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Roy Talley

roy talley radio link:
radio airplay used to be Jango radio !

I'm finishing up my new album
12-15 SONGS being considered for the album ....
1. Pegasus
2. I can't help falling in love with you
3. Jesus your King is Born
4. The Black Knight
5. Guitar God
6. I love you just the same
7. 12 Bar Blues
8. Buffalo Girl
9. Wild Mustang
10. Bad Lands Honey
11. Cowboy Love song
12. Rainbow Colors
13. Blue Stone Rangers
14. Hillbilly Blues
15. Lonesome Cowboy

These are in the mix, and the highest quality is what I'm trying to get......
I'll keep you posted, as song list is still unsure ....


The song: I can't help falling in love with you ....
I've recorded this Great song, recorded, and my fan's Love it ....
256 fan's at Jango Radio now .....
Cool !!!!!

I'm fine !
5 new albums, since last I was here at CD BABY !
The radio show is fun, with me now having: 218 fans !
I thank CD Baby for paying me, for my music .
I may release the studio album, if I can get it together !

I also have 19 Music video's on: You Tube Music, Roy Talley
Lynn & I are playing Hendrix, Beatles, & Clapton for fun .
I haven't released any new songs for a while, a couple months that is !
I wish to record some good Rock songs, with Great original guitar, and at least drums too .....
More later ! I send all of my Lovin, to my fan's here at CD Baby !

With a new movie in the works !

Is my All-Time best guitar playing, that is on video.
Also GUITAR GOD, will soon, be released, asap !
In a month or so ?
BEEN VERY BUSY, with new songs on You Tube Music.
My channel is called: Roy Talley
This new song, makes it 14 video's.

A series in three parts so far.
Part 1,
PHOENIX, by Roy Talley
part 2,
IVORY, by Roy Talley
part 3,
HEY BABY, by Roy Talley

12 Feb 2015
I finished up a few new music video's:
My You Tube Music Channel is:
new songs:


With the up-coming video's asap:

Newest Music Video on You Tube :

Last Saturday I put the song:
On You Tube Music, the link is:

DEC 28, 2014
Greetings !
I did put a music video on You Tube:
Roy Talley, Old Man Winter
Starring : Lynn Masterson & Roy Talley

16 songs, and part of the mountain climb of MOUNT HOOD, length: 73 minutes ....
This will establish me as a guitarist of the people.
I will probably release this Great Album thru: CD BABY asap !
I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS !

Link for new song: The Intergalactic Champion is:

My music player is named: Turquoise & Gold, the link is:

I still haven't got the widget ID yet !

SEPT. 8TH, 2014

I did release the new song: The Intergalactic Champion
the intergalactic champion is a solo performance, with original singing & acoustic guitar !

aug 28 2014

Hello there ! Greetings from Roy !!!!!
Well I have two video's up on You Tube now, cool huh ?!!!!!!
The newest video is called:

With three songs, and a slide show
songs; 1. Mama's Fried Chicken, 2. The Black Knight, 3. One More Day .
length: 11:09

The first video= On face book at :
1. A Little sing 2. Ride with the Knight
plus: slide show


Released my first music video: A LITTLE SONG, & RIDE WITH THE KNIGHT
It's at FACEBOOK, but not on my artist page ! It can be found under my name: ROY TALLEY ............
YOU TUBE would not take it, for some reason ?
I now have 153 fan's on Radio Airplay ....
The two big hit type of song that I wrote & recorded still are not released.
I hope to get the video on YOU TUBE this week-end, if possible ??????

Aug 07, 2014

Good new's !!!!!
1. I'm about to release to you-tube, my first Video: ROY TALLEY'S FIRST VIDEO .
The movie is just about finished !
The video DVD : Lynn & Roy 1993
I will maybe be starting with the song: SPANISH CARAVAN ?
But, for sure featuring the song's: A LITTLE SONG , and RIDE WITH THE KNIGHT, these songs may have a Blue's intro song as well !
The video will also be on my website: & FACEBOOK !!!!!!!
The bad new's is that the two best songs: ONE MORE DAY, & THE BEATLES BOOGIE , are not ready yet for release !
I am editing my own video, and will keep you posted !
I also now have 152 fan's on Radio Airplay ....
More later !

June 10, 2014
Greetings to all of my fan's !
I've tried to up-grade, my Music studio. My music tower is being up-graded in Hillsboro, Oregon, by Tommy !
The new potential Hit song is called: THE BEATLES BOOGIE .... It is a solo acoustic guitar song with singing. I've been practicing this song for 15- 20 years.
Tommy hasn't finished yet, and I'm left having to wait, for now !!!!!!!!

April 26th, 2014
Recorded a new song named: ONE MORE DAY
This is a nice song, I would like to have it mastered, but I have no idea of who is good !
Again this could be a very popular song, & I'm looking forward to place it on RADIO AIR PLAY,
because I love my FAN'S !

April 25, 2014
I will try to release the new song: ROCKING BLUES
cd baby, will probably be the outlet !
This is a fun electric Blues song featuring the two man band:
ROY TALLEY & LYNN MASTERSON, So listen up for this new song here at CD Baby !!!!!
Also I now have 145 fans worldwide at RADIO AIRPLAY .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Good news, I finally recieved my new DVD, the title is: " Lynn & Roy 1993 "
It's a 50 minute movie of High quality, with 14 songs, plus comedy.
I'd like to get this placed on TV< asap !
I will try to release a full album here a CD Baby in the near future !
Since I have two in the works. I thank CD BABY for helping me over the years, and I'll try to work with them asap !
I now have 135 fans world wide, on Radio Airplay ...... Having fans makes it fun.....

February 05, 2014

I Welcome my newest fan: RICARDO ZUNIGA, from: Santiago, Chile # 130 .....
I'm working on my latest song: THE BEATLES BOOGIE
Have a Great Week, more later !

January 25, 2014
It's been very cold here in Wasco, Oregon, 32 degrees. That is for about two week's now !
I did release a new song: WHEN I THINK OF LOVE
This one has in my opinion the best lead guitar playing, that I have done, in a few years.
I also released the song: RIDE WITH THE KNIGHT, from my dvd: ROY E. ELVIS....
My Fan's at Radio Air Play are now: # 126 ...... The winter has been tough on me, but I'll being doing gig's asap !
I'm being booked in Portland, Oregon, in March 2014. Also, I'm being book in London, England, in June 2014.....
More late, have a Great week-end !

December 20, 2013
I've had a busy time, with the new release of 2 new songs: 1. LES PAUL INSTRUMENTAL, 2. BUSY WITH MY BLUES BABY....
I like these songs, and think that the songs are fun, and hope you enjoy them.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Great new year !
I now have 125 FANS on radio airplay, and I'm determined to get more.

December 02, 2013
I just released the song: WALK HARD
This song was written by: Marshal Crinshaw, and John O'Riely.
I now have # 122 Fan's on Radio airplay. com

November 22, 2013
The cold weather has finally arrived here in Wasco, Oregon. It was 12 degree's here this morning.
My radio show is coming along fine, with me now having # 120 FAN'S ! That is Great, I like having people listening to my music.
The rehearsal's with Lynn were good, that is with him playing drum's ! The new Blue's song's really ROCK !
Lynn said that he hadn't enjoyed music, so much since he was a Kid ! Expect new song's to arrive asap !
My study of music, and the Blue's, and hard practice has finally paid-off !!!!!!!!!!!
I send you all of my Lovin,
Roy Talley

Saturday, November 09, 2013
I just released my new song: RESTLESS WINDS
It has a Cowboy feel to it, and is a solo male artist, singer songwriter ROCK song !
This song could be in any other category, of music, it's played on acoustic guitar, and mainly singing.
I now have 117 FANS, on radio airplay !!!!!!!
I will still try to drive down to Salem, Oregon. Today, if possible ? More later !
I'll try to finish the Christmas album, asap !!!!!!!
I have just been to busy !

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
I'm fine !
I now have 116 fan's at .....
I'm still practicing guitar and learning alot of music, and having fun, with my songs !
I'll try to visit Lynn, this week-end ! I got another cord of dry firewood put into the bin.
Have a nice day !!!!! More later !

Monday, October 21, 2013
This has been a pretty good week, or so for me.
I cut, and hauled & stacked firewood for three day"s. It was hard work, and I did fill-up the Carport.
I hadn't worked that hard in a while. Last night I listened to Roger Whittaker, in concert. I've alway's admired his singing.
I was surprised to hear him whistle, he is the best whistler I've ever heard....
My study of the best guitar player's , has helped me learn some new things. Mostly things that I never tried before.
My drummer thinks he's a guitarist. I think he's a great drummer. But, he won't play drums anymore since I bought him a Les Paul guitar.
I suspect, that he'll take sometime to catch-up with me. He used to play guitar, but quit, and so I'm hoping he'll proves that he is as good, as he thinks that he is !!!!!
On Roy Talley Radio, that is at Radio Airplay, I now have 110 fan's. Mostly from: Mexico, Israel, USA, and Canada. Some fan's are from far away places...
I write my fan's twice per week, if I can. I LOVE MY FAN'S !!!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013
I'm fine, and having fun with my new bass guitar, also I'm learning the Blues like Buddy Guy plays it....
That is I'm learn all of the Late Blues Masters song's, but I can't play them yet as fast, as Buddy Guy play's them.
This is a real challenge, and I'm spending at least two hours per study studying the Blues, and having fun, with it !!!!
On Radio Airplay, I now am Honored to have 104 FANS !!!! Having Fan's makes it more fun....
I will try to release a Christmas album again this year, like I have for the last few years....
This year it may be my most popular songs ? 1. GUITAR GOD, 2. THE BLACK KNIGHT, 3. COLLEEN, 4. IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME, 5. THE BLACK PEARL

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Well today is Lynn Masterson's Birthday, he is my drummer & guitarist.
Last month I bought Lynn, a Les Paul Guitar, so that he would have a good guitar to play....
I now have 97 FANS, on radio airplay.
In a few day's I'll visit Lynn, in Salem, Oregon.
The music business is a full time job, and with so much happening, and Lot's of FUN songs, out there.
I've been practicing popular songs, and will have a few new originals, to play at my next jam session.
I hope to work with cd baby and release a new album asap ! I usually release a Christmas Album, and am planning on doing it again this year !

Saturday, August 31, 2013
I'm pretty busy, with the new kitten's, finally outside.
Ben, Elvis's bodyguard took two Kitten's. Leaving Snowflake with only two Kitten's.
My Radio Airplay, show now has a total number of FAN'S of 94 person's world wide.....
For some reason, I'm not being played in the UNITED KINGDOM, or other country's, that I want to have listening to my songs.
With the song: COLLEEN, being about an IRISH GIRL. One would think that I'd get many more new fan's from these Hot Rock & Roll places....

Next week, I'll release a new song: CAPTAIN TALLEY, and it is a pretty good song, maybe not a hit, but this Singer Songwriter, solo song is
New and full of FUN, and ADVENTURE........ MORE LATER !

