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Rightfully Accused

Celebrating a storied fifteen year history, Rightfully Accused currently takes on a number of live formats, while exhibiting the same freedom in recorded releases.

With a recent emphasis on what the group refers to as "Orchestral Pop" a monolithic eleven piece ensemble comprises the full band. Complete with a string quartet, keys, backing vocalists, and the original instrumental line-up of two guitars, bass, and drums, the group is dedicated to creating a truly entertaining performance each time they take to the stage, with a declared preeminent drive toward "earning the audience we play for". Recent releases from this version of the group combine elements of electronic, dance, r&b, and rock music with a smooth, filling dose of strings, all in the signature melodic format the group has become known for.

Started in the basements of four thirteen year old boy's homes in the summer of 1998, the group began with a heavy influence from 90's groups such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, Nirvana, and Bush, which would give way to a heavier sound as Metallica started to really sink it's way into the young group's repertoire of covers. Blending an ever growing list of influences, which also started to include classics such as Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Tom Petty the group began writing original songs, and recorded and released their first full length album in 2001, entitled "LA or Bust" (2001 RAccused Music-NLA). Featuring eleven, raw sounding tracks, the album was well received amongst the group's high school circles, and was later excitedly supported by more mature music fans as the group began playing in bars, with the oldest member being merely seventeen at the time.

Throughout the group's high school years, a new set of influences became pervasive in the group's sound, as the fast flying guitar licks and lush melodic vocal harmonies of 80's "hair metal" groups, such as Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Whitesnake began to define a new era in the band's writing. After winning a handful of high school competitions, as the band graduated, their live show truly began to take on a captivating quality. Bombastic and full of energy, the group played live increasingly often, enthralling audiences while honing their skills. As the group was writing new songs, and recording demos, they began to gain momentum with numerous contest wins and placements, most notably during the Zippo Hot Tour, and the first ever KBPI "Best Band in Denver". All culminating in the release of what became the centerpiece of the era, an eleven track album by the name of "Ready or Not..." (2009 RAccused Music).

After receiving mixed reviews for the album, the group began to refine their skills by playing frequent four hour sets, mixing influential covers with more popular originals, which led to more frequent regional touring, and of course, more writing. Always looking for ways to blend styles, the group started adding different stylistic elements, and musical interests to the writing, which coupled with college graduations, and increasing tensions within the group, would see the most prominent core of the group split ways.

The remaining original member, frontman Sean Murray, and longtime drummer Dave Digiacomo continued to refine songs, and tinker with the sound, eventually culminating in a project they called "Western Air - Elements of the New American Dream" (2010 RAccused Music) a four part EP series written on the heels of a tumultuous political and economic climate in America, as well as a series of personal emotional blows within the group in the form of heartbreaks, and personal internal struggle. Currently the only resultant release, "Classy, Chic, Sophisticated" saw the somewhat shocking advent of a heavy electronic pop element, and it was during the studio sessions of this record, with producer and longtime friend Eric Everhart, that the idea of adding a string section was inspired, as the limitless sonic pallet of electronic samples allowed for such arrangements in the track "Life is a Game". Looking to re-introduce itself in a truly captivating, and redefining fashion, the release event for the first new EP in the series saw a band take the stage with shorter hair, now donning suits instead of ripped jeans and leather pants, as well as a keyboard in the corner. The band played showing just this for a song before a wall on stage opened up to reveal the strings, and larger group, and an enthralled audience was introduced to a new era of RA history.

Since that time, the group has taken on a variety of arrangements, from simple two piece acoustic renditions, to four piece variations with guitars, a cello, and percussion, to various large ensembles, ever still with the promise, of a truly entertaining evening.