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Robert Peckyno

A unique delayed neo-classical style with hints of new age, pop, and rock and roll" is how Dick Hageman, of WMRN Fine Arts Radio, describes my music. Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano) said, "Varies from light and playful to bold and cinematic. Soothing but not necessarily blissful…" I was very firmly told (by a popular NewAge Music website) that my music is most NOT "New Age." Several pianists have told me I'm too rock/pop for Neo-Classical and guitarists often say that I am too neoclassical and new age to rock. Too square for jazz… A raver once called it 'Happy Hardcore' then hugged me and nearly broke my ribs… So… where do I fit in on the spectrum…? Rockin spacey electronic psychedelic atmosphere piano's and stuff…?

Then he breaks into Bing Crosby… WTF…?

Rather than trying to figure THAT mess out, instead, I will tell you how we got here...

It's a pretty interesting story - well, at least it was on this side...

I started playing the piano at age 4 and was singing and dancing ethnic folk across the US long before I was driving... During the late 80's, I played with technopunk outfit Eargasm and new wave rockers Page 19 before heading to Nashville to get my B.S. degree from MTSU's school of music business. Amongst several Nashville jobs, I worked as an agent's assistant for Joe Harris (then at Buddy Lee Attractions) for artists such as Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood. Ironically, I didn't know a thing about country music... (and even tried to kick Clint Black out of one of his own shows for not having a pass!)

Later, while working at Integrated Copyright Group, Inc., I began a collaboration with experimental guitarist Chad Corley (the Sleep-Ins, kingsizedmidget) that resulted in the formation of Longhouse Records to support our 1995 collaboration (as Bathsheva) Mine Field Dream. The CD was well received and several tracks hit the new age charts on While in Texas with Longhouse Records, I recorded and released 'rsvp' and 'Assignments' before moving to Los Angeles to open a west coast office and work as a dragon slayer.

While in Hollywood, I recorded 'Suncatcher' and 'Counting Out Time' and spent a brief stint working as a PA for film soundtrack legend William Goldstein. By now, I had worked professionally in nearly every aspect of the music business and, while exciting and all, I just wasn’t getting out of it the satisfaction I had hoped for… So, I quit and started a new life.

Over the next 9 years, I earned two graduate degrees and spent a summer working as a NASA scientist...
which doesn't exactly leave a whole lot of free time...

The keyboards hid under the bed for the most part, but here and there I kept recording tracks as time permitted... In 2004, I compiled the best of those tracks together for 'Exiled from Outer Space' and then went back to work. With no expectations, I picked up a piano and began to practice again as time allowed. Honestly, it was simply 3 minute chunks of therapy… For fun, I began outputting it to the computer and recording takes. I was playing around with the Page 19 material and lots of positive feedback started to trickle in, so I decided to compile those tunes into MIDI’d piano CD of the best bits entitled 'Quarter Page' which was released in 2009. Who knew people would like it...?

In February 2011, I recorded and released the CD 'Stripped' - which was a compilation of solo piano interpretations of previously released electronic works. Rather than the highly produced tracking of the originals, each song on this CD was recorded in a single live take on the piano. I tried not to 'overplan' each of these tracks and nearly half of this CD was improvised during the recording and, to my surprise, radio stations across the country gave it some airplay (I can't thank the Program/Music Directors out there enough...!).

For the past 18 months, I have been releasing my latest record - a more rocking multi-media project called 'Orbit: A Love Story' - appx. one song a month. On June 30th, 2014, Windmills - the final single - was completed and released. All of the singles are being mastered into a single project that will be released as a multi-media iBook and app (if all goes as planned...) before the end of the year and we'll do a radio push sometime in the late fall.

I perform solo piano shows regularly across the Pacific Northwest, but mostly in Oregon cause I love it here... some scheduled (markets, festivals, wineries, etc.) and often impromptu gigs in unusual spots (parks, bike paths, woods, etc) with a solar/battery powered piano. We are currently working on a more produced show to go along with Orbit and, if we can create a spectacle worth seeing, we just might take it on the road.... I hope to see you out there!

Give the music a listen, perhaps you might find something you like!