Monday, August 19, 2013
I'm fine, and have a pretty good song out now: COLLEEN, It's a 5 minute, and 21 second, a BLUES song.
It's on RADIO AIRPLAY, with my other 21 songs. People are liking the song: COLLEEN, and I'm getting a lot of new fan's.
I now have 87 FAN'S, there ! That is so cool ! Fan's make the experience much more fun. The music business is still hard to enter.
But, with lot's of hit's, it's hard for the biz to ignore you ! The system is designed for middle men, and shark's to steal your hard earn money !
I'm playing lead guitar, and singing lead. The Blue's are fun, for me !
Like Guitar God, it's one of the Best song's out there ! Getting on TV, and in the MOVIE'S, has always been my main desire, also getting recognition
as being the Best, singer-songwriter, of this time on Earth. The radio is very hard to get on, here in the U.S.A., as it is controlled by the rich.
With big money pushing loser's, and non-talent artist onto the music scene, the real talent that has not money, just get ignored !
Talent has always been, my # 1, product. With the agenda of putting out new song's, for my fan's !!!!!! About one song per month !
America is slow to recognize talent, and has a closed door policy, called PAYOLA. MORE LATER !
THIS YEAR, 2013, I'LL TRY TO TRAVEL SOUTH, ON TOUR IN THE WINTER ! I saw Wally Gator, a couple of day's ago, he's fine !
With so much happening now, I'll try to release a new album asap ! I thank, CD BABY, for their Great Job, over the years !

Monday, August 05, 2013
Just returned from Lynn Masterson's, and we recorded a few new songs, but I haven't had the time to listen to them yet.
A new song called: BLACK WATER, sounded pretty good. Lynn is playing guitar, and I'm playing lead guitar, and singing.
I bought a Les Paul Jr. for Lynn. He did play drums for me on a few songs, I'll let you know how they sound, in a few day's....
I now have # 76 fans, on radio airplay. In a few day's, I'll try to release a new song, maybe the song called: COLLEEN.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
I did release the song: BURGUNDY, I now have 73 fan's at Radio Airplay.
The Jeep is OK, and I'll be traveling asap !
The subject of the Bush's, is alway's on my mind. I only know one BUSH, and she is a very fine lady. Her name is Katie Bush. I think of George alot,
imagine a kid who got everything as a kid, and was spoiled rotten. I can't blame him for the world being as it is. Greed got the best of him. Having all the gold, and money, is just not right. Our parents worked hard to make America the best place on Earth. So, I set down from my crusade to make the World a better place.
I can't change the World, or do too much, with-out money, myself. I will try to relax, and enjoy the life that i have. Worrying about things that I can't change,
has made me only very sad, and unhappy.

Monday, July 15, 2013
I now have 70 fans, on radio airplay. This is exciting, and fun.....
With the political climate still in a bad way. The evil Bush bunch, still is in Power here in America. And Obama, being less than I hoped for, the Bush Gang continues to destroy the earth. There is little hope for Hero's, and Rock Star's. On July 02, 2013, my brother: Michael Clay Talley died. He was a Recon Ranger in Viet Nam, he also taught at RUTGER'S UNIVERSITY, and was the best person on Earth. He was drafted, and served in Vietnam, for two years, and died from: AGENT ORANGE, AND CANCER.. He is my HERO.
I did record the album: ELVIS PRESLEY TRIBUTE, also the song: BURGUNDY, an old original song I wrote, years ago.
I will keep trying to get on the charts, with my songs. But, realize that the money men, are keeping me out....

June 24, 2013
I had two rehearsals, with Lynn Masterson.
Unfortunately, the video camera, ran out of film, before the song: BURGUNDY was played.
I'm going to record, if possible the new album: ELVIS PRESLEY TRIBUTE, I'll use: J. Michael Fromm, Lynn Masterson and maybe have Zorro on the bass?
I have girl's requesting me to sing Elvis, so here it is scheduled for about July the 4th, 2013.
All of my Lovin,
Roy Talley
June 03, 2013
I'm fine, and feeling healthy.
I'll be having a recording session, on: JUNE 13-15TH....
The amp maker's: HIWATT, are going to sponsor me, with equipment.
I now have 61 fan's on Roy Talley Radio.
My garden is in.
I have maybe a new guitar, Ben, Elvis Presley's bodyguard, is giving me his old Les Paul guitar.
He's picking it up tomarrow. Isn't that GREAT !!!!
More later !

Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Things are OK, and I'm jogging, and preparing for new album.
Next week, I have jury duty. Starting on the 13th. This is a busy time here in Wasco, Oregon.
With Memorial Day being very BIG here ! We have a parade, and lot's of fun....
I'm hoping to have more and more Great new, for you. The Black Knight is featured on Radio Airplay this week.
It's my most popular song. Closely followed by my song: GUITAR GOD. THE BLACK KNIGHT is my personal favorite.
The song that I have recorded: I LOVE YOU.... is a singing song, that is still not released !
Have a Great day !!!!!!

Monday April 08, 2013
I'm feeling better this week, and busy with cleaning house. Just had a Turkey dinner, and it was very good.
My fan's have been requesting me to sing ELVIS, and I've been singing Elvis for phone messages.
I will record an ELVIS album asap ! He is one of my favorite singers. I'm thinking of up-beating my new song: I LOVE YOU.
Sorta like Elvis would do it. Ben, Elvis's bodyguard heard it and thinks it's a winner. He said, " Think what Elvis would do with it. "
Ben, likes my singing, and say's," that people want to hear you sing."
About the 19th, of April I'll visit my drummer: Lynn Masterson. That is, I'll try to record, something nice. So, If Lynn is in a good mood?
I'll see what FUN MUSIC, I will perform, I heard that he is not practicing, but he is a natural.... I hope he is fun, to be around, as I have lot's of new song's, in the mix. I'll play what ever song's he wants to play.... Have a great week, more later !

Friday, March 29, 2013
I've had a bleeding ucler, and am trying to eat right.
I"m thinking about releasing the song: I LOVE YOU ? That is the song I wrote for my cat: MONKEY GIRL.
In the next few weeks, I'll try to visit Lynn Masterson. He said, that I can keep my indoor cat: SNOWFLAKE, in my room.
More later ! I have no control of politics, and haven't any desire to run for office. This morning I have lower back pain.
With the stomach ulcer, and the back pain, I'm taking it easy.
I'm writing a new song, but I only have the first two measures written. Have a nice day !

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
I released the single: A TASTE OF HONEY, plus ring-tones, at I-tunes ! This ring-tone thing is new for me, and it is exciting !
I figure that if the ring-tones catch on, I'll sell alot's of them ! I did enter the song contest at: UNSIGNED ONLY, for my song: THE BLACK KNIGHT.

Tuesday , March 19, 2013
Yesterday was my birthday, and I slept-in, all day ! I have tried msm, in my coffee, and after 2 days, I had to stop, as my stomach was bleeding.
I usually jog, and get my vocal singing up to par, around spring time.
This year I'm feeling fine, and getting ready for spring to arrive. I'll be heading to Masterson's, asap. I'll be taking my cat: SNOWFLAKE, in a cage.
The song: ' TORNADO, or I"M A TORNADO, is pretty hot ! # 1 Well think about, a drum song, with Lynn. He is OK, and running hard.
I'm thinking about new gear ! More later ! Oh dance music is OK, with me ! My guitar playing is fine, with the new release of the song:

The good news is that I recorded the New Song, and copyrighted it ! I will not tell you to much about the new songs. I'm trying to figure out how to launch this
potential Hit song. ! I do like working with CD BABY, as they get the job done, even if it's time is late ? It's usually my slow time frame !
This one I would think that someone like Steven Sellberg, or George Lucas, might be wanting a Space Rock Song ? Or a Tender Love song !
I haven't any new's about our President: Barack Obama, but, I will keep you posted as I find out his Agenda ? He has limits, and money problems, I'm glad
that I only have a music budjet to deal with.... Recap: Two new songs, almost ready for release ? I'm entering the CONTEST: ' UNSIGNED ONLY, today !
More later ! Oh, I'm feeeling much better, and over the FLU !

Friday, 01 March 2013
Almost over the FLU.
CD BABY, has done a Great Job, over the years. I've been unable to advance as fast as I wished ! But, sometimes I say things that I don't think out !
So, have faith in the system, that they us. It's not alway's perfect, but in time they do get the job done. I wish to thank: DAVID a staff member for cd baby, for the release of my album: GREATEST HIT'S, on Dec 17th, 2012. He asked me about my dad, who is on the cover? The true answer is: That my sir name is:
TALLY, a long long long time ago, my grand father was the KING OF ENGLAND, Yes dad is Irish, but mostly English, the King of all of England, with castles in both lands. More later !!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well this has been a tough week for me, with me getting the FLU, I haven't felt this bad for a while.
I got a bad pop score, for my song: NO MORE WARS, : 71. With the importance of this song, I just about want to quit.
I have tried hard to make the World a better place, with the GREED & CORRUPTION, of the Great Satan: GEORGE WALKER BUSH, with his destruction of the America that I LOVE. I have suffered greatly all of these years and payola, is still here. Barack Obama, is the lesser of the Evil's, but he is not putting Bush on trial, for WAR CRIMES. That is thief of the GOLD, and covering his tracks with phony wars, fighting people who are protecting their homelands.
Bush was, and is the worst human, in my memory, as Hitler, and the other Nazi's were before my time. I would like to have Bush in prison, and give back all of his Ill-begotten gains. You realize the republicans still think G W Bush is a HERO. He plans to kill of 2/3's of the peoples of EARTH, yet ! Having lied and and cheated his way. He sold all of our sea ports, and fleeced the land. THAT IS WHY WE ARE IN A DEEP DEPRESSION.
Since cd baby has been bad to me, also all these years. Don't be surprised if I'm not here in the future !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Last night I practiced the song: HAY SEED, and decided to change it into a serious country-folk ballad, it's story line, and beauty changed my thinking.
Now it sounds like something everyone will be proud of.......... Like no other song, it tell the story of an outlaw in prison, but the guitar is so nice, that I couldn't
make it into a comedy. It's just to good to be funny. This song will be radio ready before it reaches cd baby....... It also takes all of my ability to perform this one.
So, it has no exaggerated ballyhoo, I hope everyone enjoys this honest presentation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Talked with my drummer: Lynn Masterson, he's fine ! He liked my song: Baby Baby, and said that he realized it was a joke, after the second listening.
I have a funny new song, named: HAY SEED, a Country comedy, poking fun at all of my cowboy friends. It's just good clean fun. It's the story of an OUTLAW, in prison. I use the Travis style finger-picking and way over do the singing, with a silly comic TWANG to my voice !

