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Rob Fischer

Writing songs has been a life long endeavor akin to an itch i can't seem to satisfy. With each new song comes the feeling of getting something off my mind that has been kicking around up there for a while, but also a sense of excitement about the possibilities of the next one. Histories and stories have always garnered my attention and it's the idea of story telling that guides my songwriting. Having spent most of my adult life living and traveling outside of the United States i've got more than my share of revealing moments to draw upon. i could never list all of the influences that have moved me and made me think outside of myself, but i continue to be surprised and jostled. I think that with age we gain a sense of our own history and a refined appreciation for simple truths. but, hey...some songs are just a few minutes of fun, or a sweet tune to keep you company for a while. Some flow like honey, but i guess i equally enjoy the ones that are like puzzles that need viewing from all angles to figure out. i guess i just love the process and learn something about myself with each new tune.