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Rita Pam Tarachi

Rita Pam Tarachi is a contemporary Christian and Inspirational Singer and songwriter. She’s an author, missionary, friend and lover of the poor. Born in Minna, Rita Pam was in the choir for many years before she started singing officially in 2007. Prior to this and as a teenager, she was known primarily as a writer; she would write short stories and poems and give them to friends and friends of friends. She would also compile a manuscript of advices for youths on moral issues and messages of encouragement and sometimes sell them; the funds got from the sale of these manuscripts were used to help the poor in her little town. In secondary school, she won many awards. She was awarded a certificate of the commonwealth write-around-the-world competition for her essay on free-market policy. In her seniour year, she was amongst the best three in her class. In her final year, she won awards for best student in Literature and French. Rita Pam gained admission to study English in the Ahmadu Bello University at 17 years old. Her choice of course was because her initial choice “International Relations” wasn’t available that year, though she’d always had a passion for Journalism. Rita Pam founded her writing ministry in the late 2000s and named it “Heart to Heart” Soon the name changed to “Springfield International” until it maintained its present name “The Springfield Hope Network” As she got busy with school, she put writing on hold. On the 12th month of 2007, her first album “Beautiful” was released. A collection of six love songs to GOD. “Adoration”, the last song on the album quickly became a favourite of many and an anthem. Over the years afterwards, Rita Pam released five singles: Your will be done, Shekwo, What the world cannot give, Breathe Again and most recently, You (released last year) Last year, 2/2/2011, Rita Pam decided to start writing again and released her first book, VOICE OF HOPE: 30 DAYS WITH JESUS (,, and which contains teachings she’s written over the years. Her second book, POWERFUL PRAYERS OF PRAISE AND PETITION FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN (,, and followed; released in August. POWERFUL PRAYERS OF PRAISE AND PETITION FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN made its debut at number 28 on the Top Books Australia Christianity Book Chart on the 29th September 2011 and made another appearance on the 25th May 2012, still at number 28 on the charts - On the 20th June 2012, Rita Pam was number 2 on the Reverbnation local charts and she was trending at number 1 too. Many have said Rita Pam has achieved so much in her earlier life but Rita Pam says “I’ve got were I’m going; there’s still a lot to do, as GOD guides my path, I follow my dreams of putting smiles on the faces of the broken-hearted” She adds “I’m simply a worshipper, a woman who’s passionate about restoring broken lives and releasing them out to freedom” Rita Pam’s hobbies (when not singing) are photography, going on long walks, spending time with her family and pets, writing, reading and meditation, amidst other interesting hobbies. A great lover of justice, Rita Pam’s passion in life is to see broken lives restored and released out to freedom. Biography: The Springfield Hope Network