Happy Valentine's Day : 2013
Last night I was Invited to talk with our President: Barack Obama, by telephone. He was wanting to talk at 10 pm Eastern standard time.
Which is 1 am here, and I had to beg off, as I have a cheap telephone, and I don't get a signal at my house !!! I will up-grade my phone asap !
I'm wishing that the war in Syria ends asap, as I think that innocent people are dying there....
I had some interest in my video's, and perhaps, I'll be getting my video of the song: GUITAR GOD, on TV, in England. After I get some help with getting it on the net.

Thursday, Feb. 07, 2013
I talked with my drummer: Lynn Masterson, last night on the telephone. He's fine, and is Running 25 miles per week, and lifting weights.
He and his brother: Terry loved my song: NO MORE WAR, from the GREATEST HIT'S album. I told him of my brother: Michael having cancer,
and that he needed a stem-cell procedure from me to save his life. So, I said that I would do anything that I could to save his life. He is in the hospital
this week, and I Love him very much. So, he is in my prayer's. More later, after I call him Monday.

Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2013
To help my singing, I stopped smoking, about a week ago !
I'm getting interest from production outfits, and getting more fan's, all the time !
So Cool, it seems slow, but progress is going on. These LOVE SONGS are alot of fun, so I'm finally having fun.
I hope that new listener's like my song's, and have a great day.

Monday, Feb. 04, 2013
I've been excited about the song: YOUR SO FINE.
But, I don't expect to get anywhere, with it. The rich cats, have the ability to sound so good, with poor sounding songs.
That makes my live singing, and playing not able to compete, very well. If that is so, then I'll start playing instrumental guitar !
I realize that I can play guitar pretty good, and that I'll rethink the singing. No one is able to out play me on the guitar.... So maybe I'll push the guitar ?
People say they LOVE my guitar playing, but mostly only the girls Love my singing, I like my singing and think that my studio is not as good as the rich cat's !
Those apple computers are nice, but I can't afford one. I'll for now try harder to get my singing to sound like the major labels.

JANUARY 31, 2013

New song: " your so fine ".
Is in the mail, to cd baby ! Just in time for Valentine's Day, another love song. This one is not In you face, like Baby Baby.
This is a gentle sweet love song. The only bad thing about it is. That it is only 2 minutes, and 11 seconds in lenght.
So, I thank cd baby for another great job. If I'm lucky this one will make people happy. Inner wealth consists of modesty, balance, understanding, and compassion for others. This new love song, is my small way of saying: ' THANK YOU ' ! I HAD PROMISED MY FAN'S, THAT I'D WRITE THEM A SONG.
Have a Great week, and I'll talk to you asap ! All my Lovin, Roy Talley
Jan 29, 2013
I'm fine, and hoping to make some sales for Valentines Day, of my new SILLY LOVE SONG: "Baby Baby".
This is my best lead guitar playing of 2013....

With the song: Baby Baby, almost ready for release, I'm looking forward to having this song on the radio.
I sent Lynn Masterson a copy of the new song: " Baby Baby ". I left word for him to practice hard.
I'm looking forward to playing music with him in March 2013, if possible ?

Just an update: Lynn Masterson, does like my music.
He just doesn't like the song: THE BLACK KNIGHT
He is a guitarist, and drummer. He has written many great songs, on his own.
Maybe someday we will release his album ? He likes my song: IT'S HARD FOR A COWBOY TO CARE. He has written more verses to this song.
We have a jam session, usually in March. More later !
THE FUTURE IS UNKNOWN, but I'll be ready to ROCK, this spring !!!!!

The new song: BABY BABY, is in the mail. So, Welcome aboard. fasten your safety belts. The Bouncer is about to take off.
I thank you so much for listening to my music ! " Baby Baby" is a Rock-Blues song, with acoustic guitar. The singing is very loud, I'm sorry !
The guitar is nice, and this Charming Silly Love Song, could steal your hearts !
This song with luck, and CD Baby's help, will be released asap ! Have a nice week-end, and I'll talk to you later !

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
I'm liking the song: BABY BABY !!!!!
I will think on this one, that is I'll try to get the sound quality on the vocal cleaned-up. ! The vocal is too loud, but the guitar is super hot....
This song is my favorite, for this week's recording session's.
Expect the best song's from me this spring, as I'm practicing hard, and I did start my slow jogging here !
More later !

Tuesday, January 08, 2013
I recorded three new songs, this week ! I have a song that is always up-front: 1. THE BAD BAD BLUES :
THE BAD BAD BLUES, Since I play lead guitar, the theme is constantly evolving: 57 BLUE'S, KING OF THE BLUES, DOWN IN THE BOTTEM, these songs, are all based upon the Blues. The double negative: BAD BAD, I'm not aware of his problems. It is a double take ! Repeat, Repeat, Repeat ! The Blues is all about BAD, BAD BAD BAD BAD. Well that is my world. My soul and blues, are deep, and as I practice the lead guitar, I think of you, the listener. Hendrix was very good, at this. I hope that I get a chance to show off ? The Lord, works in a round about fashion. If I stay healthy, and am not injured, and I continue to practice, I mean hard practice !!!!!
I will have I hope a few GREAT NEW SONGS, for the summer tour 2013 !!!!! With my shoes being track style, with a few good miles left. I will continue to play my best songs, like : GUITAR GOD, for your enjoyment on stage, if possible ?
2. Song # 2. is a silly song, and song # 3. is also fun, and shaping up into a good song, maybe ?
I haven't talked to Lynn for about a month, I hope he is fine ! I asked Santa for a new drum set for him, and a new Les Paul Gibson for me !
Have a GREAT DAY !!! MORE LATER !!!!!!

Thursday, January 02, 2013
I feel very lucky to have Lynn Masterson, as my drummer. I am very glad to present his drumming to the world.
I only see Lynn about once per year. We get together and jam.
Realize that I feel very lucky to get a recording of his Great Drumming. He is not always wanting to be recorded.
He is so much fun, when he is in a good mood. I call him: ' THE WORLD FUNNIEST MAN.'
If he is serious he is no fun....
I thank everyone for listening to my new album: GREATEST HIT'S, it's the Best Album, I've released in a Long Time....
ENJOY !!!!

Dear People,
I'm fine, and having a great holiday season.
Dec 27, 2012
Just about New years Eve 2012-2013.
See ya next year !!!! 2013 !

Welcome answer's to prayer. Thank God, that the album is out, It was released on December 17th, 2012.
Thank you CD Baby for doing a Lovily Job. The sound clips & photo's are Excellent.
Monday we had a White-out here and the snow was heavy, I didn't make it to Bend, as transport cancelled.
I hope that everyone enjoy's my new album: GREATEST HIT'S, by : Roy Talley

Dec. 16, 2012
With the album not able to be releast for Christmas, because of CD BABY blocking, it's release.
I will pray to my God, for his will to be done.
Tomarrow, I'll be in Bend, Oregon for my physical.
That means that I'm unable to have any sales of my music.
A closed door, is not what I want, but I'll go on, and change the World in another way.
Music is my thing, but Jealous rich, and mean spirited people are not my thing either.
I'm putting my boot, in my mouth.

December 13, 2012
Finished the new album: THE GREATEST HIT'S
Lynn Hal Masterson, plays DRUMS on the song: GUITAR GOD,
and he plays LEAD GUITAR on the song: SWEET YOUNG & TENDER.
This album is owned be myself, and I have worked with Lynn for 40 years.
He and I have a working agreement, but he own none of the royalty's ! From this album.
Other albums I've made copyrights in his name. Whe I get paid, he get's paid.
This is totally my album, he knows the situation, and has no interest in my business, and just plays for fun.
If I ever make any money, or recieve any recognition it's my business. I will try to play in California next summer, or England.
Lynn probably can't tour ?
If I recieved big money for he would get only what I want to give him. If we go on tour, he will recieve also what I and he agree to, in a formal contract.
Lynn is the best guitarist, and drummer available to help me with my career, as he has no desire to have fan's, or perform in public.
You are my fan's, and Lynn Masterson works for me !!!!!!!!!
He likes the Beach Boy, and Brian Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, and Clapton ! To name only a few bands.
Really he doesn't like my music, as he calls it ego music. I think he's jealous, and envy is not productive.
He does play music with me, but is somethings unavailable. In reality he is trying to get me to play my best, without the ego.
Lynn and I have produced many album in the past, and the band: GREEN DAY was our biggest rivals.
I think that money problems won't go away.

I was playing guitar before Hendrix died.
With about 40 copyrighted albums under my name before CD BABY was in business.
My answer to all of this is that I'm trying to make money, which I need to make it in the highly competitive music business.
Touring without big money income is for Lynn is impossible, as he can't leave his cat's at home for any period time !
I lost my indoor cat: TEDDY ALI, the last session of three days at Lynn's place. Teddy was either stolen or killed.
I have a new indoor cat named: Snow Flake, and I'm not able to leave her outside for any period of extended time myself.......
Also Lynn and I compete for Gold metal's, and I've won five gold metal against him in the WARRIOR GAMES.
I'VE WON IN TRACK, BASKETBALL, and a few other sports, boxing is another event. Lynn is my best friend, but not always in agreement about other
things, like religion, and social events. He is a great joy to me, and being funny and cool. But he also blames me for his failing life.
I guess I'm the only one he can talk badly to, as he say's he believes in me ! Jesus, knows I try hard to be the best.
I just take it, and keep doing my very best..... I hope this helps everyone understand that we are just men, just ordinary people.
He also tells me that I want to be worshipped, which is also unfair. I just want to have song of the year, for my good songs, and feel that his giving up
on the guitar for 25 years is a fool, for not giving more time to guitar practice. The GUITAR is on of the most important thing in my life, but people always come first.
I don't have money to buy him a new drum set, but I would if I could. He always demands the finest guitar's
and would like also for me to buy the best guitar in the world for him. I repaired his LES PAUL CUSTOM GUITAR for him, but he chose to sell all his equipment for his girlfriend, GINGER. I asked him not too, I but he would not listen to me, am I to blame ? Maybe ? But, he has a mind of his own, and can fight like a Tiger.
I completely try to do my best, which is at times, not good enough for him. I will continue to play music with him, but I'm unable to travel myself in the winter.
I'm only human, and I've made plenty of error, in my younger days. I bought a ranch, and still own it, this was my idea. Because I always wanted land.
My dream wish would be to take Lynn with me on tour, as he is the GREATEST friend a guy could ever have. But, we don't agree, on everything.
I have other drummers, and guitarist that may make the cut. But, Masterson is my first pick.... Have a Happy Holiday Season, and maybe God Bless you all.
Roy Talley

Dec 05, 2012
Very busy, with the album deadline looming.
Wish me luck, so far the 5 songs that I'll us, are now needing more.
More later !

