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Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. McCullough & Beth Rapha

There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel. Proverbs 20:15

With an unwavering commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, the integrity of His Word, and a love for God’s people, the Reverend Doctor Jacqueline E. McCullough is a woman in pursuit of the Kingdom of God.

A second-generation preacher, Dr. McCullough is the senior pastor and founder of The International Gathering at Beth Rapha, “Where You Can Experience Healing to Heal by Loving Christ,” in Pomona, NY. Her vision for evangelistic ministry is expressed in the international reach of Precious JEM Ministries, a non-profit religious organization, where she serves as President and CEO. Through this ministry, Dr. McCullough travels throughout the world ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing evangelistic tools such as books, tapes, DVD’s, etc. to hungry souls around the globe. Dr. McCullough is also the Founder and President of the Beth Rapha Bible Institute, also in Pomona, NY.

Dr. McCullough was awarded her Doctor of Ministry degree from the Drew Theological Seminary, and currently holds a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy from New York University. She has also engaged in postgraduate study at the Jewish Theological Seminary. She is widely noted for excellence in ministry, including recognition from Ebony and Gospel Today magazines as one of the most influential African-American preachers in the nation.

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Dr. McCullough also spearheads the WordAlive Medical Mission, which has provided free medical clinic services to over 30,000 people in parishes throughout the Island of Jamaica since 1997, and now turns its focus to the African nation of Liberia in March, 2010.

A prolific author, her book "105 Days of Prayer," a book of unconventional prayers from Destiny Image Publishers, was well received. Dr. McCullough’s latest release from Destiny Image entitled, "Satisfaction of the Soul," may be found in bookstores across the country and even in classrooms in Bible colleges and theological seminaries around the world. She is the author of a daily devotional entitled "Daily Moments with God: in Quietness and Confidence" (PneumaLife Publishers), and was featured in the book, "Messengers," by David Ritz (Doubleday) as one of the leading ministers of our time.

An extemporaneous songwriter, Dr. McCullough has released “This Is For You Lord” (GospoCentric, 1999), where she was both the lyricist of nine songs and worship leader. Her love for worship, creativity and communion with the Lord is profoundly displayed in the most recent release, "A New Sound," which Dr. McCullough has released with her church as an evening of warfare, praise and deliverance.

May you be inspired, challenged and transformed to embrace the Lord Jesus with sincerity and confidence as you experience His Word.