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Ron Davis


“He has firmly established himself as an innovative force within the world of jazz.” – National Post

"One of Canada's A-List pianists!" - CFRB Radio

"One of Canada's hottest acts in both bop and pop circles!" - CNET

Moving effortlessly between musical genres, projects, and influences, highly acclaimed pianist-composer Ron Davis has established himself as one of the most original, enjoyable voices in jazz today.

Ron is active on the worldwide jazz scene and has built a dynamic career including several successful international tours. He cites piano giants Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Thelonious Monk as inspirations, but his clean, energetic, joyous playing style is uniquely his own.

Ron is the unusual combination of a virtuoso pianist and an entertainer. He reads audiences and connects, creating a multi-textured musical mix that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

On any given night, Ron's set list might include Coldplay, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or classic Tatum. The result is a magnificent mix of instrumental and experimental, and as importantly, an unforgettable evening out.

Ron has released eight full-length recordings to international critical praise. He has already released one new title in 2013—Blue Modules, an experimental project exploring pop and post-modern jazz. Later in the year, he will release his next recording, Symphronica, an innovative jazz-symphony fusion album, made with famed conductor John Morris Russell.

After early studies at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ron studied with Darwyn Aitken—himself a student of jazz legend Peterson, and classical great David Saperton. In 2005, Ron was awarded the Japan Foundation's prestigious Uchida Fellowship for the Performing Arts, as well as the position of Visiting Scholar at Tokyo's Hosei University.

When he isn’t wowing audiences around the world, Ron sits on the boards of numerous charities (he is Past Secretary of The Glenn Gould Foundation,) publishes articles on music, law and linguistics, and practices yoga. He is married to the beautiful and highly-hyphenated Daniela Nardi, the award-winning, Italian-Canadian, singer-songwriter of jazz-pop, with whom Ron co-produced her acclaimed Espresso Manifesto recording. The couple call Toronto home.


Blue Modules (2013- Minerva Road / Davinor Records 15972584)

"[Blue Modules] is fun...innovative... Ron Davis' new album belongs on the jazzfm91 First Listen list" (Brad Barker, JAZZ-FM)

“A fine fine musical trek. I like Blue Modules very much.” (Terry McElligott, JAZZ-FM)

"Adventurous and unconventional, he’s all about taking giant steps every time he enters a recording studio." (Toronto Sun )

“Audacious!” (Toronto Star)

“Boasting a truly eclectic mix of songs you might not be expecting to find on a jazz release, he and his simpatico adventurers apply what can only be called Ron Davis’ signature spirit of improvisation. With Blue Modules, Davis underlines his skills as a phenomenal instrumentalist, a composer and an arranger. He jumps from grand piano to Fender Rhodes, celeste and back again – honouring the true progression of his sense of what jazz can be. At the same time, he reinforces his fan base – those who know him for his swing-based, post-bop approach to the genre of jazz piano – by taking a few risks in the name of good fun… That Blue Modules is a progressive step forward is best summed up by the title track – a solid original that features a heartfelt stew of sounds that steer clear of labeling, allowing the groove to chart its own course and strike a nerve. This smooth, funky and highly elastic track best defines Davis’ spirited sense of where he wants the music to take you. Indeed, taking something so sacrosanct as a Beatles’ song – most notably and aptly-titled, “You Can’t Do That”, speaks volumes to this newfound direction – the reinvention of pop on his terms. Chances are good you’ll dig it as hard as Davis and his chosen musicians choose to dish it out.” (

“Known as one of Canada's most fluent jazz pianist/composers, Ron Davis steps outside the box with this eclectic and very entertaining new album. He and his ace band of A-list locals put a refreshing spin on tunes from the diverse likes of Hendrix, Elvis, the Beatles and Sesame Street ("Mahna Mahna"). Yours truly especially loves the offbeat yet tuneful take on XTC classic "Making Plans For Nigel", while the funky original "Pawpwalk" is another highlight.” (

“…puts a refreshing jazzy spin on a truly eclectic collection of songs from the pop and rock genres. Check this out for a diverse grouping of artists covered: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Sesame Street. Davis contributes some fine originals too, including “Pawpwalk.” The brilliant XTC hit “Making Plans For Nigel” is given a delightful twist here. … Highly recommended.” (

“Blue Modules… is, in the words of Ornette Coleman, Something Else!!!!” - OpusOneReview