Monday, Dec 03, 2012
With lucky I'll have sometime for you, that is for Christmas 2012 ! I set-up my studio, and recorded a new song, it's called:
BILLY RAY. It's the Blues. and I"m unsure about this one.
The guitar is talking to you. Over-all THO, I Love this one, but who else might like this song ?
Lonely people maybe ? With the cut-up singing, and excellent guitar, this song just might, get released ! The guitar is what I like about this one !
I'm sorry to say, that as hard as I've tried, so far I can't get the song: CHIC MAGNET, to sound any better. This is the fun song.
What I'm going to try to get out, will be something for my Loyal Fan's.
I made the cover design for three works. It's the stratocaster guitar in flames, in Gold.
With the words in White, saying: R O Y T A L L E Y ' S on top, and below the words: G R E A T E S T H I T ' S
So for now I've got to find all of the HIT'S SONGS. like the songs: THE CANDLE AND THE FLAME, WILD MUSTANG, ETC. so to make cd baby happy, I will try to get this album finished asap ! Wish me luck, as the new Christmas album needs more time, to finish it right.

Nov 22nd, 2012
Winter cold is here, with me staying indoors, alot.
JUST BEEN PRACTICING ON MY GUITARS. Have a nice day. !!!!!!!
With two potential song of the year for: 2012 these songs are: THE BLACK KNIGHT, & THE STAR.
The song: CHIC MAGNET, will be my third entry in the song of the year contest.
That is once it is finished. With luck, I'll have the HOT GUITAR PARTS FINISHED ASAP !?

November 19, 2012
The rainy session is here in Eastern Oregon. The temp is 60 degrees, but the cold nights, are around freezing.
I have three choices, in time for Christmas, with music.
1. Release album of greatest hits.
2. Release movie: ROY E. ELVIS.
3. The movie sound track, of 13 original songs.

In my opinion Elvis was the Earth's best singer, not me, I just like his singing, and I know that he was a great guy.
I will be having my annual physical, in Bend, Oregon, asap ?
I'm an Honorable veteran of both U.S. ARMY, & U.S. NAVY.
I intend to give out cd's, and albums to my doctor: Dr. Cross, and to the wonderful nurses.
Have a great day.

Monday, November 5th, 2012
I'm fine, and have been doing my best. I was hoping to recieve the dvd, of : THE DRUNK SESSION, tonight, but Ed, didn't show-up, for dinner.
We had pork roast, and mac n cheese, with a nice salad. This week, the song: THE STAR, got a pop score of: 96 world wide. On Jango Radio....
More later, have a great day....
Thursday November 01, 2012
I talked to Lynn Masterson, on the phone, he's fine ! I told him that I'm trying to fix the fan, in my Jeep. The heater fan I'm trying to repair.
As time passes, I'm beginning to like the song, as is: CHIC MAGNET it's hot, and I'm now working on the new song: JESUS.
I'm having the movie: ROY E. ELVIS, aka: THE DRUNK SESSION, put onto disk, so please play safe, and have a great day.
The new song: OBAMA NATION, is ready for digital distribution, and it is a beautiful song, one that will make the young girls cry.
This song will be out upon Jango Radio, and maybe Sound Cloud ?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
I hope you all are fine, and healthy. The cold weather here, has me rushing to finish projects.
I talked to my drummer: Lynn Masterson, and I'm needing to buy him some new drums, to get him to play on stage.
The old set I had bought him is not good enough for him. I'm tring to up-grade myself, but think that by next spring to if god is willing, I'll play concerts.
If the opportunity ever happens. With my professional attitude, and me personnally being ready to play shows.
The new song: CHIC MAGNET, now has a new lead part, that will be a treat for my fan's !
The new parts sound like the songs sorta of: Johnny be good, batman, and Hendrix, with a fun, comedy slant, and full-of - guitar tricks.....
This will be my best guitar playing, with a funny, vocal thru-out.... Soon to be at CD BABY, ASAP !!!!!!!
Remember that 'm trying to make the best songs, so that I can make lots of Money ! The EGO, is not in the minds-eye.
I'm trying to better my attitute, and stay on top, and balanced, and happy. If my songs aren't listened too, then the world will miss out !!!!!
More later !

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012
Have changed plans. I'm releasing a new cowboy song, for my fans.
It's called : THE STAR, or WESTERN COWBOY. This is the real cowboy song, so girls get ready for some adventure, and laughs.
This is a serious song, and full fo tough cowboy sounds. But, this is for my loyal fans, who I send all of my Lovin, and hope that they enjoy, a New song, from me ?
This song is the type that people will love ? So, saddle up, and grab, a cowboy hat, and let's ride !

Ben, Elvis's bodyguard is here with me now. His kids are visiting from Seattle.
He wants me to get an agent.

I'M WANTING TO REDO THE SONG: CHIC MAGNET ! It is copyrighted now. But, I want it to be not so loud ! I want it to rock !!!!!
Joe Fromm is out of the hospital, but in bad shape.
Wally Gator, of the 1980's band: Talisman, called me. He wants to jam.
Lynn Masterson, has a broken foot, but is in good spirits. I talked to him on the telephone.
I now have 38 fans, on Jango radio. I'm wanting to play Portland, Oregon. ASAP !!!!!

The week has been a busy one. With the lead guitar finished on the song: ' CHIC MAGNET ', I wish to thank CD BABY, for all of their blessings.
The news is: 1. That Joe Fromm, is in the hospital again. He is the 12 string guitarist, and singer. " J " , is a legend, in North Salem, Oregon. The has been, the leader of many local bands. JOSEPH MICHAEL FROMM, band named: ' UNEFFECTED '...
The second note is that my drummer: Lynn Masterson, broke his ankle, and I'll try to play music with him asap !

Monday, September 17, 2012
Well,,, I finally recorded a new song called: ' CHIC MAGNET '.....

September 11, 2012
The ' 2 MAN BAND ',
Lynn Masterson, and Roy Talley
The NEWS : It's Lynn Masterson, my drummer, It's his birthday ! September 11, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012
I wrote a new Love song called: ' I LOVE YOU '. I sing this one to my cat: Monkey Girl.
Elvis, and the Hound-dog ! Maybe not that kind of song ? It sounds like a touching Love song that Might become a classic ?
Fun Fun Fun, I have written another song, that is really about cat's. I have 5 kitten's at home, and they are a Bunch of FUN, playful, and into everything.
Sophia, and Little Snowflake, are spoiled, and they are so cute. More Later !

Monday, August 20, 2012
The song: " Romance ", is a dance song, with a Great Beat. This song is intended as, a band song, but, with it's fun progression, and funny wording !
So as my health return's, I can preform solo, and this song, and other's like: CD BABY, and oldies that I love.... Could be my show. With home improvement's,
and project's getting finished here at my house. The walk-way, is almost finished, and ten Arborvitae shrub tree are soon, to be planted, near my property boundry. In about a week, I'll visit Lynn Masterson, my drummer. More later !

Thursday, August 09,2012
With the release of the new song: ' ROMANCE ', today !!!!! This song has the feel to it of the GREAT'S ! The song is easy for me to play, and sing.
I thank CD BABY, and I hope that you enjoy this Rock & Roll song. More later !

The new song: ' ROMANCE ', is almost ready for release.
The three song album: Is a big success, that is with my new fans: KIDS 7, 8, 9, 10 year olds !!!!!
SONGS: THE BLACK KNIGHT, CD BABY, & ROY'S SONG.... The little boy's LOVE the song: CD BABY....... They also thought that my drummer, is GREAT !

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
I'm fine, this has been a fun week, with several new songs, in the mix. I'm sounding like the Rolling Stones, sorta ? I have several dancable songs, with great beats, and killer sounds. My health has been poor, all spring, and now summer. Injuries, and stomach pain. Had me wondering if I was going to make it ?
With the trouble with my drummer, I'm sad, because he is in a negative mind-set. People with negative criticism, and attitude. All he does is watch TV !!!!
These last few weeks, have been harder on me, than you can imagine ? CD BABY, was very slow with the release of my new song: " ROY'S SONG ", this song should have made me millions of dollars. At least I'm scoring high pop scores at Jango Radio. In the 90's, all month..... Last year the trouble I had were beyond, my control. With the 9 hit songs, I've released thru CD BABY, it makes you wonder when I'll start getting paid ? uNSURE OF THE SCHEDULE, AS i HAVE ABOUT A 60 DAY WINDOW ? I'll have several offerings, mainly delightful songs, that give my fans, pleasure.

Thursday, 12 July 2012
Well, the new's is that my cat: Princess died at the vets. She was my sweet-heart. She was the mother of my pride.
I will visit Lynn Masterson, and also Joseph Michael Fromm, and my sister DeLilah asap! It will be about a 4-5 day turn-around.

05 July 2012 This week is a fun, and happy one for me ! I'm thinking of the new album, I've been practicing so hard.
My arms are hurting, and I'm feeling the effects of many hours of practice. What I'm doing is writting new songs. With the intent of being able to play the song,
and keep the beat, and change to the lead guitar. Then back to the rythem, with out making any error's. Also making sense with good singing.
There is little releaf, for my band, as my drummer is fussy. If he wants to play his songs, that fine, I LOVE LIVE MUSIC.
As good as Lynn is on the drums, I'll work with him, and meet him 1/2 way. Last week he was blaming me for his all his troubles.
Of course, I did not argue, with him. I find that just keeping your head, and remaining balanced, and if you can find agreement with his unfair lie's, it help's.
I talked with Drummer: WALLY GATOR, of the BAND: ' TALISMAN '. You remember them, the super HEAVY METAL TOURING BAND of the 1980's..... I will talk to him next week.... ' ROYS SONG ', is soon to be released, maybe ? I'll have to call CD BABY, or drive to Portland and help them iron out this GOLD RECORD.

July 03,2012 I took my cat: PRINCESS to the vet. she was very ill, she had rotten teeth, and will have surgery, and anti-bio's. I'm hoping she'll be OK....
This week, I recieved a POP SCORE of 91 at JANGO RADIO AIR-PLAY.

June 29, 2012 My cat: ALI TEDDY is still missing. I still have 7 cats:
I THANK CD Baby, for there time, and great job.....

Wednesday, 27 June 2012
The first time that I played on stage, was as SINGER, for the band: THE NUCLEAR TEST BAND, at the EXIT, in Salem, Oregon.
Member's of the 4 piece were: Drums: Lynn Masterson, Guitar: Robert Orvil Ivey, Organ: Calvin Clark, Singer: Roy Talley .

June 25- 26 , 2012
The song : Roy's Song, is still not available for digital distribution. I'm sorry. As the project's are getting finished, as fast as possible.
This is Great News: LAST WEEK I GOT A POP SCORE OF 96, on JANGO RADIO AIR-PLAY. Expect great songs ahead....
Thank you for being my fans.

