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Ron Love

Ron Love’s current CD release, “Can You Hear Me Now”, showcases his ability to fuse contemporary gospel with hip-hop sensibilities. This has made him one of the brightest lights on the current gospel scene. Having absorbed music ranging from sacred Christian music to the secular soul has helped give way to a new edgy sound. Some refer to his music as the Red Bull of Christian music! Each song delivers a high-energy message that helps motivate while continuing to inspire all who hear it.

Although music and acting was his enduring passion, Love instead opted to study English/education while at the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL. Shortly after graduating went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University. After his graduation, Love remained in Chicago taking every opportunity to improve his crafts of music and acting. He has performed in numerous plays at the world famous legendary Legacy Theater in Chicago. Having had success as an accomplished actor, he began performing spoken word throughout Chicago. Having written poetry that was known to move audiences from laughter to tears and back again, it was a natural transition to put those words to music. After years of studying different styles of music and establishing a renewed relationship with God, Ron Love’s “Can You Hear Me Now” is a compilation of how exciting a relationship with God can actually be.

Ron Love has created an album that is filled with edgy grooves and even a soulful ballad that all maintain the integrity of his spiritual message. He believes that in life, it’s important that you put God first, be true to yourself and stay focused; take advice from others, use what you can but disregard what’s not for you. Remember God wants what’s best for you more than you want it for yourself! Follow Him and He will help you reach the desires of your heart.

More about...RON LOVE a Lezzat Productions exclusive interview!! How did Ron Love come about?

Ron Love: I began producing music only by the sheer Grace of God. So many nights I would become frustrated because I was unable to channel the creativity I knew GOD had placed in me. My spirit wasn't at peace unless I was writing or making music. That eventually lead to producing music, everything was so natural. If you seek HIM, GOD not only places his desires in your heart, he'll also provide a way for you to use those tools to give HIM GLORY. What is the most profound lesson you've learned about life over the past few years?

Ron Love: Idleness is the tool that the enemy uses to deceive and distort your TRUE LIGHT! Daily I ask GOD to help me discern what I'm being influenced by that so I can channel my thoughts on things that are productive in HIS eyes. What does 'worship lifestyle' mean to you?

Ron Love: It's understanding that once you take on the title of CHRISTIAN, you are taking on the title of CHAMPION! You aren't going to be able to defend your title with out the love of what you do. You have to be dedicated to GOD. You have to have the obedience and discipline to train in HIS word, and most importantly like any other CHAMPION you have to know that you must be a good example to others! The only way to do this is to practice it daily. This is kind of the desert island question. What are the five ministry essentials you could not do without?

Ron Love: Love, peace, laughter, commitment, forgiveness, humility and music (oops, that makes seven). How do you explain the powerful connection between music and worship _expression?

Ron Love: GOD's gift of music is one way that the soul can reflect and find comfort and encouragement. Sometimes we don't know what to say or what we're feeling. However, hearing the testimony of others in a similar situation and how they triumphed, is one way that GOD let's us know EVERYTHING will work out. Meditating on a gospel song, is almost like meditating on GOD's word...While singing, playing, meditating or listening to it, we're giving praise, which in turn, draws us closer to GOD. What compels you to write new songs for worship?

Ron Love: Generally, I just write about my experiences and the situations that GOD is helping me through. GOD will just adjust my ear to hear what HE wants me to play. Thus, HE uses me to touch others to draw them close to HIM. What person has influenced your ministry and our music the most and how?

Ron Love: The first would be my Mother, she's always kept the influence of God around me. Also, Monique Gunn helped re-introduce Christ into my life at a time I needed HIM the most. In addition, Evangelist Yolanda Glass, her words of wisdom and encouragement help keep me uplifted. and of course my wife Cristina who keeps me grounded. All of these women have helped show me things that I didn't see in myself, all of which help me to be a better, stronger, and more spiritual person.