“an excellent jazz release that is challenging and accessible at the same time.” - earshot online

“a jazzy and funky sonic ride…a soulful vibe propelled by Davis’ soaring piano solo…entertaining, thought-provoking Jazz…Ron Davis and his group showed the audience that with Jazz, there are no boundaries as to where music can go…a great night with a great band”

“The album sounds great, really liked it! It's on the JazzWorldQuest choice selection of the month" (

“Ron Davis…[is] on a mission to shake up the stereotype of the typical jazz audience by tackling his repertoire differently in an effort to regain the enthusiasm that the genre deserves. [He] succeeded in technicolour…real magic…this quartet smokes and crackles across a wild menagerie of oblique angles and least-suspected covers to create something entirely of their own making. Mission accomplished, Mr. Davis… sophisticated sonic pleasure… fresh colour combinations and inventive textures…lends the concept of eclecticism a truly positive and progressive spin.” – eJazzNews

« André Rhéaume … nous a chaudement recommandé ce nouveau disque de Ron Davis... très groovy, ludique et funky... Le mec est insaisissable. C’est un excellent pianist… Mais il est surtout un chercheur, un chasseur de sons et d’harmonies, et un sans peur en matière de répertoire.« - Espace Musique
My Mother’s Father’s Song (2010- Minerva Road / Davinor Records 600977)

"A goldmine of inspirational nuggets!" (All About Jazz)

Critics' Pick- Toronto Star (CD release concert)
The Bestseller (2008 - Davinor 233377/Minerva Road Entertainment)

"Ron Davis' "The Bestseller" CD with Sasha Boychuk is a true work of art." (Ralph Benmergui- Jazz.FM)

"Splendid new recording... killer playing." (Toronto Sun)

Best of 2008 (JAZZ.FM, SoundProof)

#1 on the Earshot and ChartAttack Radio charts!
Subarashii Live (2007- Davinor 89144/Minerva Road Entertainment)

"Provides an emotional salve for what ails you... . Overall rating: awesome!" WholeNote Magazine

".... lyrical... stunning... compelling listening."

"On every song of this new album...we hear Ron's great virtuosity, and he made sure to compose songs where all his musicians sound their best! You must buy this CD!" Radio Canada

#1 on the charts (ChartAttack Dec 07)!
Shimmering Rhythm (2005- Davinor 3455/Minerva Road Entertainment)

"Fantastic!"- CBC Radio

"A tour de force ten times over!" - All About Jazz

"An outstanding, fresh and life affirming piece of work, and one of the most enjoyable jazz releases of 2005!" - Zeitgeist

"Puts Davis right out there, where he belongs." - The Live Music Report

Top 10 2005: JAZZ.FM, CODA Magazine, Zeitgeist, l'Express
Mungle Music (2004- Davinor 1321)

"Brilliant!"- Stanley Fefferman- The Live Music Report

"Music to sit up and take notice of!"- All About Jazz

"Davis turns up the heat for Mungle Music without sacrificing the pure tone and harmonic clarity of his keyboards." 4 stars out of 5. - Hour

"Pianist Davis shows off his percussive (and writing) skills... but he always shows off other areas of interest in his rigorous, well-crafted creations." - Toronto Star

Top 10 2004: CODA Magazine, CBC, Radio-Canada
So Much (2003 - Rosemary Lane / Cullinor)

Best Jazz Album of the Year nominee - Canadian Independent Music Awards

"I scrambled to pick my jaw up off the floor... If you like jazz, you're going to fall in love.” -

“A remarkable album.” - All About Jazz
Solo Duo Trio (2001 - Cullinor)

“…this is an album I listened to a great deal, I’m enjoying it.”- Ross Porter - CBC

#3 - HMV Toronto Indie chart &

“He has firmly established himself as an innovative force within the world of jazz.” – National Post (March 2013)

"The artistry of Ron Davis is rhe has firmly established himself as an innovative force within the world of jazz.evealed not solely by his plavfulisess on the piano. but all the more by his creative decisions as leader." Wholenote Magazine (February 2009)

"One of the city's most talented jazz composers and pianists." On The Beat Diesel Jazz (November 2008)

"Exceptionally gifted and eclectic, Toronto pianist Ron Davis seems like the living incarnation of the perpetuum mobile, buzzing from flower to flower following his successive projects as they emerge, straight from the heart." L'Express (October 2007)

“One of the great minds in jazz!” - Jazz.FM (August 2012)