Thursday, June 21, 2012
I just got back from Salem, Oregon, and visit and recording session with my Drummer: Lynn Masterson. Wrote 8 new songs. Recorded about three sound checks.
Nothing much, but we wrote a new PUNK ROCK SONG, that sounds tough, and alot like Jimi Hendrix, it's really Lynn Masterson playing my baby, my acoustic guitar:
my YAMAHA. Lynn turned my guitar upside down, and shook it, trying to retrieve his pick. Then he played drums on the back of the Yamaha. WOW !!! ???? I made several video's, 2 songs maybe good, the sound was loud, and the drums were super loud.... That it's hard to hear my singing, and my strat. electric guitar...... More later !!!! The Punk Rock song never sounded good enough, to me. Remember, that I'm trying to visit L.A. in late July 2012.

The new song: CD BABY is out, I thank CD BABY for another great job.
The song: ROYS SONG, is in the mail, and will be released asap ! This is an electric guitar, and drum song, similar to my song: " GUITAR GOD ".

Dear Fan's, I just returned from Moses Lake, Washington, last night.
I had a fun time, and listened, to a lot of music, while I drove a new Mercury home. I got a few new idea's, for content, and subjects. Got another offer, from a new band, to drive bus, and help them.
CD BABY has released my new song, called: ' CD BABY '. This fun new song will be available asap, and thank you for your support.
The song: ' ROYS SONG ', is ready for release, and will be heading to CD BABY ASAP !
Projects: 1. Roy Talley Ranch #1, 2. Playing music, with Lynn Masterson.

Friday, May 25, 2012
After Being choosen to preform live in Hollywood, and having a chance on travel, and concerts, and touring. I finally practiced, by playing my best songs
yesterday out on my patio. I thank God that I'm finally getting heard. With the music business being so closed, for so many years now.

Friday, May 19, 2012 ROY TALLEY RADIO

ROY TALLEY RADIO, is so cool, visit my music, at this link.

Monday, May 14, 2012
GREAT NEW Just finished two new songs: 1. ' ROYS SONG ', and 2. ' CD BABY '.....
#2. CD BABY is a solo acoustic guitar, and singing, LOVE SONG..... This one is a pretty song, it reminds me of my SONG: IT'S AH BLUE BLUE CHRISTMAS....

Saturday, May 12, 2012
I'd like to have a Number One Hit song !!!!!! My LIVE PERFORMANCES, are waiting for you !
I will appy for a passport asap ! So that I can TOUR, and hopefully HEADLINE in CONCERTS ? My hero's are : JIMI HENDRIX , and Paul McCartney .
ASAP ? I plan to see, and visit my drummer, and guitarist: Lynn Masterson....

I recieved the ELVIS PRESLEY STAR BELT BUCKLE, from my freind, BEN, known as Rusty, he was a bodyguard, for ELVIS.
Ben was very Loyal to Elvis, and Prisilla Presley.
PRESILLA PRESLEY gave seven star buckles out, one each to his SEVEN BODYGUARDS.
I'm rate 58 on Jango Radio last week. Getting more fan's every day, It's getting to be fun now. I also had an offer to play in LONDON, ENGLAND.
I need to get myself, and Lynn Masterson PASS PORTS, to play concerts, and shows. More Later !!!!

Tuesday April 24, 2012 Spring is here in Wasco, Oregon. I'm very excited about the release of my new song: ' THE BLACK KNIGHT '.

I will release The Black Knight, asap, on Jango Radio. These great music stores, and CD BABY all will down-load digital copies, of THE BLACK KNIGHT....
Two item's of interest: 1. Idaho ranch trip.
2. Recording SESSION with LYNN MASTERSON, the other member of ' THE TWO MAN BAND '. Lynn plays guitar, and drums .

saturday I'm very excited about the song: ' THE BLACK KNIGHT ', It's like a gift to my fans !

Thursday , April 19, 2012
Here in Wasco, Oregon, where I live, it's almost spring time ! With the rains, and lawn mowing being my job, with several lots I care for.
The song ' THE BLACK KNIGHT ', being my new personal favorite, I'm thinking about several new albums, and a recording fun visit with my friend:
Lynn Masterson. ' THE TWO MAN BAND ', will be recording a session called: ' THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE STUPID '. a COMEDY.... ASAP !

Monday, April 16, 2012
The new song, THE BLACK KNIGHT is about to be released. I hope that it does well, as I've played my best .

Dear People,
My Beloved brother: SAMMY JAMES TALLEY, died, on May 31, 2012.
I was floored, as he and I were very close. We were both devoted to our father: Roy Earl Talley.
Who had died in 2004, dad was the mayor of Wasco, Oregon. These two men, were my biggest fans. I was always hoping to be successful with my music to
impress my brother Sam, as he Loved my songs. Especially: RED BOX CIGARETTE, GUITAR GOD, and the cowboy songs, etc. Thursday, April 05, 2012 .
The new song: THE BLACK KNIGHT, seems way to happy, about now..... I'm very sad, and feel as if I'm starting a new life, after part of me has died.

Friday, March 23, 2012 I'm feeling better, but I had a rough morning, My knee is still hurting me. This last few day's here have been snowny, in the mornings.
I did not visit Masterson, and Dale, on the 21st. My friends will be here this week-end, and I hope to down-load my TOP TEN SONGS, to Jango Radio.
Been thinking about a show, but it's still just a dream. I'd start of the show with, the song: IT'S A BLUE BLUE CHRISTMAS. It's country, with a beat. It could be
both ROCK, or COUNTRY, but it is a great show starter, for a full band. More next week....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 I'm very excited, about music and my songs. Jango Radio, is playing my best songs, world-wide. I'm visiting Lynn Masterson tomarrow.
I'll be making a video, if it's possible ? Have a nice day, and I'll get back to you.

Monday , March 12, 2012
My song named: GUITAR GOD, is now featured on Jango radio. This song has flown under the radar, and is my best electric guitar playing.
I love Lynn Mastersons, drum playing. He has been my personal favorite player, of both drums, and he, also was my lead guitarist, and singer.
He is on my album: HILLBILLY BLUES, and is in about 20 of my albums. So to help you understand.
I had played rhythm guitar, and sang . I normally write all the song. But, I also enjoy other peoples songs... More later.

Thursday March 08, 2012
As of now, I'm unsure of my recording session, and making of a new music video. I will keep you posted.
It has been changed until March 21, 2012....

Tuesday March 06, 2012
My knee is feeling better, and fine. The BIO- PHOTO-LYRIC SHEET, are being updated, for new songs.
I am designing a new guitar.
I just finished my new cowboy story, The Black Stallion.
My cat: Ali Teddy is getting into my guitar act.

Friday, March 02, 2012
Good day, I'm fine, but, have a knee, that I injured. It's healing.
I had a great day yesterday, and will write a song, for a girl, or lady. Her name is Janelle.
I also met a lady, named Jeanie, with cat's and horses. New friends, with me waiting until March 17th, to hit the road.
Recording, and visiting with my good friend: Lynn Masterson - Drums, guitar, and vocals. Have a great day.

Thursday, February 23, 2012
This week, I have so far not to much going, I will watch, Montreville Blakely record, maybe today ? Maybe I will work out a shoot, for U-TUBE ?
Video's are in great demand ! Blakely is a good friend, and has better equipment, than I have. I'm of the Bo Diddley school, and I can tune a cigar-box.
George Throughgood, is also super great. I will tell you all about the session, asap ? Talk to you again, next week. In three week's, I will have my usual sessions, for spring break. About March 17- 25 ? More later ! So soon, I will have a Video on U-TUBE, hey you all, have a GREAT WEEK-END.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
King of the Blues, is a new blues comedy song, that is a tribute to BB KING, so get ready for the ride of your life.
The making of a legend
GOOD MORNING: new song: "KING OF THE BLUES", the pony's head . Blues, adult contemporary, comedy.
Solo male artist, acoustic guitar, and singing, in a home recording. I like the singing, and the story line, is about one of America's
Hero's..... The King of the Blue's.... I'm just having fun, with easy blues, in the key, of E . This song will get BB's attention !
I offer this song as also, as a tribute to Whitney Houston, my girl. Who I will always love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
The Jango Radio, Love song contest, was a lot of fun. My song: ' It's Christmas time', was enjoyed by a few new fans, now I have 57 people, from around the world.... It's playing with Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Travis Tritt, Nickel-back, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and meny other famous artists. So of the artists are very famous. It almost makes me feel like I am famous too.
Have a great day. I will record in March 2012, I can't tell you much about the session's now, for is: TOP SECRET. Lynn Masterson will be featured
on the drums, he also plays guitar, and sings. But, this one will be for fun, as Lynn is out for fun. I will make a video, and I would like to make a full band
sound. It is so important to me to get a fast start in the spring.... Last year I was fighting the Black op's. With the attempt to try to stay away from politics.
The title: " The knife and fork dinner band "........
Remember that I enjoy playing guitar, and Love playing music for the joy of it, the Lord will help me, as I try to create the Song of the Year, in 2012 !!!!!

Friday, Feb. 10, 2012
I was wishing to get my songs from my new album: ' MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ROY ', on the radio. Maybe cd baby will help ?
I did think that my song: "It's Christmas Time", was a great song, and I'd have loved to have, had it on Jango Radio, for the 'LOVE SONG', contest.
I just typed up my weekly message. I'm thinking that the kid's are to young, to appreciate, my songs, but, my fan's say there kid's love my stuff.
Anyway, I'm not able to launch, my career as some people have. All that I promise is that I will release the best songs, that I can.
cd baby, is not responsible for selling, my music, just distributing, and sellling !

So I hope you all enjoyed the day, as I had fun with my new work-out program, that I just started. Indoors.
I walked the mile or so that I do in the winter, but, in the fun department I'm fine.
Lesson and improvement's of song's, I'm having second thought's about releasing, any cover songs, for now !!!!
It has been cold today, and I played my Yamaha guitar, it was a fun practice. I also play melody's along with the stereo. Which is very cool.
Friday 03 Febuary 2012 The positive note, is that I have no plan, and that I'm trying, to clean, house.
I'm working on a WOLF SONG, for Defenders of Wildlife. Terry had asked me to write one, as I'm a supporter of the Wild animals, and the Idians.
I'm being gentle, dispersing the cold ice, with warm spring winds. The sound of the drum, the wind in the trees, the Hawk, and Eagle, flying in the sky.
The DREADED 2012, So far so good, I'm fine, and " I'm liking my chances here. ! " That's a poker, term, used by T-Bone !
Trying to let the world shape itself. So steady, and a new fitness program, and things like that. More later !!!!

