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Robbie Alan

When master guitarist Robbie Alan was born (or so his mother told him), he came into the
world humming. He hummed when he had his bottle, and he hummed in the cradle. Family
legend has it that he played his first song, on a toy guitar, at the age of three. It may have been
only one note--twang! twang! twang!--but his parents now had a hunch that the kid was
destined to be a musician.

In school, Robbie studied music, and fell in love with the guitar. But he didn't fall in love
with charts and scales and mere technical playing. After hearing a performance by his first big
musical influence, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, the torch was passed. The man played
with FEELING; he put a spell on his audience, holding them captive. That was the stuff! Blessed
with a keen ear and natural ability (remember that infant, singing before he could talk),
Robbie worked to make his guitar a bridge to listeners' emotions.

An insightful seminar conducted by Tommy Tedesco, the same guy who played that soulful
mandolin on The Godfather theme, nudged Robbie in a new direction. With Tedesco's
encouragement, Robbie went forth into the wide world as a serious musician with a mission.

Years of playing in clubs sharpened and defined his own unique style, and helped him develop
a rapport with his audience. Robbie has taught guitar, mentored other musicians, and is now
embarking on a new career as a recording artist. The studio has become his second home. Or
as he puts it, "My cauldron of creation."

The newly released Toucan Song, and his previous keyboard piece, Mardi Gras, are the
first in an upcoming series of songs, culminating in a full-length album,featuring Robbie's
wizardy on the electric guitar.

Robbie's motto is simple: "Enjoy!"

He lives to play, and he plays to live. Not a bad way to spend your life.

Article by William J. Demorascki, Editor, The Write Review