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Rosco's Libido

Rosco's Libido is a new up-and-coming punk-alternative band from Tampa, Florida. Resonant with the influence of artists such as Blink-182, the Dead Kennedies, the Arctic monkeys, the Dandy Warhols, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, their music is a synthesis of many various echos of the past, all interfusing into a unified relevant sound that has been described as "The epitome of kick-ass punk" and "Some damned sufficient music." One fan even ventured to share his personal experience:
"All my life, I've been looking for music that means something to me, that's passionate, that's not just recycled crap on the radio station. Rosco's Libido's music is what I've been looking for. Songs like No more and Time apart struck a chord and ever since the first time I heard them, I have been hooked ever since. Anyone who is looking for something real, something awesome should listen to them. They won't let you down." - Anonymous 1/07/13

How They became:
Guitarist Kyle Rose began playing guitar at age 10. Covering songs by Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and the like. Bassist Dane Constant began bass during the summer of 2011 after receiving a second hand bass from a friend. Playing songs by blink-182. Constant and Rose became friends in 8th grade through a mutual interest of skateboarding.

The 3 current members all met in middle school but didn't play as a band until the beginning of high school in August 2011, After Rose and Constant had been playing covers of songs by blink-182, Green Day etc. The "leadsinger" role was quickly established by Constant, mainly because he already knew all the lyrics to the songs they covered.

Rose and Constant had been searching for a drummer for a while, they thought of their middle school classmate, Chance Fleeting,so in September 2011, the 3 began to jam in the music room at King High School, where Rose and Fleeting attended. Soon, the need for a new practice spot was growing evident because they could not be as loud as they wanted to. The band then moved to Rose and Constant's Garages for practice, covering many blink-182 songs, such as "Dammit", "All the Small Things" and "Carousel". Many of which they still play at their shows.

After growing tired of the video game "Rock Band"s drums in the summer of '09, drummer Chance Fleeting realized he longed for "something more real". With some ingenuity, Fleeting found a way. Utilizing second hand and worn out drum parts from all over, he built a the infamous "Crap set", the predecessor to his ever yet expanding arsenal of percussion.

After noticing that Fleeting's drumming ability outweighed his general disregard for the opinion of pop culture, Rose and Constant agreed that Chance was in.

Shortly after, the band completed their first original piece, "Blinded". Written about a bad relationship Constant had earlier that year. After practicing weekly for a couple months, the band began to play shows in April 2012.

Following a brief hiatus from June 2012 to August 2012, the band began to again practice, write songs, play shows and recorded their first album Hogfish. Showing time and time again their resilience, and dedication to the art of Punk Rock and Roll.