Friday 27 Jan 2012 With the new Rock, maybe being potential winners, I'll work on them somemore. For a comedy movie ! I'm looking for a stunt double. ???? Just Joking !
Recorded an instrumental guitar song, With a fast, guitar rock riff, and I call it :
IT'S NOT MUCH, BUT I DO ENJOY NEW IDEA'S ! THE MIND IS THE WORK SHOP, AND THE CREATIVE, AND ALERT, thinker can make beautiful things happen. I'm not
a Jimi Hendrix copy. A guitar exercise, with the fingers moving at high speed, can create music, that is flowing like Bruce Lee. It's helps me stay in the groove .... Chuck Norris, is also an inspiration, to me. John Wayne, the cowboy etc. Just making a song, can be great fun. Chuck Norris, is so cool ! 6 time's world champ.
The spring time recording session, will be in Salem, Oregon. In march 2012, so I'll be practicing hard, to be my best.... So, as usual, I'll be writting several set's, and using old great songs, that never came out yet. Oh my cat's are fine, Princess, and the chair hog: ALI TEDDY, is sleeping every night in my chair, next to the stove. That's the choice spot, besides my bed. In the mornings, he tell's me, ' NO' NO , it's so cute. When, I ask him if I can sit in the chair.??? Friday's I try to take care of loose ends. I'm looking for a song, I have to find the album, in my cold storage dining-room. It's called : " Down in the Boondocks ".... It's a cover song.. I'll have it ready for you, asap ! I busy with trying to create a new cover art, for the song. I'm wanting the house on the hill, in the back-ground. This is a, ' driven rock song', I recorded, it as a solo male artist, a home recording. This is what cd baby want's ? Maybe , for a movie theme ? This is a fun song, I had on the UNITED STATES OF FREEDOM, album.... I'm not bragging, so don't get me wrong. I try hard to be the best, that I can be. Just like Hendrix, he knew the truth. The truth is that I play guitar for fun, and try to make the world a better place.... I'm not in this for the money, and chic's. More later . The snow here is not that bad now.

Fri 20 Jan 2012 This is an exciting time for me, with about a foot of snow here at my house.
I have been pretty busy, with tax stuff, and business. But, with that finished on schedule, I'm cleaning my bedroom.
I did do some guitar playing, with nothing to brag about ! New songs: " Lightning ", " Yesterday is gone " , " When Santa come ah Rock-in ", and " The Lord's Prayer ". I finally talked to Lynn Masterson, and he Loved my album, and said he had bought Elvis's lost tpes for me ! I talked to Mark Mobley, and he thought that I was doing Great, he played the Elvis song:
" Blue Christmas ". I talked with Montreville Blakely, he thought that the album was Funny, and he wanted to go on tour.
I'm glad that I did get the Holiday comedy, out on schedule. I thank CD BABY for making it possible, and I feel that I'm trying to make Good music !!!!
more later !

Wednesday Jan 04, 2011
The new album, was my best yet ! With small interest in it, I will probably retire, as with no fan's. A tour would be out of place.
I'm excited, today, I got my copie de antonius stradiuarius 1721 VI, from the master, Schuback, in Portland, Oregon.

Wednesday 28 Dec 2011, Well, things are looking up, it was a very BLUE CHRISTMAS, I wish the new year is as productive, as this year was for me....
14 single songs, were released thru, my pal's: CDBABY.COM . I guess thats, actually 2010- 2011 ? So if I can work out the new project, THAT IS MAKE IT ? Then I can stop, and tour, maybe ? This is the idea, I have about 2,000 songs, that are mine. that is originals, songs that I own ! There are a number of video's, and movie's, plus about 60- 70 albums, that I've made. These are my life's work.
The new project is in the planning stages, it will be called, something like: ROY TALLEY'S GREATEST HIT'S !!!!!!
I will also, try to put a video out, for the public, for them to see, and hear, what I'm talking about. I was hoping to cash in on my video's after, I got recognitition,
as being the Best Guitarist, but life isn't fair. I keep puting out the HIT SONGS. but , as of now haven't reached, my goals, of being rewarded for my talents.
But, with the release of my greatest hit's album. Then I can go on to better things. Having closed the book, on the old stuff.
I may put out a number of album's ? example is: 1 COMEDY 2 COWBOY 3 ROCK 4 BLUES 5 LOVE SONGS 6 ADVENTURE 7 COUNTRY 8 FOLK 9 MASTER-PIECES

Wednesday 21st of Dec 2011, Today I'm feeling good, and I'm back on Jango radio, with the song: 'The Black Pearl'. Some dear fan's gave me some free plays.
I wanted to put the new original Christmas songs out upon the radio, but I can't down load them. I'm not on line, see. So next year the Two songs, will be still fresh ?
1. ' It's ah Blue Blue Christmas', is the comedy song that is nothing like Elvis's great song. 2. ' It's Christmas time', the love song that is maybe a new classic ?
If you like good singing, this is my best effort, in years, maybe ? To all of my fan's I wish you all, a Very Merry Christmas, and to the interested world ! Remember that I'm remaining responsive to the views of those that I'd like to influence. I'm Listening attentively for Truth, even from unlikely sources, and I will Love your ideas, and would being willing to discuss them, without quarreling. Believe me I'm trying to stay free of EGOTISICAL PRETENSIONS. I'm following the truth, and will
try to not force or us cunning, but follow the good within myself. I accept the way that things are. More later, after the holidays.

Tuesday Dec 20, 2011 The new album has not sold much, I'm very disappointed. This is the best Rock album, of my career. 45 years of guitar playing, has been fun. This album, I was thinking would catch on. With several potential hits, and over-all the best Rock-Blues, and Comedy of 2011.
I would have enjoyed recognition as the Worlds Finest Guitarist.

Friday Dec. 16, 2011 Wish, I was in a nice sunny warm place, today is sunny, and looking just fine, here in Wasco, Oregon. Last nite, there was black ice on the roads from 5 pm onward. I was Blakely yesterday. He was talking about a bus tour. I told him that I wasn't good enough. I can play ok, but I'm not able to drive a bus, and play, and all that it takes to run a band..... Maybe in the spring time ?

Just a note: I'm thinking of releasing my greatest hits album. ???? I would love to have my albums in stores. I will keep you posted, may god bless you and yours.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011 Well now ! To the music lovers. The New Album, is a smart cool Christmas album full of fun, and adventure, also great songs.
This is what I do for fun, and this was the funnest work, that I've made in a long while. The songs are good, and should bring much joy, to people this Holiday season. #1 'This is Roy Talley', intro,# 2.' It's ah Blue Blue Christmas', is country sounding, and funny, the center piece of this spirited album. # 3. ' rock n roll ', is for kid's of all ages,just have more fun.... # 4. Montreville Blakely, is a song inspired by the songwritter: Hal David. #5. ' Down in the bottem', is telling the strory of rising up and making self progress. A motivational plus. # 6. ' cave bear', Is the fun song of a Bear. #7. It's Christmas Time', is the beautiful love song, that has my best singing to date.
Friday 09 December 2011 I just got back, from Idaho. This was a very dangerous trip, and the toughest few day, for me. The frozen fog, and lots of driving
temp's in the teens. I had to sleep in my Jeep two nights, on the road. I'm still shook-up, but I got home, and my cat care girl, hadn't feed my cats. One cat was locked in the basement, my little boy: Ali-Teddy. They are fine now. At my ranch, the black box, was frozen, and I did walk up thru the forest, to my cabin. It was beautiful as ever, and did my heart good, to see the cabin was fine.... More later..... I have given the new album to three radio stations: #1. Z-ROCK, in Lewiston, Idaho, #2. THE OUTLAW, in Lewiston, Idaho, and #3. Y102.3, KYYT 102.3, Country in both: Goldendale, Washington, and The Dalles, Oregon.

Tuesday December 06, 2011 Thank you, for buying my cd. This was a fun album, over-all ! I'm busy, with a visit to my Roy Talley Ranch #1, located in Idaho.... I will be taking my Yamaha acoutic guitar with me, and I will write a new song, for you. Thinking of theTall Pine trees, and wild animals, like: deer, coyotes, and hawks, and some Eagles. Which me luck with the Black Ice. I will be bringing Large Idaho pavers, thats Fire-bricks, and a hand-made door back with me....

Friday, December 02, 2011 Somehow, we lost my last posting. In it I thanked cd baby, for doing a great job, on the new album: ' Merry Christmas from Roy '
I wish for good times for you all. Happy holidays, and I hope this time of year is one of JOY and PROSPERITY for you. and yours. Thank you people for listening to this new original fun album.

Tuesday November 22, 2011 The paper-work is finalized for this fun, new album : ' MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ROY ', so thank God, that I finished this 7 song
album, in time for Christmas. This is pretty cool, with meny comedy, and potential Hits. This ablum, is the my Best new collection, of new original songs. Now it's up to CD BABY, and Gary, etc. I did enjoy, meeting the young staff, at CD BABY, and I hope they also, have a great Holiday season. I will break a few hearts around the world, with the song: ' IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME'. The girls, in England, and over-seas, will possible like these songs. ? ! So keep listening, to my songs, the digital release will be ready asap ! The song: ' It's a Blue Blue Christmas", is a joke, and the singing, is funny by design. It even makes me laugh. The last song: ' It's Christmas Time", is a love song, this almost sounds like: Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Ricky Nelson, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Presley.
This maybe, it's the best song ?

saturday nov 19, 2011 The New album, is on it's way to cd baby. It is titled: " MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ROY ", RECORDED LIVE, AT HOME !
This will be a break-thru album, that will with LUCK, be as good as I think, it might be. So get ready, and enjoy this holiday album, of all original songs.
recorded on the 16th day of November 2011..... More later ! Info: My new cowboy story: " the Black Stallion ". Is in progress !
Nov. 10, 2011 George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix are some of my favorite singers, songwritters, and Guitarists. The UK, is also on my mind. Realize that I want to do something nice for the people of Earth, for Christmas. But, I've just finished working on my trailers, so please forgive me for not getting a song out, right away. My annual VA physical is on the 16th of November, 2011, and I will be in Idaho at my ranch, thru Dec. I could give you one one my old Christmas songs ? Like the Rolling Stones, I have lot's of songs on the shelf. In a perfect world, I'd write with the best player, and there are a few that could make great songs, sound better. I've played guitar for 45 years, and written songs with Lynn Masterson, on about 20 Albums, and made video's with him, and a fine movie with Joe Fromm, called: ' THE CANDLE AND THE FLAME ". Sting is a great artist, and U2 ROCKS. The American farm boys, are very good, and the Beatles, are still my favorite's: Good job PAUL, and Ringo... Thank you for all the wonderful songs, that is ALSO John, and George. ( PAUL forever... ROCKS )
ROCK GUITAR, is my thing. But I have a LOVE for old dog's, GIRLS, and MUSIC, more later..... Sorry people that the POP scene, and suits, and pr are not my thing.....

Nov. 04,2011 Been very busy, and these days are getting colder here, and I'm finishing up, cement, and mortor work. Several great things are in the mix.
I got a job offer, to be roadie, for the band: " Countryfied ". Mark Mobley, is the leader of this touring band. More later. With potential song of the year, with:
" GUITAR GOD ". and the great song, last year of: ' GOD ON DRUMS ". Have a nice day, more later....

tuesday, oct 18, 2011 I'm fine. Put a chord of split firewood, in doors, in the wood shed. Repairing a " Mark II", childed size guitar, for a small girl. She play's a " GUITAR HERO ", and is about 4 yrs old. Her name is Taylor. It is a gift for her, that I've worked on for about a week. A really nice guitar, that can play any song. I created a cement walk-way, with a cool guitar design. More later.

