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Reunion 69

Retro Rocking with Reunion 69

Back in 1963, three music obsessed15 year old school mates from Hatfield, a town just north of London in England, formed a band - because that’s what everybody in Hatfield (and almost everywhere else) did in those days. The three were Trevor Keates on bass, Dave Carter and Graham Goffee on guitars. In due course two more mates from school, Dave Merlane (guitar) and John Buchanan (drums) joined them.

Very occasionally, gigs came along, and in 1969 an opportunity arose, via Trevor’s job with a TV company, to get a day’s studio time in London, on the same day that the Mick Taylor (also from Hatfield !) made his debut with the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park. Four original songs were recorded and they all felt very pleased with themselves. But life being what it is, nothing much happened after that and they all drifted off down their separate roads.

During one of Trevor’s frequent changes of home, the original tapes went missing. Once that had happened, of course, whenever he ran into old mates they always asked to hear the tape – nobody bothered much before they were lost! By the time the new millennium dawned, Trev had become so brassed off with explaining the situation that he resolved to re-record the songs. He’d always kept in touch with Dave Merlane and the two of them set about finding the others. They found Graham Goffee easily enough and eventually traced Dave Carter to Dover, although efforts to trace John Buchanan were unsuccesssful.

Studios were booked and the original songs were recorded, together with a good number of others emanating from back in the day, along with some more recent efforts. As always, that was followed by a long break with little happening until they realised that the 40th anniversary of the original recordings was almost upon them and they owed it to the world to let it hear their music! Whether the world will see it quite that way is another matter, but the band reckons that if anyone gets half as much fun out of listening to their music as they did making it, then it was a job worth doing.

So what is “Retro Rock”? One of the problems the guys faced when looking at ways of promoting and selling their music on the internet was that everything had to be pigeonholed into just one pre-determined category. Like most bands, their overweening sense of self importance made them think that no single category adequately described their music, so they made up their own category – Retro Rock. It’s influenced by all of the music genres of the ‘50’s and ’60’s – rock ‘n roll, blues, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, west coast, psychedelia etc - without specifically fitting into any one of them. So it’s basically, as they would have it, the sort of music made by grumpy old baby boomers who should know better, but don’t!

Retro rock on!