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Robert A. Webster

A warm welcome from the innovative author; Robert A Webster.

Born in Cleethorpes, a seaside town on the north-east coast of the United Kingdom; Rob now resides in Sihanoukville, a seaside town on the southern coast of Cambodia. He starting writing novels while living on an island in Thailand and his first novel, Siam Storm, received rave reviews around the world.
He followed this up with two more south-east Asian adventures; Chalice and Bimat. Leading on from them; he wrote two more comedic adventures, before trying his hand at Paranormal mysteries, with PATH and Next.

The turquoise porky turtle, puts his imaginative story telling abilities down to the tales he has told throughout his life to avoid work. Doing bugger all has become his profession, which he is a true master. The large butt crease in his sofa is testament to his bone idleness.

Rob enjoys snorkelling in the warm waters around Sihanoukville, which he says is less strenuous than walking and keeps him in shape...Round.
Audio books of all his novels have been produced and are available from
He claims the voice is Sean Connery’s, impersonating a little fat bloke from Cleethorpes, while gargling sand...But we know better.

I hope you enjoy listening to the audio books.

If you have any queries or want to know more, please feel free to contact the lazy bollix through his website, He will be happy for any emails, but please no sellers. He is always skint.