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Rissi Palmer

Singer-songwriter Rissi Palmer’s new LP, simply entitled Best Day Ever, features 10 songs---all happy, all light, all “comfort food” for the soul. The once 20-something person in the pursuit of fame is now a 30-something woman in the constant pursuit of joy and peace, it resonates in a full and complete way.

Best Day Ever is what Rissi calls “a sophisticated children’s album” while also being melodic nostalgia for adults. “Now that I’m more thoughtful and respectful of the gifts that I’ve been given, now that I want to be more responsible for the messages that I send out, especially for the sake of my daughter, I’m simply making music,” says Rissi. “You have no idea how freeing that feels.”

You can hear it in both her voice as well as her lyrics. The entire project is filled with songs from the perspective of a child--the simple-yet-profound things that makes life the “best day ever” for children in so many ways. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this album without being a mother,” says Rissi. “Grace has helped me to channel some of my own childhood in so many ways. Every day is so new and exciting for her and I wanted to be able to document and capture that in song.”

Whether it’s the playful title track that takes you through a day in the life of a little one, including breakfast, the playground, and being around loved ones; whether it’s “Take You With Me”--a song that Rissi says, “is to comfort a child by letting them know that their mommy and daddy are always with them, although it’s actually probably more comforting to us as parents”, or it’s “Not Afraid of the Dark”--the lullaby that solidifies Rissi’s journey and completes the album, finally Rissi is in a place where she not only has control of her content, but a clarity about her purpose…as a singer and songwriter…as a wife and a mother…as a woman.

“I wanted to put something positive out in the world,” says Rissi. “It’s an investment into me as an artist and also into good music. I hope it will be received as the soundtrack for what every child deserves: a happy, healthy, loving environment so that they will grow up to have that kind of reality as an adult.”

And, as for Rissi’s reality in the midst of her “new normal”? “I’m definitely more grounded than I used to be,” says Rissi. “Life is not just about me anymore. There are a lot of people to consider and honestly, that’s a good thing because they deserve to be considered. Even on the most not-so-perfect-day, I am still right where I want to be. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I have love. I have [my husband] Bryan. I have [my daughter] Grace. Each day is my own ‘Best Day Ever’. This is what I’ve been looking for my entire life.”