Friday 30, sept 2011 The new christmas song's, are still, in the planning, and writting stage. With a very early, release to be submitted to cdbaby asap.
This will be a comedy, but, I'm unsure which one to pick.??? Silent night, frosty the snowman, and blue christmas, plus some original's. FUN FUNNY FRESH.
The shock value, and historical factor's have been eliminated by long delays, here at cd baby. two month's to release a song, and not having controll of sound clip's make for trouble. Number one hit's are being nutrailized, and made impossible, FOR unknown reasons. Remember, I'm to make hits.... # 1's .....
The firewood, was a one day trip, as I had to stop because of fire danger. So, I'm now doing cement, and mortar, and bricks.
The Hendrix song: Gypsy eye's, I play for friends, once is a while. The brick work here, is under-way. With a cement slab, I made yesterday. Today, I'm in town paying bill's, and picking up supplies. Have a great day. More later.....
Friday 23, sept 2011 Wrote lots, of new songs, this week, there is a touch of comedy, and fun, that I'm playing with. Not bragging tho, just moving thru new changes. The punk kid's next door, have me playing their stuff. The rap, and hip-hop stuff. Masterson, might do the songs with me ? Last time I jammed with him, he was into Hendrix, in Eb. The week has been busy, with me staying home, and working on the place. I'm also writting a cowboy story. More later !
Painting my house, and then starting to cut and haul firewood.
Monday, September 19, 2011 I'm fine, today. Having spent all week up on the porch roof of my house. I finally finished the tarring, of my roof. This summer has past, so very quickly. With winters approach, I am very busy, I will be shifting into my firewook cutting, and hauling mode. Some guitar playing, yesterday, with singing. Mainly the Yamaha, which is also electric. It's the one I play: ' God on Drums ', with. I'm having fun, with a new comedy song, that is secret, also I'm writtting a Beatles tribute song. The chords, and notes flow together, in a magic, pure sound pretty good... Next year, or christmas may be, my time ? I'll get back on track, and be ready to perform solo, if need be. I know now what the girl's want. ????? !!!!! This song will be a dance Rocker. With Lead Guitar that will melt the coldest hearts. Sort of like Hendrix, with out the drugs. The over-sea's players, I had wanted to beat in a battle of the bands, in London, three years ago !
So I will work hard, upon writting the perfect song. If I can afford too, I will try to make a full band sound, with my band. That is the 2 MAN BAND , That is if I can afford to travel. ??? Also, I will have to pay taxes on my ranch, if it doesn't sell. It's up for sale ! As this will, open up new worlds to me, having money.....
No promises, as this is a very small window, with me not traveling in the winter. New area's will also be studied, with other projects. Have a great day.....

Wednesday, September 15, 2011 Last nite a played hard, for several hours, and sang, some of my favorites.
I wrote several new songs, fun that I can't tell you the words, yet. Well things are good at my house, as I'm repairing the roof,
I'm taring the porch, with Black Jack. So, the new stuff, is fun, and a joking spirit, but serious words. I like to give the world, a fresh clean sound, and strong guitar.
Really, I'm all about the guitar, the acoustic Yamaha, I play; I traded one that John Lennon had, once played, for it. My strat copy, is a Jay Turser, with a custom bridge hummbucking pick-up with gold trim, my control's are capped in gold, and ebony. It is blue, with a white pick guard. This is the most beautiful guitar, and it has a story also, of how I got it. More later !

Thursday September 8th, 2011, GREAT NEWS, Last nite I discovered a pretty good, solo, preformance, of : 'THE RETURN OF THE DRAGON'
IT ! IS PRETTY COOL, with lead fill's, that have a Hendrix sound ? Maybe, it's not that good ? Which remind's me of the story, of Stevie Ray Vaugh, and having visited him twice, as a boy.
His brother, played with my brother: MICHAEL, This was was before, I learnt to play GUITAR..... I REMEMBER HIS ROOM, and I never thought that he or I would ever play guitar.... Oh, I think he had a guitar tho, maybe his dad's ? Getting back to my song. Well, I want: ' two man band', to play it, and if I can get it down, WOW, it's so much fun... That with those SUPER SOUNDING LEADS. Oh, I'll tell you, why I'm not releasing it yet. The Dragon, is breathing fire, and the lead is so high, and loud
that it sounds incredable, and I love it, but, on the stereo it sucks. I will, equalize it, or over mix it, if I can't get Lynn to play it ? He's also hot on the Guitar, but is needing repair's on his guitar, and I've been too busy here, to repair it for him,and can't visit, until later ? He is my favorite drummer, also I'm looking for a bass.
Well, I would love to have Mark Wisegram, or Wally Gatter, help with drumming, someday ! BLUE'S AND ROCK, mixed with LOVE, and comedy... Country at heart.
Also remember my love for horses. I wish everyone a great day. Roy Talley
more later.

Friday September 02, 2011 Unsure about this week-end, as I might go to Maupin, Oregon, with my pal's, who are playing at the RAINBOW TAVERN, friday and saturday nights. I'm singing with the band, but, not playing my guitar. The girls like dance song's, and it is wild, and crowded, and very loud.
I'm thankful to cd baby, for releasing my new songs: ' RED BOX CIGARETTE ', and ' BEAUTIFUL JULIE '...., i'M STILL PRACTICING IN ' Eb ', and also standard tunings. The summer is almost over, I was not asked to perform, ' GUITAR GOD ', at any concerts, my best song. So I'm unsure what the future holds ?
But, as usual, I'll be staying home during the long cold winter here in Wasco, Oregon. The wind is strong here, and I live with the cold, 6 month's of the year.
It's to bad that no one caught on to the beauty of my songs. The girl's all want me to sing, and I'm all about the Guitar. So I'm forced to play the singer, with my guitar becoming the back-ground music. I sell alot of cd's locally, but I'm not getting paid, on the net. Since I don't pay payola, I don't force my music, or push
for air-play. I believe that nothing much will change, until I play hotter guitar, and sing better ? If that is possible ? I'm always learning, and feel that a christmas album, with better songs, and cleaner recordings, is possible ?!!!! So about november I'll try to better my schedule, and secret agenda's, to please, both the girls and the metal boy's. I will try to play the violin, also, as my 1721 stad copy is repaired. more later.
Friday August 12, 2011 I'm practicing in Eb, Jimi Hendrix style, of tuning. I also have several songs, that I'm playing for fun.
Lynn Masterson is fine, and helped me with several songs, that he wishes to play. Guitar God, changed to: " Who stole the pot's and pan's "....
Tuesday August 09, 2011 I returned from Salem, Oregon. Having won my " RED LIGHT " ticket. Now I can get back to music.
I'm fine, and struggling to finish up the new stuff. Money is so tight, that I'm not able to travel much ? I'll try to record a great song, that is approved by
everyone, with skill level of the WHO, THE BAND, DYLAN, ANVIL, CLAPTON. I listened to SANTANA, and HENDRIX for reference and style inspiration, 2 hours daily.
I will cover solo album, first, with several new idea's of Lynn Mastersons. From now on I will try very hard to play my best, for you, and you, and also you !!!!!!!
Saturday July 30. 2011 I'm fine, and will be gone, for about a week ? " RED BOX CIGARETTE ", is on cd baby, and soon to be released !
The new " LOVE SONG ': ' BEAUTIFUL JULIE '. ALSO !!! ASAP RELEASED !!! It is great for the whole family. It is a breath of fresh air. This is a beautiful song, and I hope everyone enjoys it.!!!!!
I'm going to traffic court, nothing funny, serious business, I say yellow light, the sheriff say's " Red " lite. ? More later !

