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Rob Meurer

Most bios are pretty stupid.

They all start like, “Hubert Amadeus Lumpkin was born in Fish Knuckle, Montana and by pre-kindergarten was playing twelve instruments including the incendiary combination of Jew’s harp and Wagner tuba” and then, after endless details that would put even Mom asleep, they end up all homey-like with “Hubie now lives in a Winnebago outside of the Bakersfield Applebee’s with his dogs Ringo and Jesus.”

So, let’s see...The Basics:

Born and raised, San Antonio, Texas.

Pimply nerd boy sees Beatles on Ed Sullivan, notices screaming girls, gets in a band instantaneously. Plays drums.

Regional band names: The Zilches, The Virgil Foxx Group, Mighty Mudd, Mister Moose, Big Willie, Heatherblack.

Considered band names: Armfish, Brain Tuba, Hugo Grotius and the Champions of International Law.

Lives in Austin, Houston, then (thankfully) Austin again, before Los Angeles.

Goes back and forth between drums and keys in various bands.

On keys now, hooks up with buddies Chris Geppert, Andy Salmon, and, later, Tommy Taylor, has band called Christopher Cross. They play copy music for frats and proms while recording demos of Chris’ songs. Get rejections from 487 labels, including Spoon & Shoe Records.

Warner Bros. signs Chris, decides he is Christopher Cross. Band records first album, hoping to sell enough copies to get to make another one.

All hell breaks loose.

Four years of mega-success with Christopher Cross. Tours, TV, gold and platinum records.

Becomes music director for Shelley Duvall’s celebrated Showtime series, Faerie Tale Theatre.

Promptly parlays his success with Cross and experience with Duvall into absolutely nothing.

Drinks a lot.

Gets arrested.

Drinks some more.

Does not die.

Stops drinking.

A fan of musical theatre and ever curious as to its inner workings, joins Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, where he meets Berton Averre. They start writing together and never stop.

Through all this, writes and produces several albums with old bud Chris Cross.

Lots more stuff happens which you can read about on my website if you’re really that interested::

Lives in Studio City with wife Beth, daughter Anne, and dog Conrad Birdie. Will name next dog Ringo. Not so sure about Jesus.