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Route .44

Route .44 hails from the converted ruins of a 19th century factory in Providence RI’s North End. It is in the windowless, brick walled space known as Rev Studios that music develops into the sound you now know to be Route .44. Rather then attempt to describe the sound to you, we offer you these wonderful quotes from the press. Enjoy!!!

“Route .44 lets us in on experiencing the thick, lowdown sludgy wonder and glory that IS one of the defining sounds of the New England area.” Mike Loce – The Noise Boston 08/07

“Route .44’s second disc, This Is My America, mixes many of the roots of American music with a no-nonsense rock ’n’ roll attitude and pointed lyrics with a distinct lack of roots-music preciousness.” Rick Massimo – The Providence Journal 05/09

“Call it rootsy-blues, an eclectic indie symphony, or fired-up folk — the Route .44 sound is impossible to pigeonhole.” Chris Conti – The Providence Phoenix 05/09

“If you considered their debut “Worthless Lesson” album a slap upside the head, you better duck. Route .44’s sophomore release is a haymaker. The album, called “This is My America,” can be likened to Russell Crowe’s first big line in “Gladiator”... “Unleash Hell” or Gerard Butler’s, as Leonidas in “300”... “Prepare for Glory.”Yeah, “...My America” has just that kind of ferocity.” Jim Vickers – Motif Magazine 04/09

“Something tells me this is one of those bands that will turn you life inside out if you catch them live.” T. Mathenia - Unsigned Magazine 01/08

“If the title to the 10-track sophomore release from this Rhode Island octet sounds ambitiously vast, it's supposed to. The goal here seems to be strategically all-encompassing; you get the vibe they won't be satisfied until they've completely enveloped you in their sound, and they've got ten different ways to assure that you get wrapped up. Via saxophones, standup bass, viola, guitars, precise drums and percussion, and sultry-sly vocals, the band winds down roads as simple as electric folk and as densely complicated as full-on gypsy rock. Listing all the sounds they hit on here would take too much space, but it's not stretch to say that no matter what they take on, they nail it. With this many instruments and such a huge sound, the production is key, and each instrument is clearly audible and very well-placed in the mixes. The songs are romantic and dark, eerie and sinister, and perfect for a dark, hot night”. Brad- CDBABY

"Expect to celebrate the ever-encroaching darkness, and liberate your soul through whiskey and foot-stomping revelry." Ian Lacombe – on what to expect @ a Route .44 show