Monday 25, July 2011 Hey, This is a wonderful summer, as soon as my court case: " Red light ticket ", is over, then I'll return to music. Aug 3,2011.
STRAWBERRY STICKS !!!!! I don't think that I will have any new stuff, this summer, yet ? But, I will play
in August, with Lynn Masterson, maybe ? STRAWBERRY STICKS! STRAWBERY STICKS ! and " VENUS ", are average fun.
With the Best songs going unknown, unheard. The guitar field is my world. I try to stick with ROCK, AND BLUES.
With Meny Great Guitarist out there, and the super Heavy-Metal players, I find that money is lacking, and policial troubles.
I personallly was counting upon " Guitar God ", getting noticed. With the Best Guitar playing, and super drumming ?
Money has been so tight, that I could not plan, any touring, or shows. The venues, that I would play are big stages, and top
billing, with big bucks, and contract's, and offers, rolling in, and girls, beating at my door. 8 HIt's in a row, and no reaction.
With my greatest work : " Guitar God "... Getting nowhere is insultive, and I am left with no respect.
The new invention's of NEW SONGS. The first to the market place rule, and someday getting paid, are my prime motives.
I will be going to traffic court on the 3rd, of aug. 2011, This has got me between a rock and a hard place. I'm fighting a ticket, that was given by a sheriff , in Salem, Oregon. Me being a fast driver, and fast thinking !? Wish me luck, as I am the only one to fight a ticket in 6 months. Thursday, 7-21-2011 Red Box Cigarette, is ready to release, I'm working upon the cover-art for " Beautiful Julie ", It's just a love song, ready asap !
Monday July 18, 2011 The next song that I will release is called: ' Beautiful Julie ". It's a Love song, the girls really like this one so, for the Lady's, listen for it !
This is also from the UNITED STATES OF FREEDOM ALBUM. This is a beautiful song that is a great lift-me -up, for LOVE and girls, and "Positive energy" !
July 13, 2011 Hello, I'm fine ! I'm releasing a song called: ' RED BOX CIGARETTE ', written by: Lloyd Lunceford, and myself. The kid's like this one !
Wednesday 29 June, 2011 I had a nice visit to Portland, and had fun, at both Schuback's violin shop, and seeing the CD BABY COLLECTION, and meeting the staff.
Friday June 17, 2011 The new song ' GUITAR GOD ', is released on June 13, 2011. I thank CD BABY for helping me with this song. I wish to thank Gary, at CD BABY for having a GREAT EAR, and putting up with me all these years. So thanks again, and wish me LUCK with new song: 'VENUS', also fan's look forward to the release of the song: ' RED BOX CIGARETTES', a big favorite of the college radio etc. This song got air-play on the coast, and was fairly popular, also one of my personal favorites, the song: 'DOWN IN THE BOONEDOCKS'.... this is a cover song, that is sorta fun, and rockin.....
Dear Fan's: I'm Broke now, almost ! But, don't forget me, and my beautiful songs. I will not play for a few weeks, but will concentrate on the song: ' VENUS '...
CD BABY, has been pretty good to me over the years. I'm about to finish the new song: " VENUS "..... This is a symphany with sounds, of music,
with romantic over tones, for the LOVERS..... Unsure what to do, in the future ? Jesus, said: " One day at a time."
I'm about a month behind, CONSTANT yard work, with mowing, and weeding also taking up a bunch of my time. I SET AND WATCH THE SUNRISE.....
june 10 2011 Dear Fans, I'm fine ! With a tight budget, I'm trying to pay taxes, I'm forced to selll my violin
June 06,2011 Still stalled by CD BABY, I will have to call them, this time I'll speak to the supervisor. Sound clip: from 29 sec. to 58 seconds....
june 03, 2011 Dear fan's cd baby, has stalled the progress of the release of: ' GUITAR GOD ', they have a bad sound clip, that they wont change.
This is hurting me, very greatly. I wanted this song to reach # 1 on the charts by the 4th of July, 2011. So this will make me a loser, and not the off the charts
favorite of the music fans. So in the future, I'll work alone. So since CD BABY is working against me, I will find other help. Song theft is very evil. No respect.
This is regretable, as I've tried my best to work hard for and with CD BABY, BUT i FEEL CHEATED BY THEM .... ???????????????????????
The good news is that I'm working on a new project, I'm also rehearsing a few new songs, and my hits, as well. !!!!! I'm mowing my lawns !
Well now with my video finished, for like MTV, This is OK but I'd like to have more songs, for my fans,who I LOVE !!!!! In a couple weeks ?????
I find myself maybe having to sell my Beautiful place: ROY TALLEY RANCH # 1 , the things I do for LOVE..... This will be asap !?
Monday 23 May 2011, New news: " GUITAR GOD ", IS READY FOR RELEASE, I'm very proud of this song, and I sincerily hope that people will love it also. !!!!
This new ' GUITAR GOD ', project was over-shadowed by business.... I was watching the video: ' LOST HORSE ', this morning, and think that when the people ever see one of these movie's they will be impressed ! Not that I'm so very great, it's just that I do try harder, with music. I have great news ! THE BLUES! by: BB KING, one of my favorite people. This new session, is similar to TEXAS BLUES, with strong, beautiful DRUM'S. I did talk to Mark Wisegram
TUESDAY MAY 10, 2011, FUN VIDEO, made at: LYNN MASTERSON'S, in Salem, Oregon, last week. The drums were so loud, that I had Lynn play in the kitchen, on the drums. The playing was fun for me, as I only can focus on one thing at a time, very well... So for now I'll try to make a sound track, from the movie.
The songs for the new albums are ready, but the song: " GUITAR GOD ", is shaping up, I talked with drummer: Mark Wisegram, who agreed to play on the record. He has toured with 9-inch nails, and is the best drummer, over-all. Lynn Masterson is available for the sessions. It sounded like the band: 'CREAM '.
according to Lynn, I felt that it was the best I've done, towards a full band sound ! Three new albums: 1. " CAFE DGB's", 2. " GUITAR GOD ", 3. " THE HOT SHOTS ".
I just returned from a visit, to Salem. I had a wonderful time, and Lynn Masterson played drums, on about a hour set.
Please don't get to excited, as I have yet to record the song: " GUITAR GOD ", but I'm studying for the Movie, and songs....
tHE COPYRIGHTS, for secret songs, will get done asap. So I'm going to work with Harvey Fox, if possible with the 60 plus albums, I've made...
New idea is " COVER SONGS ", the song: " DOWN IN THE BOONDOCK'S", Is from the United States of Freedom Album. This album sank under Bushes Guns, as I don't like him, and he has been bad for me, and America. Me being an Honorable very of both: U.S. NAVY, and U.S. ARMY ROTC... WAR TIME .....
March 31, 2011 I'm fine ! Recorded two new albums, but too busy to listen to them. So I did have a wonder week !
I'm trying to play a Great song, to make a change ! One that will matter. With the sound, that is new, and like a new baby, a boy.
The new song's I'm not recording yet.... But, I have several exciting new songs that I'm having fun with, and they range from: the blue's, to rock, and beyond. So be ready for something fun. The Elvis style, will be done on a new Rock song, with the beat of Love for life, and the best singing, that I can try !!!!!!
March 24, 2011 I've been rehearsing for songs, and have been jogging, everyday, with the cold winds here, I enjoy writing new songs.
My web-site is updated, and is now 5 pages. With songs, and clips available, by clicking the album, or song. :
There are several outstanding, site's selling my songs, with the people's favorites, of my songs.
Jogging, and working out, here in Wasco, Oregon. I'm about to turn recording asap !
I have a desire to perform " LIVE ".... ANYONE WANTING TO HELP, WITH THE TOUR, please contact me, at:
I'm fine ! Checking out equipment, and playing my new song, and having fun with my guitar. Gearing up, for several projects ! I practice, quite a lot, with power-chords, and playing fast, and up, and down the neck. I do enjoy, finding the lead, and playing the melody's. I have meny video's, but don't yet have any for sale.
Up-date, tuesday, 08 march 2011 . I'm up with my web-site: Please enjoy, and sign-up for my new's letter, I'll be performing live soon.
With, " The Black Pearl ", is out, and around the world now, for everyone to enjoy. Isn't the Great ! I was playing: "Sweet Betsy from Pike". A fun 7 cord song, that I'm having fun with, my own version. So expect, a few more comedy songs, and a video, asap ! Roy Talley
Thursday, February 10, 2011 Visited with Lynn Masterson, in Salem, he's a drummer, and guitarist. In the old day's, he player lead-guitar for me.
New plan, I have up-graded, with a new studio-microphone, and an old Fender amp, I just got home last nite, from a bussiness trip, to Salem, Or.
Wednesday Feb 02, 2011. Well I just had my yearly VA medical check-up. I feel like a pin-cushion, A blood test, and three shots. Wow ! I recorded a new album, and I don't know if it's any good, yet ? I was wanting to visit, Wally Gator, known as: " Talisman's " drummer, but I'll try to drive up to his place in a few day's. He's a Heavy Metal drummer, and World famous. We hung out last summer, alot. Also I'm waiting for Montreville Blakely to finish his new album.
I will try to play a show, at Timber-line lodge? I feel like Nanook of the North. I will stop acting like the Rock Star, and leave the pursuit of fame to the great players. I will try to concentrate upon doing the best possible job. I was hoping, to get my Love song: " Music is Love", released before Valentines day !
There is a planned photo shoot, for PR , pictures, and I'm needing paper-work, for video releases..... THAT IS SO THAT I HAVE CONTROL ???!!!
I FEEL LIKE A BULLY, in trying to beat-out the major players, and super RICH, and find it's better, to keep, a low-profile, and us modesty, and success comes easy.
The situation is bad for me. I'm now suffering from " CABIN FEVER "....
RE.: ( MUSIC IS LOVE) I'm waiting for the charting of this potential # 1 song !!!???
I'm hoping for a major distribution deal, with SONY, or Venture capitolists, with my Duck's in a row, and with CYBERSPACE BULLETIN , & TOUR...2011.
New song: " Brick Run ", this is a working-mans song. Sorta ? This is #2, on Roy's top ten chart. It will take a week or so before this Gem, is ready, cover art
is not ready yet. Thanks for listening, this one is a catch 22, of having to make money, and staying afloat in these Blue collar adventures. Wednesday !
Dear Fans, I thank CD Baby for there great job !
MUSIC IS LOVE, IS MY BEST , TO DATE. ? Dear Fan's: The Latest update ! Friday, January 14, 2011. New song: " Music is Love", is at CD Baby. please keep checking on it's status. Release date: ASAP.!!! This song is the best available, and You will have a long-long wait, for a better song ! Just Joking ! Three songs will be releast soon: 1. " Brick run ", is next.......Spirited- Hard Rock ; 2. " I CAN SEE FOREVER ", alternative- punk-rock, in The Rolling Stones style. 3. " Obama Nation " Patriotic Rocker-folk....
This is the story of the" Dragon King,' like King Kong, or Pegasus, or the Unicorn, or the legendary Firebird etc. .. The song: " The Return of the Dragon", is soon to be out, and released for digital sales. The intro is over one minute in length, building up slowly. Dec 30th, 2010. NOTE: " I'M HOPING TO GET THIS ON THE RADIO FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR" !!!!! ( "Music is Love", is the perfect love song, maybe ? It sounds like: John Lennon. ) "The Black Pearl " ???? Is my Favorite new song. ( But I do an amazing patriotic song called : " Obama Nation " ) I will release special high quality new songs each month,
thru 2011. So expect the Best, and I'll give you all my Lovin.... " The Black Pearl ", I wrote this song as a comedy song, about the Pirates of the Carribean. Also I wrote this song for:
" Johnny Depp ".... After-all he is the Hero, of this song.... " THE BLACK PEARL, by: Roy Talley, on the soon to be released album: ' FREEDOMS BAND '....

note: I have three ( 3 ) artist pages, as: Roy C. D. Talley, Roy Clyde DeLosse Talley, and Roy Talley....
Please check out my web-site: ROYTALLEY.COM or fans call e-mail me at:
"TEARS FOR HAITI" This album slipped between the cracks, and no-one heard the songs. The new songs are sounding complete, and full, with rich tones, and colors. ' RUSTIC COWBOY ', is in the country, with a tough cowboy sound, with feeling..... The girls like this one....

This is my effort to help. The Title song, Tears for Haiti, is a good song, for the people of the world, from a Guitarist, that has been their, and has love for the Island of Haiti. The Reggae song is my first one, in a while, but the Blues lead is strong, and the singing, tell's the story, as a friend...


Please, remember I do care, ROY TALLEY

SUMMER WORLD TOUR 2011 will be announced asap !

Update: Dec. 16, 2010
I have released two new songs: " The Black Pearl " , and " RUSTIC COWBOY " , both from the new album: " FREEDOMS BAND "
to be available later !
Fans if you like my songs, please write a note, so that I can get the word out , about my music.
Mainly it's word of mouth, and the love of my fan's that help me, to chart someday?
In my career, I've had problems, with song theft, early on, so I've had trouble, getting heard ???? (1. Looking for Love, 2. Darling you don't care for me. etc.)
Merry Christmas, Love, Roy Talley
SONG LIST: " FREEDOMS BAND " 1. The Black Pearl 2. Brick Run 3. The Return of the Dragon 4. Music is Love 5. Rustic Cowboy 6. Obama Nation 7. I can see forever.... please tell your friends, If you " LOVE " my songs....
note: My thought of today, Dec 22, 2010 Next week I will try to release the song: " The Return of the Dragon", it is a sci fi song, with a very lovily lead guitar.
This is a very inspirational song, with a long perfect score. 5:15 .... This will be followed by the song: " Music is Love ": A song with a John Lennon romance
of Guitar and Singing, to create the perfect Love Song.... "Music is Love ", is the best love song, period....
Once I get my songs on the radio, you will hear, what I'm talking about. Excellence in songs, is my goal. More later ! SOUND QUALITY IS NUMBER ONE ?