formulate what Real Eyes music is.

In 2009 I started to complete the Acoustic Sessions album I had been working on for a few years.
This Album was recorded for the most part for my close friends & family to enjoy. I wanted to pick a selection of songs that were special to me & share them with my loved ones. I play some of these songs when ever I get around friends or family or really other people too. For some reason, I very rarely will play my original music for them, it just seems more satisfying to know I am sharing the cool stuff i enjoy too, not just the music I write. I also wanted this record to have a little more of a raw sound, kind of giddy like, to it. I wanted those listening to it to feel like they are right there in the room with me while playing. I did all the vocals and played all the instruments on this record ( Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Tambourine, Drums and Percussion) except for the Keyboards by Ron Langford. I want to thank my brother Jason Whisman for building my totally Awesome "Unbroken Chain & Roses" Acoustic Guitar that I used for most of this recording. It is such a wonderful sounding and beautiful guitar and is used for all the album Artwork as well. This album was recorded over a period of a few years with major changes in my life happening. I lost my Grandmother Vivion Blackmon who was dearest to me, my mother battling kidney failure & heart trouble, while I myself was later to become Ill with an Ulcer, Bacteria Infection and severe abdominal problems. With months of sleepless nights, hours lying on the floor in pain, talking endlessly to everyone for some kind of answer to the pain, doctor visits and days of uncertainty, I did my best to get this record done to share with those I love. I hope all will enjoy my Acoustic Sessions Vol 1.

After a few months of trying to get healthy and working on recovering from what I believe was a toxic overdose of a harsh antibiotic, i started to feel better. The wife and i went to the gym one night & i just went into the hot tub & sauna for a good sweat maybe 8 min in the sauna max. The next morning i was getting ready for work and in the bathroom mirror as I turned off the light I noticed a small bump on my head. Right in the middle of my head. After freaking out & going to 2 different dermatologist, i had an MRI as you could feel a crack in my skull under the soft squishy bump.

Turns out, it's a grade 3 hemangiopericytoma brain tumor, a very rare aggressive type of brain cancer, oh great. I booked a visit to Stanford 1 week later I was scheduling my surgery with one of the best surgeons they had. On April 20th 2011 I had a Golf ball size tumor removed from my skull. It was growing right in the middle of my head, pushing on both frontal lobes of the brain. Luckily, my brain was not compromised during the surgery and the doctor said he believes he got all of it, but wanted me to do radiation therapy to ZAP any cells that my be microscopic as fears it could spread. I had what seemed to be a good recovery from surgery and was back playing on the golf course within a few weeks. Doctors ordered a PET/CT scan on the rest of my body to make sure the tumor had not already spread to another organ or somewhere else. On May 31st I had my PET/CT and 3 days later they called me to say that they found 5 small nodules on my left lung, 3 upper, 2 lower. They were really worried about the 2 lower spots because of the uptake from the scan, but the spots were too small to tell. They wanted to do a CT/Angio scan to make sure what they saw was not a tumor. I had a friend who had tried ozone on a tumor on her spine that spread after her brain surgery 2 years ago. She had a tumor the size of a nickle on her spine that she shrank in two months with ozone funneling. Her MRI showed it was now gone! I was really not sure but after researching it, and talking with 2 people who had terminal diseases that used these remedies to treat themselves, I decided to get an ozone machine to do this at home on my own. I got my ozone generator and funneled ozone to my left chest area every day for 3 1/2 weeks. I went in on July 8th to get the CT/Angio Scan. 3 days later the nurse called me back and told me everything looked ok in my lung as now the 5 nodules that were there previously were RESOLVED!
I asked her to fax me a copy of the report for my records. She & another doctor I talked to said they do not see this happen very often, almost never.
I felt like the ozone had really worked and shrunk my spots. Since my scans had come back clean, it was now time for the external beam radiation to start & I was really scared to do this to my head. I just started last week on July 12th. I went 4 days to my treatments at 3:30 pm every day. After the 4th day about 3 hours after my treatment, I had a very odd episode of pain in my ear. I was driving down the road when it suddenly got really hot in my right ear, high pressure, & painful. It lasted about 1-2 minutes, then went away. I called the docs & they ordered an MRI for the next day. The MRI came back all clean. No tumor in resection area! So at this point the scans all say I am Cancer Free. I went back and did 3 more days of radiation this week as well.
My head seems to feel really heavy & gets irritated really easy. I am looking for any information on how i can keep this tumor and cancer from spreading & coming back. I have a pretty good diet of mostly fresh fruit & veggies, but still find it hard to keep my body alkaline. I use the PH balance stuff but still seem to be acidic. I wonder if the radiation is making me acidic? I have been eating watermelon & drinking wheat grass, eating almonds & really no meat or dairy, or processed foods that much. I will continue to do the ozone every day, ear insufflation for 3-5 min, funneling to chest & abdomen for 20 min as well, just to maintain oxygen in system & flood the body with it.
I will post soon again with updates of my fight with this but I am really looking for anyone that has been diagnosed with Hemangiopericytoma and has been successful in keeping the cancer at bay. Looking to stay a brain tumor survivor...Peace & Harmony to all of us...

Finished Radiation on August 24th 2011. Really burned bad on most of the front of my head. Bleeding, cracked skin, sore to touch, or move my face at all.
Ears began draining a fluid out most all day long & all night. I wake up with a crusty ear full of gunk. I found out from my ozone Dr. that it was my lymph system draining out the toxins from the radiation to my skull. So he asked me to give it a week or two & it finally seemed to subside just over the last few days. It took over 2 ½ weeks to get better. I feel much better now but still get a few strikes of pain on the right side of my head from time to time. I will go back to Stanford in Nov to get a MRI and follow up with the doctors there. So far so good, just gonna try to enjoy life & hopefully grow some hair back soon!

Good news as of Oct 1st 2012 all is good with my health & doing ozone therapy every day! Hoping to get back into some new music soon!
Thank you to all who listen & share...
Peace & Harmony,
Booby Dean Blackmon

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