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Revenge of the Platypus

"Remember even God has a sense of humor. Just look at the Platypus", Kevin Smith, 1999
This quote sparked something in fun-loving Malachi that grew into a kind of Classic Rock, Hip Hop/ Trip Hop, Experimental and Electronic hodgepodge. Have fun, bring a message, love what you do and do what you love.

Revenge of the Platypus is a West Coast trip hop band, has been compared to everyone from Tipper to Pink Floyd. They draw inspiration from sources ranging from Hieroglyphics to Leonard Cohen. Revenge of the Platypus's music spans across a wide and interesting array of genres, including electronic, chill wave, psychedelic and indie. They have strong classic rock and hip hop roots, and their music sounds as though it belongs as a soundtrack to an epic film or video game.

Revenge of the Platypus, created by Malachi Bazan, employs rhythmic collages of thick beats, soft strings and organic imagery, and cultivates a relaxing, romantic, and often haunting atmosphere. Synths and gentle guitar ensembles are a prominent voice in Revenge of the Platypus's melodies, while violins, mandolins, harpsichords and trumpets often make an appearance, adding textural layers to their thoughtful compositions. The Platypus's masterfully performed, soulful melodies are passionate, thought-provoking and complex in their arrangements, while also containing a feeling of pure simplicity and effortlessness.

Self-taught Malachi Bazan, born in 1979 in Pamona, Illinois, is a song writer, producer and composer. Revenge of the Platypus has released four albums thus far: First Flight (2010), Dreams (2010), Dreams Instrumentals (2011) and Silly Little Beats and Romantic Interludes (2011). At the beginning of 2011 Revenge of the Platypus co-produced The Great Unknown, Zyzygy's latest release. At the end of 2011 Revenge of the Platypus produced, mixed and mastered Pretty Monsters, the first album from Division Threshold.